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b"1. He bought him a cooking book. 2. He bought him a cookbook. Which one is correct, 'cooking book' or 'cookbook'? 3. Who wrote the song to her? 4. Who wrote the song for her? Do we have to use 'to' or 'for'? Are both OK?"

b'I left out a few sentences. Thank you. 1 Then, the characters introduce one another using letters instead of speech, and the action is made up by a series of scenes with no general summaries. Another feature is its immediacy. 2 As stated by Richardson himself, this kind of ...'

b'Here is the last part concerning the narrative technique. Thank you. 1 Pamela is was written in epistolary form, as a \xc2\x93series of familiar letters\xc2\x94 written by the protagonist and some also by her parents. 2 Richardson places himself in the role of an editor, arranging ...'

b"He checked out the books yesterday from the library. Is this correct? What is the opposite of 'checked out'? Can we use 'checked in' as the opposite?"

b"I'm writing a english paper about A Tale of Two Cities to show why/how the topic of law/corruption/power matters from the way Dickens uses it in the text. I am trying to write my intro, but I am having trouble. All I have so far is an attention-getter, a quote. Here is the ..."

b'A-the dictionary definition of a word B-making assertions about a group that are too broad C-parts of a presentation that augment the words D-rhetorical devices that rely on faulty reasoning E- the emotional associations a work invokes audiovisualA connationE denotationD...'

b'Could someone check mty work? Which of the following would not be a good strategy for delivering a speech? Make sure your presentation is running properly Start talking over the audience to quiet them down anser Use correct grammar and well formed sentences Look directly at ...'

b'1. You should wear a swimming cap in the swimming pool. 2. You should wear a swimming cap at the swimming pool. Which preposition should we use? Are both OK? 3. What is your number? - My number is 22. 4. May I have your number? - My number is 22. 5. What number are you? - I ...'

b"Writeacher, I urgently need to rephrase in modern English Chaucer's the wife of Bath. Can you suggest an internet site? Thank you."

b'Here is the second part of the same summary. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1 According to the puritan middle class ideal of the age, marriage was the highest achievement in life, the only way open to women to improve their social status. 2 Their marriage is the reward ...'

b'Rewrite the sentence to improve emphasis, using the guidelines in parenthesis. The flights of man into space are truly astonishing inverted sentence'

b'rewrite each sentence to improve emphasis, using guidelines in parentheses the flights of man into space are truly astonishing inverted sentence'

b'Can someone check gammar, punctuatiion and structure please. Draft an email of at least four complete sentences to Deb Walker the designated trainer: Confirm the arrangements for the seminar providing only the information she needs to arrive at the right place at the right ...'

b'What is the underlying message of all of Arthur Jarvis\xc2\x92s writing? How does reading his son\xc2\x92s writing affect the behavior of James Jarvis? Write at least five sentences.'

b'Draft an email of at least four complete sentences to Deb Walker the designated trainer: Confirm the arrangements for the seminar providing only the information she needs to arrive at the right place at the right time. Copy both to Mr, Dittmer and Ms. Hopkins Create an ...'

b'can u help edit papers in this section as well?'

b"Why might someone want to write a memoir? A. they've been through a traumatic experience and learned from it. B. They are unhappy with the current state of the world. C. They want to write about only a small portion of their lives. D. all of the above"

b'what question should you ask while reading a memoir? A. what prompted the author to write this? B. Why is the author focusing on this event? C. what am i supposed to take away from this memoir? D. All of the above'

b'which of the following statements does NOT describe a memoir: a the characters are actual people b it is a purely factual account c it is based on memories, not history d non of the above'

b'Rewrite each sentence below, replacing all clich\xc3\xa9s with more creative or straightforward expressions Since we had worked like dogs for eight hours, we finally put a lid on it at 6:00 p.m.'

b'Assume that you\xc2\x92ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human Resources, Miriam Hopkins, has charged you with organizing a two-hour training seminar to be attended by ...'

b'what be better word for and how they see things any stronger word i use to replace this?'

b'Examples of an five paragraph essay and six sentences on where you would travel to if you has time and unlimited resources and why'

b'How many strings of five uppercase English letters are there a that start or end with the letters BO in the order, if letters can be repeated? inclusive or b that start with an X, if letters can be repeated? c that start with the letters BO in that order, if ...'

b'i doing compare contrast essay and for the short story The yellow wallpaper it be that her condition get worse as her interest in wallpaper deepens. it not get better right?'

