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b'The second of two numbers is 5 more than the first. The sum of the numbers is 57. Find the numbers.'

b'Martha wants to buy a new bike that costs 79, including tax. She currently has 15 saved. She began a dog walking business to earn the remaining money needed to buy the bike. She charges 5 for each dog she walks. What is the fewest number of dogs that Martha needs to walk to...'

b"I need some help with this It is given that 23 add x = 6 add 2x. This is an example of the ___________ property. A associative B commutative C distributive D identity plz type the answer asap like by 7:50 or else I'm a dead man."

b'24 feet to 2 yards?'

b'Find the value of n n is an integer. nadd7 / nnadd6nadd4 = 9/3'

b'The length of a rectangle is 7 units and its width is 5 units. What is the approximate length of the diagonal of the rectangle? A. 4.9 units B. 6 units C. 8.6 units D. 9 units'

b'7 T 200 lbs - 2 T 700 lb? I think its 2 d 6 h'

b'Tasha finally bought a new car. She uses it mainly to drive to work, which involves a lot of driving on gravel roads. She was concerned about damage to her windshield from flying stones. In a journal, she kept track of how many scratches she could see. Tasha plotted the number...'

b'What is the monomial if a cube of a monomial is:1/8 a^27'

b'WHAT IS 23.25 ROUNDED TO Im confused but I think it can stay the same or to 30'

b'4/9 b^6 writes as a square of a monomial is it 4/9 b^6/2'

b'Zack orders a box of 80 sweaters manufactured from a factory. He needs to check the quality of 30percent of the sweaters. Select all of the equations that Zack could use to find x, the number of sweaters he needs to check.'

b'If v=t^2-2tadd1. Find s given that v=4 when t=1.'

b'The faces of a green tetrahedron die are marked 10,20,30 and 40. All three die are thrown together and the scores added. Find the probability that the total is more than 30 but less than 35.'

b'If a right triangle has legs of 5 inches and 12 inches, use the Pythagorean theorem to find the length of the hypotenuse'

b'What number is 73percent of 215? 1 point 215 = 0.73n n = 0.73 \xc3\x97 215 ***** 0.73 = n \xc3\x97 215 215 = 73n 2. What percent of 94 is 23? 1 point n/94 = 23/100 23/94 = n/100 94/n = 23/100 **** 23/94 = 100/n 3. 80 is 40percent of what number? 1 point 200 32 20 *** 112 4. Find the commission ...'

b'If a right triangle has a leg of 13 feet and a hypotenuse of 22 feet what is the length of the other leg'

b'Can someone help me with these two equations, I need to solve them by completing the square, I know the answers, Number 1 is -11.56, 1.56, and number 2 is -10.35, 1.35 I just can\xc2\x92t remember how to get those numbers again, I have so much math on my paper I am confused. :D 1...'

b"A body moves in a straight line so that its distance 'x' from a fixed point after 't' seconds is given by the formula x=9t^2\xc3\xb72-t^3\xc3\xb72 find: a; its velocity after 2 seconds b; its velocity when the acceleration is 0???"

b"What information is incorrectly placed in the table? i65.tinypic.com/301mqo4.jpg I really don't know, can someone give me a hint?"

b'a 19 foot ladder leans against the top of a house. if the house is 15ft high how far is the foot of the ladder from the base of the building.'

b'Part of the road is to be on a parabolic curve given by a function of the form y = ax2 add bx add c where x and y are local co-ordinates. The road alignment must pass through the following 3 points:- x = 150m y = 190.650m x = 300m y = 611.450m x = 450m y = 831.141m 5.1. Substitute...'

b'a photocopier increase the sides of a square in a ratio of 5:4. what percentage has the size increased?'

b'The vertices of a quadrilateral are A-2,3, B5,4, C4, -3 and D-3, -4. Prove that ABCD is a rhombus. Find the area of ABCD. Please show working out, thanks.'

b'By direct use of the definition of a derivative, the derivative of fx = 1/x ?'

