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b'Happiness is a state of mind that can be brought on by seeing a good friend.'

b'draw conclusions a conclusion is a decision you reach after thinking about facts and details you read. you can also use what you already know to help draw a conclusion. you should always ask yourself,does my conclusion make sense? directions read the following passage. then ...'

b'Hi Teachers, I wrote a sentence in which i think has a wrong sentence structure. Will you correct me with it, please? When his daughter told us of what he said we promised that we will all be in part of helping him and making him feel like family.'

b'need help correcting this sentence Fire can be either friendly or a foe, depending on the situation to make it parellel'

b"1. Do you have a technical English terms for 'animals' teeth? 2. The squirrel is a little heavy. 3. The rabbit is somewhat small. 4. The puppy is rather medium. 5. The parrot is kind of small. Are the expressions all grammatical? Do you have more expressions similar to 'a ..."

b'Posted by rfvv on Monday, May 28, 2012 at 2:12am. 1. The lizard is walking on a branch. 2. The lizard is running on a branch. 3. The lizard is creeping on a branch. 4. The parrot is singing. 5. The parrot is chirping. 6. The parrot is twittering. Can we use all the ...'

b'1. The boy is arm wrestling the girl. 2. The boy is arem wrestling with the girl. 3. The boy is having an arm wrestle with the girl. 4. The boy is having an arm wrestling against the girl. 5. The boy is doing an arm wrestle with the girl. 6. The boy is doing an arm wrestling ...'

b'1. The rabbit is medium and white. It has a short tail and sharp teeth. 2. The parrot has a sharp beak. It is small and has colorful wings. 3. The puppy is fluffy and cute. It has a long tail. 4. The squirrel is small and cute. It has a long tail. 5. The lizard is long. It is ...'

b'whats another way to say: Creativity is developed through dedication and constant exploration towards a task'

b'i know what hyperbole mean that be overexaggeration, but what be Hyperbole litotes?'

b"Check all that apply. If you are using parenthetical citation for a book, what information needs to be put in parentheses? a the author's name b the author's last name c the book's title d the publisher e the page number"

b'Put your parenthetical citation at the ______ of the information which needs crediting in your essay. aend bmiddle cbeginning'

b'Select all that apply. Which of the following are characteristics of parenthetical citation? a immediately after the last page of the text b immediately after the information or quotation to be documented c enclosed in parentheses d very brief e complete information about...'

b'how many musicians in a quartet?5, 6,or 7'

b'Can you help identify the sentence pattern in this sentence. my actions should always be GOd-honoring.'

b'Please look over these sentences for me. Revise each of the following items to clarify pronoun reference. 1. All scholarship applicants must fill out a financial aid form, meet with the dean, and write a letter to the committee members. The deadline is October 24, so the ...'

b'okay i have to write a speech ... for tomorrow AND I HAVENT READ THIS FREAKIN PLAY what 3 items to i pick and i what to i say about them . the play away by michael gow and i have to explain there significants and what they mean'

b'1. The lizard is walking on a branch. 2. The lizard is running on a branch. 3. The lizard is creeping on a branch. 4. The parrot is singing. 5. The parrot is chirping. 6. The parrot is twittering. Can we use all the expressions?'

b'My favorite Pet My favorite per in the shop is a parrot, It is green and yellow. It has a long beak. It is chirping now. I like it very much. My favorite Pet My favorite per in the shop is a lizard. It is green and ugly. It has a long tail. It is creeping on a branch now. I ...'

b'1. The squirrel is rolling its nest outside. 2. The squirrel is rolling its nest inside. Are both grammatical? Can we use other expressions?'

b'Where does Paine use charged words in these examples from The Crisis, Number 1? A. He says he has \xc2\x93little superstition.\xc2\x94 B. He says \xc2\x93Tyranny\xc2\x94 is like \xc2\x93Hell.\xc2\x94 C. He says men know the difference between \xc2\x93temper\xc2\x94 and \xc2\x93principle.\xc2\x94'

b'What images does Edwards use in Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God to draw a picture of the anger of God? A. spiders and blood B. heat and cold C. floods and fire'

b"Now, let's check how well you can use the expressions you've learned. I will distribute handouts. You have to solve the problems. Are you finished? Then, I'll check the answers. Look at the answers on the blackboard. Check your answers. How many students have 10 points? Are ..."

b"Let's play the word game with slides. This is Team 1 and this is Team two. You should pick an item and I will click on the picture. Then you have to solve the problem. According to the score with the problem, you will get the point. I will give you a small sheet of score paper..."

b"You are writing to a reader who favors a different solution than the one you recommend. Which of the following is MOST likely to persuade the reader? A. Describe your reader's solution first, explain why it won't work, and then go on to describe your own solution. B. Ignore ..."

