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b'5. Sales. An auto dealer\xc2\x92s sales numbers are shown in the table below. Find for each month the mean, median, and mode prices of the cars she sold. Round your answers to the nearest dollar. Price May June July 20,000 22 25 24 15,000 49 24 24 12,500 25 49 49'

b'draw a line with a slope of 1/4 through the point 0 -4'

b'solve each equation and put it in simplest form. x/5=-2 A-45 B35 C-10 D21 ???? 13x-7=136 A11 ******* B15 C8 D9 solve the following equation. 3x-3=15 A4 B5 C6 ****** D7 ernesto lost 14.5 pounds what equation can we used to find how much we was before he lost? Axadd14...'

b'which term of the sequence 18,12,8,.... is 512/729 is ?'

b'the sum of first 20 terms of a G.P is 244 times the sum of its first 10 terms. the common ration is ?'

b'A line PQ=11.7cm is perpendicular to line QR.By using line QR,divide line PQ into 10 equal parts'

b'Draw lines AE=AB=BC=5cm and


b'The difference of two acute angles in a right angled triangle is 2?/5.find the value of smallest angle?'

b'if the are of the circumcircle of an equilater triangle be 616 sq.m..,then hight of the triangle is.??'

b'the hour hand of a clock move from 1 to 4 0 clock. through how many degrees does it move'

b'Compare. Use <, >, or = to. Show all work -55\xc3\xb7-11 ___ 45\xc3\xb7-9'

b'Two cars leave Kansas City at the same time. One car is moving east and the other west. After 5 hours, the cars are 575 miles apart. One car is traveling 15 miles per hour faster than the other. Let S = the speed of the slower car and F = the speed of the faster car. If one ...'

b'For the first tour on Monday, a museum sells 4 child tickets and 8 adult tickets for 128. For the second tour the museum sells 6 adult tickets for 72. Find the price of one child ticket and the price of one adult ticket'

b"A rectangle's width is x and its length is 2x-1. Its area is 21. Find its dimensions. my work so far: 21 = x2x add1 21 = 2x^2 add x I was wondering how I would continue to solces this problem."

b'Annuities /assessment You would like to have 550,000 when you retire in 35 years. You would like to have 550,000 when you retire in 35 years. How much should you invest each quarter if you can earn a rate of 4.8percent compounded quarterly? a How much should you deposit each ...'

b'Solve the equation for x. For each of the following problems is it possible for x to be equal to: 1? xaddm/x?1=1 If m ? -1, there are no solutions if m=1, the solution is ? Ii do not now how to find the solution for if m=1 but i got all real numbers, but my teacher says...'

b'The equation of line joining the point 3,5 to the point of intersection of the lines {4xaddy-1=0} and {7x-3y-35=0} is :'

b"The population of a town increases by 25percent during 1991. By what percent must it decrease the following year to return to the population it was at the beginning of 1991? I thought the answer was 25percent but i don't know for sure."

b'As the number of units manufactured increases from 4000 to 6000 the total cost of production increases from 22000 to 30000. Assuming a linear relationship between the cost when 4500 units are produced.'

b'The salary of an employee in 1985 is 1200,in 1987 it will be 1350. Express salary as a linear function of time and estimate his salary in 1988.'

b'Given that the line x/a add y/b = 1 passes through 0 , 3 and 5 , 1 , find the value of a and b'

b'The locus of a point whose distance from point 0,5 is always 3/4 of its distance from the line Y=8 is an elipse. Find the equation,centre, length of the major axis, length of the minor axis and the foci of the ellipse.'

b'3. At the end of a dock, high tide of 14 m is recorded at 9:00 a.m. Low tide of 6 m is recorded at 3:00 p.m. A sinusoidal function can model the water depth versus time. a Construct a model for the water depth using a cosine function, where time is measured in hours past high...'

b'Sammy has a 10-foot ladder, which he needs to climb to reach the roof of his house. The roof is 12 feet above the ground. The base of the ladder must be at least 1.5 feet from the base of the house. How far is it from the top of the ladder to the edge of the roof? I am ...'

b'Calculate the net present value NPV of the cash shown on the diagram at t = 0 year, if the interest rate is W percent compounded annually. Initial capital is AED 300,000 [Choose any value for X,YZ from AED 200,000 to 900,000and W from 10percent to 18percent] AED 100,000 AED X AED Y AED Z 0 1...'