b'Find the equation of the line which passes through the point 6, -4 and is parallel to to the line 2x-3yadd3=0. Please show working out as well, thanks.'

b'Binomial distribution if mean 10 AND VARIANCE 9 find mide'

b'If I drove 3078 miles on Monday an drove 582 miles on Tuesday how many miles did I drive altogether.'

b'example teacher has on sheet is: 400 = 10 x h 40 =10 x 4 400 = 10 x 40 So, h = 40 so how does my grandson do this problem the same way? 280 = 2 x m This grandma has no idea. Thanks for you help.'

b"A wheel rotates 35 times going 100 feet. How big around is the wheel? I don't know where to start...."

b'Emily has 5u game cards. John has 8/3 fewer cards than Emily. Find the average number of game cards that Emily and John have in all in terms of u.'

b'It is found that the number of raisins in a box of a popular cereal is normally distributed, with a mean of 133 raisins per box and a standard deviation of 10 raisins. My cereal box has 147 raisins. What is the z-score for this box of cereal?'

b'In a study of 500 men, diastolic blood pressure was found to be approximately normally distributed, with a mean of 82 millimeters mm of mercury and standard deviation of 10 millimeters. Use the 68-95-99.7percent rule to determine what percentage of the test group had a diastolic ...'

b"Jason earns 10.59 per hour. He works 5.75 hours Saturday how much money does he earn Saturday? I know the answer is 60.89 but there's two answer so I don't know if you round 60.89"

b'Freddy paid w dollars for a camera and 120 for an additional camera lens. If the sales tax is 8percent, how much did Freddy pay for the camera and lens, including the sales tax?'

b'In a study of 800 men,diastolic blood pressure was found to be approximately normally distributed, with a mean of 84 millimeters mm of mercury and standard deviation of 10 millimeters. Use the 68-95-99.7percent rule to determine what percentage of the test group had a diastolic ...'

b'Emily has 5u game cards. John has 8/13 fewer game cards than Emily. Find the average number of game cards that Emily and John have in all in terms of u.'

b'If 6 tablespoons are equivalent to 1 fluid ounce, how many fluid ounces are in 10t-4 tablespoons?'

b'3. The demand equation for a certain product is q=500-40paddp^2 here p is the price per unit in dollars and q is the quantity of units demanded in thousands. Find the point elasticity of demand when p = 15. If this price of 15 is increased by 1/2percent, what is the approximate ...'

b'A movie theater charges 11 for each adult and 6 for each ticket. one day, they sold 163 tickets and made 1578. How many of each ticket did they sell?'

b'Simplify 4 n-6'

b'A bag is full of marbles. 10 blue, 11 red, 3 green, 16 yellow. What percentage of marbles are yellow'

b'In one version of equations i cant get... Its really messing me up'

b'Two fractions with different denominators have a sum of 11/12 what are two possible addends that result in the sum?'

b'Statistical questions will have. AOnly one correct answer**** BA variety of answers CFewer than three answers DNo answers'

b'My son has the numbers 1-12. In a square all sides must add up to 25. Each number can only be used once apart from the corners as they will be used twice to form the square pleaseee hellpppp'

b"I'm really confused on how to do this, Can someone help walk me through? An object is placed in front of a concave mirror as shown in the diagram below. A. Draw at least two rays that demonstrate how this mirror produces an image. 4 points Image B. Describe the image formed ..."

b'Fariza gave .3 of her flowers to her sister, 4/7 of the remainder to her brother. Fariza remained with 45 flowers. a Calculate the percentage of flowers Fariza kept for herself. b How many flowers Fariza had at the begining? c Calculate how many more flowers her brother ...'

b"sharon's onions cost 2.75/200g and Arnold's Onions cost 3.00/1/4kg a Which of the vendors is selling onions more expensive/ b How much would 1kg of onions cost?"

b'please help me im really confused i keep changing my answer and i have no clue what the answer is write a rule for the function represented by the table input x 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, output y 3, 6, 9, 12, 15,'


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