b'Writeacher, can you please check if the use of scientific English is OK. Thank you. 1 One of the other prominent scientists involved in the promotion of nanotechnology, Richard Smalley, has accused Drexler of \xc2\x91scaring our children\xc2\x92 and promulgating a vision of the future ...'

b'Doug is on the phone with the vice president of marketing, pitching to him the benefits of the new Web-based performance appraisal system that HR wants to implement throughout the company. \xc2\x93It will simplify things for you. More importantly, it will boost your department\xc2\x92s ...'

b'i read this poem again and simile be that duck call for her mate but wind blow his answer away and leave her lonely on beach? The Lonely Land by A.J.M. Smith Cedar and jagged fir uplift sharp barbs against the gray and cloud-piled sky; and in the bay blown spume and windrift ...'

b"Is this English to Spanish correct? Dear Maria, Today I'm going to write a letter to you about my daily routine from morning to night. Before school, I wake up at 6:30 A.M. and brush my teeth and get dressed. By 6:45 I am ready to eat breakfast. I am very sleepy at this time. ..."

b"Discuss the narration in My Antonia and how the use of both Jim's young voice and Jim's older voice changes? the pace and flow of the novel for a reader."

b'1. He emptied the bucket of water. 2. He filled the bucket with water. 2 is correct. What about 1? If I want to use the opposite of 2, what do I have to say?'

b'Charlotte received a score of 68 on both her English and Maths tests. The mean for English was 52 and the mean for Maths was 55. The standard deviations for English and Maths were 10 and 8 respectively. In which subject did Charlotte perform better? Explain your decision.'

b"I'm doing a Tritina style poem for my English class and I'm doing the envoy now but I'm not sure how I could use the 3 words: twinkle/twinkling, rosy, and sleepy. And it has to relate to babies and the bond between them and their mothers and emotional stuff like that. Lol. ..."

b'Early in the story, London writes The animal was depressed by the tremendous cold. It knew that it was no time for traveling. This passage alerts you to possible trouble ahead. Locate four other passages that foreshadow later events. Explain the link between each passage and...'

b'3. What role does freedom play in the poems you read in this unit? Write about at least three of the poems, describing how the poet uses imagery to depict freedom, the lack of it, or the desire for it.'

b'2. Think about the two specific stanzas that the blues singer sings in \xc2\x93The Weary Blues.\xc2\x94 What happens in each of the stanzas? How does the contrast between the two songs reinforce the overall theme of the poem?'

b'1. Consider the events of the poem \xc2\x93Life Is Fine.\xc2\x94 Based on what happens, what is the overall mood of the poem? How does the poet use rhythm to convey that mood? Support your answer with specific examples from the poem.'

b'1. Consider the poems, short stories, and autobiographical pieces you read from the first half of the twentieth century during this semester. How did historical events and realities affect writers who were working during this time? What common threads did you observe in the ...'

b'2. Consider the poems of the Harlem Renaissance that you read this semester. Why does the theme of freedom play such an important role in these works? How do different poems address this theme? Cite examples and images from three Harlem Renaissance poems in your response.'

b'4. What do the pieces you read by Richard Rodriguez, Amy Tan, and Julia Alvarez illustrate about the immigrant experience in twentieth-century America? How are the children in these works different from their parents? Use specific examples from the text in your response'

b'3.What internal conflicts do the characters face in The Glass Menagerie? How do these conflicts result in the overall tension that exists in the Wingfield family? Describe how Tom, Laura, and Amanda cope with their conflicts and how their conflicts connect to the play\xc2\x92s ...'

b"I need to write my own myth for my english assesmment But i don't know a storyline Can somebody please give me an idea??"

b'how are these words alike and add more.. AMERICAN, UNITED STATES, ENGLISH,PAGE HIGH SCHOOL'

b'How is the story To Build a Fire by Jack London a good example of Naturalism?'

b'I need a artifact for the story with quotes and the artifact can not be in the story just has to represent quotes from the story'

b'This clue does not sway Romeo from his original purpose. What does he do? From Romeo and Juliet'

b'Each of the patients __________ discharged at noon. A was B were Each of the nurses __________ her favorite uniform. A has B have I think both answers are A. Clarifying that the pronoun each are always singular and require a singular verb which would be was and has.'

b"2. In the last stanza of Tableau, the boys a. angrily confront the adults of the town b. happily continue walking c. sadly go their separate ways d. speak to each other loudly B 3. Which of the following quotations from The River Merchant's Wife is the BEST example of an ..."

b"Question 1- Neither the fracture nor the lacerations __________ surgery. A require B requires Question 2- The nurse asked the patient and _________ to leave the room. A I B me C myself Question 3- Sam could not remember __________ medications he has borrowed. A who's B ..."

b'Question 1- The patient, as mentioned in other reports, __________ in no acute pain. A are B is Question 2- A piece of the suture __________ embedded in the scar tissue. A was B were Question 3- The fractures of his phalanges had __________ origin in an automobile accident...'


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