b'Find the value of single perpetuity payment if the present value of the perpetuity payments at t=0 years is AED 500,000 and the interest rate is Rpercent compound per year.[Choose Rpercent from 8percent to 12percent]'

b'An investments value, Vt is modelled by the function Vt=25001.15^2, where t is the number of years after funds are invested A find the instantaneous rate of change in the value of the investment at t=4, what intervals would you choose? Why? My question is ... Which ...'

b'AB os a diameter of a circle with centre at origin.what are the cootdinates of B if coordinate of A are3,-5'

b'Write a rule for the function represented by the table x y 0 9 1 28 2 47 3 66 A.y=9add19x B.y=18add10x C.y=19add9x D.y=10add18x'

b'In a lottery game, a player picks six numbers from 1 to 48. If 4 of those 6 numbers match those drawn, the player wins third prize. What is the probability of winning this prize? Give your answer as a fraction. My Answer : 1/12972'

b"Michael's father brought him a 16-foot board to cut into shelves for his bedroom. Michael plans to cut the board into 11 equal size lengths for his shelves. The saw blade that Michael will use to cut the board will change the length of the board by -0.125 inches for each cut..."

b'My answers are *** The word that are supposed to be in italics are in all capitals. 1.\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0 Choose the answer that best matches the word in italics. When London speaks of Buck METAMORPHISING, he means that Buck lost his appetite. changed into a different kind of dog.*** ...'

b'A certain virus infects one in every 500 people. A test used to detect the virus in a person is positive 90percent of the time if the person has the virus and 10percent of the time if the person does not have the virus. Find the probability that a person does not have the virus given that...'

b'Assign variables and write equations for the following. Do not solve. The cost of a motorcycle is 200 less than 1/3 cost of a truck. If 3 motorcycles and 1 truck cost 35,400, find the cost of a motorcycle. Equations: Let __ = ___________ ____________ __ = ___________ ...'

b'Does anybody know what study island is?'

b'how long does it take an investment of 8000 to double if it is invested at 7percent interest compounded continuously. round to nearest year.'

b'Sonia draws a line between Los Angeles and San Diego on a map. Find the shortest distance between the two cities. If the scale is 1 inch = 50 miles, what is the distance in miles between the two cities. A.25, B.50, C.100, D.150? Please help me'

b'AB is a diameter of a circle with centre at origin.what are the coordinates of B if coordinate of A are 3,-4?'

b'Triangle abc is right angled at a .ad is drawn perpendicular to bc .if ab=5cm and ac=12cm find the area or triangle abc. Also find the length of ad'

b'The speed of a Garden snail is 50 meters per hour and that of the Cheetah is 120 kilometers per hour. Find the ratio of the speeds.'

b'We know that 65percent of all Americans prefer chocolate over vanilla ice cream. Suppose that 1000 people were randomly selected. The Sampling Distribution of the sample proportion is'

b'The vertices of a quadrilateral are A-2,3, B5,4, C4, -3 and D-3, -4. Prove that ABCD is a rhombus. Find the area of ABCD. Formula to find length: d = ?x2 - x1^2 add y2-y1^2 Please show working out, thanks.'

b'solution of a rectangular swimming pool 8m long and 5m wide has 0.5 m wide path around it . find area of path'


b'A rectangles length and width are a ratio of 8:5. The area is 169 square millimeters. What are the length and width? Can anyone help and show how they got the answer....lost on this one.'

b'The area of two circles are in a ratio of 4:9. If both radii are integers, and r1 - r2 = 2, what is the radius of the larger circle?'

b'In pallelogram, ABCD, E is the midpoint of DC, AE intersecs BD at point O, the area of triangle DOE is 12cm^2, what is the area of triangle AOB?'

b'A basket at a baby shower contains 8 bottles of pink nail polish numbered 1 through 8, and 9 bottles of red nail polish numbered 1 through 9. One bottle is drawn from the basket at random.'

b'3/4, 1/4, 1/12, 1/36 what is the next number in the sequence? I tried using 36 as common denominator but that seems wrong. Can you help me get the answer and explain how it was done. PLEASE HELP'


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