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b'Choose the correct sentence Question 1- A The patient was brought to the operating room, and we induced general endotracheal anesthesia, and then prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. B The patient was brought to the operating room, induced in general endotracheal...'

b'What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? We walked along the mountain path looking for unusual flowers.'

b'I have to choose the sentence that has no error in italics. Italicized aTheir lawyers are handling the case pro bono and not charging them a dime. bYes, of course you can use and instead of a comma here. cOh, I see the problem; this three should be an eight <-- I...'

b'1. She is talking with her friend in a boat/on a boat. Which preposition should we use? 2. They are jumping from the ground. 3. They are jumping on the ground. Which preposition do we have to use? Are both OK?'

b'Be quiet. Listen to me. Emily, calm down. You are so noisy. Stand up and go to the back. You should remain at the back for the rest of the class. Got it? Would you check the sentences? Correct errors, please.'

b"1. Let's do some role play. You take the part of A, and you take the part of B. Don, will you start? OK. Good job.Then switch the role. Emily, this time, you should start first. 2. Let's roleplay. Don, play the part of A. Emily, play the part of B. Don, will you start the ..."

b'1. The man is drawing cartoons on a drawing board. He has a pen on his right ear. What do you think he is doing? Would you check this writing? 2. The dogs are playing with balls. 3. Each dog is playing with a ball. 4. The dogs are playing with a ball. Are the three ...'

b'What do you think he is doing? 1. I think he is playing computer games on the computer. 2. I think he is playing a computer game on the computer. Which answer is right? Do we have to use the singular form or the plural form?'

b"srffixes rocky,foolish,rainy,childhood,selfish, treatment,movement,neighborhood, childish,parenthood,crunchy,bumpy, payment,sleepy,shipment opposites write the missing list word.it will be the opposite of the underlined word. 1- this lizard's skin is smooth. in the paper ..."

b'He must like studying calculus. Whats the noun function?'

b'Unscramble bssmyale'

b'Write the plural possessive form of each noun for questions 1\xc2\x963 1. friend 2. box 3. house'

b"I wrote an essay because i'm apply to get into the honor's program. I'm supposed to write about who i was, who i am now, and who I would like to be. I would appreciate it if I got some feed back along with grammar correction. Is my essay even close to being okay or does it ..."

b"My topic for my pursuasive essay in English is Dogs are Smarter than cats, I need legitimate facts about this because whenever I do research it only shows facts without good resources or they're just biased, from most of my google searches. I'd also like to know what sites..."

b'Is the sentence We playes always score. correct or would you say Us players always score?'

b'In the sentence Mary brought library books to them in a horse-drawn wagon. What is the prepositional phrase and the word it modifies?'

b"in the sentence She invented the book wagon in the early 1900's. what is the prepositional phrase and word it modifies?"

b'in the sentence Mary Titcomb was a librarian from Maryland. What is the prepositional phrase and the word it modifies?'

b'What form of the word in parenthesis would make sense? Clara go for the doctor in plenty of time.'

b'I reply to the Warren poem below.'

b'which pilgrim had the false holy relics? The caterbury Tales.'

b'i not get in this poem where be 3 epithets? and i not get what be the irony in end, his parents not realize they forcing him to live dream he not want? Warren pryor When every pencil meant a sacrifice his parents boarded him at school in town, slaving to free him from the ...'

b'What is the noun function for the following sentence? Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports.'

b'i need help with poem and need to identify each province by giving a line frm poem. ontario and quebec be bunk house brawnymen, prince edward island be little girl, great fisherman be nova scotia and new brunswick, BC be hunchback. Alberta, saskatchewan manitoba be three ...'

b'Can you please help me check these sentences, Writeacher? Thank you. 1 In the Augustan Age there were two parties: the Whigs supported by the wealthy commerical classes which pressed for undstrial and econmical development and religious toleration. 2 The Tories were ...'

b'Solutions offered by An enemy of the people I got this so far I just need to more please help.. 1-New taxes on the townspeople 2- baths needed to be repaired 3- keep the Baths open and correcting the problem 4-The pipes must be re-laid in order to purify the water. 5-? 6-?'

b'What solutions are offered by An enemy of the people By Henrik Ibsen?'

b'Which pilgrim preferred books to food and clothe?'