b'what is the Gerund phrase and Noun function in these sentences? 1Writing a research paper sounds difficult. 2He must like studying calculus. 3Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports. 5I enjoy playing...'

b'what is the function of the italicized infinitive phrase in these sentences? 1May I have permission to use the car tonight? 2He went to Europe to study architecture. 3Can you give me a place to put my things? 4I want to go with you to the store. 5To help you is my ...'

b'what is the adverb in the sentence: kevin seemed unusually excited at the party.'

b'What was stated in the english bill of rights?'

b"Could you please check these sentences, Writeacher? 1 We were in /on a talent show which lot of people watch. We didn't win unfortunately, but it's created a lot of publicity for us. 2 Since then, we've been writing new songs in the studio and we've also done a few ..."

b'Below are parenthetical citations for an encyclopedia article. Select the one that is completely correct. Hannibal 16-17 Hannibal, 16-17 Hannibal 16-17 Hannibal p.16-17'

b'Can I finish the mail with this sentence, Thank you very much for your cooperation. Have a good Easter. or I take/seize the opportunity to wish you all the best for Easter. Best regards, I included a sentence I need to translate: Last week we did an interview also we went for...'

b"I urgently need you to check this mail, Writeacher. I also included a few other sentences. Thank you very much. 1I'm Mr. ....., the father of ...,who will be taking a summer course in Oxford from ... to.. 2 I just wanted to know if you have received all the required ..."

b"1. Write down three sentences you want to ask of the students. 2. Write down three sentences you want to ask to the students. Which one is correct? Which preposition is right, 'of' or 'to'?"

b'Could someone check my work? Ms. Sue thank you for checking for me A commercial critizing oil drilling shows images of oil-soaked birds and sea otters that are suffering. This commercial is using pathos answer ethos logos A commercial for toothbrush tells you that two out...'

b'Can someone please check my work? Which of the following is Not a good idea for choosing a subject for a persuasive speech? Choose an issue important to you. Choose a subject that people disagree on. Choose a subject that you have little personal experience with or facts about...'

b'Fredericksburg use to be in Comanche territory. Is the verb use used correctly in this sentence?'

b'Hello, everybody. I have a lot of point cards. For your activities, you will get points. When your number is chosen from the program, you should get up and answer two questions. I will check your points on the paper. This time, all of you can answer this question.If you answer...'

b'what it mean when it say: i was reefing through a post'

b'I forgot to include the following things. Thank you very much for helping me 1 Overgrown a place overgrwon by jungle Synonym: covered ? 2 a spectacular city. Synonym: a prominent/outstanding/striking which is best? 3 Tourists are amazed at the scale of the place. ...'

b'Writeacher, I used one of the website you suggested to me. I made a few changes and I need your revision. In particular question 2 1 What is Siem Reap like and why do most people visit Siem Reap? It is a small town near the world famous... People visit it because it is a ...'

b'could u pl arrange the given scrambled sentences into a meaningful paragraph a.the opossum sometimes escapes its enemies by pretending to be dead b. when the predator loses interest and leaves the opossum calmly gets up and walks away c. most predatory animals like to eat live...'

b'Could you please tell me if the instructions are possible? I included a few more things. 1 Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the verbs in the box add a reflexive pronoun 8 pts. 2 Jack would like to know you better. Answer his questions. 3 Have ...'

b'what is the subject of the following sentence? Would you care for a cup of coffee? My answer: you the verb is care. I asked who care? the answer: you care is this correct?'

b"Hi. I wrote a reflective piece from an observational placement in clinic and I was wondering could anyone have a read through it and tell me where the punctuation may be wrong or if some parts just don't sound right. Thanks During my first year of studying Podiatry, I ..."

b'DESCRIPTIVE WRITING A song or piece of music comes to the radio. Immediately the tune reminds you of a particularly happy or sad occasion. Describe in detail the scene you remember real or imaginary and your feelings at that time: It was my first day back from Lakewood girls...'

b'is giving informationsuch as mentioning details about something that happened considered part of ethos?'

b'ms. sue i reply to my english post sorry it almost on other page so i post this.'

b'can someread my essay Heart breaks are like a deep and dark December; when you just can\xc2\x92t find that special person in your heart, you expect it to turn into seasons like fall to winter to spring to summer. Passing through many bumpy roads I soon discover I had to love myself...'

b"What does this quote mean from the book Wuthering Heights?: Well, I won't repeat my offer of a wife: it is as bad as offering Satan a lost soul"


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