b'Which describes independent events? a. you grab two jelly beans from a jar at the same time b. you draw a card from a deck, replace it, and draw a second c. you draw a card and do not replace it. Then yo draw another d. you study english every night and then you get an A on ...'

b'What do the pieces you read by Richard Rodriguez, Amy Tan, and Julia Alvarez illustrate about the immigrant experience in twentieth-century America? How are the children in these works different from their parents? Use specific examples from the text in your response. Please ...'

b'Consider the poems, short stories, and autobiographical pieces you read from the first half of the twentieth century during this semester. How did historical events and realities affect writers who were working during this time? What common threads did you observe in the works...'

b"ms. sue what this quote mean i only say that it mean that uncle al underestimate jacob, i not know how to explain it more. I don't give a damn what it is - even if I gave you a job on the show, you wouldn't survive. Not for a week. Not for a day. The show is a well-oiled ..."

b"In Maus, what 3 times does Vladek almost die, but is saved? I feel like there are a ton of times he could have dies being in the concentration camps alone is life-threatening enough, but I'm not sure what specific times Vladek was really close to death, but was saved? If ..."

b"Can you swim? 1. Yes, I can swim very well. 2. Yes, I can swim a little. 3. Yes, I can swim a bit. 4. Yes, I can swim just a little bit. 5. Yes, I can swim just a little. 6. No, I cannot swim well. 7. No, I can't swim. 8. No, I can't swim at all. 9. No, I can hardly swim. 10, ..."

b'How was Lady Margaret Beaufort involved in english royal politics? A. she was marride to henry V1 B. Her son was the supporter heir to the English throne C. Her father was the half-brother of Henry V1 D. She was marride to Henry Tudor who became Henry V11 My answer is ..A ?'

b'Ihave to write a polished paragraph to take with me when I go for my interview. I have to create the pretend job and my field of study using experience that motivated me'

b'I would like you, Writeacher to help me check a few sentences. Thank you. 1 English Parliament was divided into two parties: the Whigs and the Tories. The former descended from the Parlamentarians. 2 They encouraged commercial and trade ? progress and were supported by the...'

b'Toss a coin. And if you get a head, move one space forward, and put a marker in the space. If you get a tail, move two spaces. Look at the word or picture on the space. By using it, make a sentence on the right side of the page. Would you check the writing and correct errors...'

b"1. Imagine it is lunch time now. 2. Imagine it is a lunch time now. which one is right? do we have to use 'a' or not? 3. Suppose he is a stranger. And answer the question. 4. Imagine he is a stranger. And answer the question. 5. Pretend he is a starnger. And answer the ..."

b'1. He has a lot of interesting looks. 2. He has a lot of interested looks. Which one is correct? Do both have a different meanings? 3. What animal do you have? - I have a turtle. 4. What kind of animal do you have? - I have a parrot. 5. What animals do they like? -They like ...'

b'What hs he doing? - He is taking a picture. - 1 Oh, this is him. - 2 Oh, this is he. Which one is correct in the short dialogue? or 2?'

b'Which technique of speeches does Franklin use in this passage? From such an assembly can a perfect production be expected? A. restatement B. repetition C. rhetorical question D. parallelism'

b'Which of the following represents an appeal to the head? a. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts. b. Has Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this ...'

b'I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. This is an example of a. an appeal to authority b. allusion c. conceit d. logic C? Thanks'

b'Identify which of the following events was NOT a major influence of the Modernist writers. *Great Depression *World War I *World War II i thought it would be the Harlem renaissance but its not a answer choice.'

b'Which word is closest in meaning to \xc2\x93impediments\xc2\x94?'

b'A major difference between today\xc2\x92s Hispanic and past European immigrants is that\xc2\x97 1 pointfor Hispanics, the old country is only two hours away. European immigrants were all light-skinned. Hispanics are willing to take jobs Americans don\xc2\x92t want. European immigrants did ...'

b'Seven letter word fifth letter e and seventh letters s'

b'1. I would be glad to go with you. 2. I would be glad if I could go with you. 3. I would be glad if I went with you. Does 1 mean 2 or 3? 4. To watch him play basketball, you would think him a pro player. 5. If you could watch him play basketball, you would think him a pro...'

b"you've applied foa specific job in your field of study. the human resource ARRANGE A INTERVIEW AND TELL YOU BRING YOUR POLISHE PIECE OF WORK"


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