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b'Could you please check if this paragraph is possible in scientific English? Thank you, Writeacher. 1 Superconduction consists of a particular physical phenomenon which characterizes only superconductors. 2 These materials become superconductors when they are brought to the ...'

b"I'm writing a paper about life as a sophomore in 2012 in the style of Charles Dickens It was the best of times, it was the worst of times and I'm not sure if this sentence makes sense or is grammatically correct. Please help It is a year of waiting; that of eager ..."

b'Select the correct noun clause in the sentence below. Then, choose the function of the noun clause. The real question is whether he will be on time to the concert tonight.'

b'Select the gerund phrase in the sentence below. Then, determine the noun function of the gerund. Brett earns his income by repairing cars.'

b"Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? A. The local police asked the F.B.I. to assist with the case. B. Mr. Jones visited the YMCA before becoming a member. C. Mary remembered to buy milk didn't she? D. The company held it's annual party at the convention ..."

b"the chorus in ode 3 comments on the a. power of love b. duty of sons to their fathers c. relationship of haimon and antigone d. effect of creon's inflexibility"

b"1. I gave it up because of the rain. 2. I gave it up because of rain. Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'the' or not. "

b'do this poem be same like thomas one? knight be betrayed by this girl he meet?? Oh what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, Alone and palely loitering? The sedge has withered from the lake, And no birds sing. Oh what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, So haggard and so woe-begone? The ...'

b"i not get what this poem mean it be a ballad but i not get what theme be do the guy girl be in strong bond? True Thomas lay on Huntlie bank; A marvel he did see And there he saw a ladye bright Come riding down by the Eildon Tree. Her skirt was o' the grass-green silk, Her ..."


b'i am writing a speach . and i need your help to give me 15 ideas .the speach is if i ruled the world . tell me your ideas'

b'Please check. I. Correct any errors in the following sentences. Do not use different verbs for example, \xc2\x93recline\xc2\x94 instead of \xc2\x93lie down\xc2\x94. Provide the correct form of the verb given: 1. Yesterday I let my students lay down for a nap, but most of them preferred to set ...'

b'Is this correct? I am really hurt when I saw her eat lunch with someon else, while I ate alone? Is the tense correct?'

b'The Forsaken i think personification be this one: All the lake-surface Streamed with the hissing Of millions of iceflakes Hurled by the wind; Behind her the round Of a lonely island Roared like a fire With the voice of the storm In the deeps of the cedars. i think this be ...'

b'I need help editing errors in parallelism in the following sentence: Is it true that Superman could leap tall buildings, run faster than a locomotive, and that bullets would bounce off his skin?'

b'What is a statistic report?'

b"8. What does Aibo have in his eyes? He has two cameras in his eyes. 9. What can Aibo do with these cameras? He can watch houses. 10. Aibo takes pictures of strangers. Then, what does he do? He sends them to the owner's phone. 11. What can't PaPeRo do? He can't do the dishes, ..."

b'1. What can robots do? They can do many things for us. 2. What does Albert Hubo like? He looks like a real person. 3. What can Albert Hubo do? He can walk, talk, laugh, cry, and shake hands. 4. Where does HiRobo work? He works at a car factory. 5. What can HiRobo do? He can ...'

b'As the ship is sinking, we see a crew member frantically nailing Ahab\xc2\x92s flag to the mast. This detail exemplifies the larger theme of A. the futility of human efforts to dominate nature. B. the supremacy of American culture. C. America\xc2\x92s loss of innocence. A I think?'

b"Which element of Thoreau's style is shown in these passages from Walden? Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand \xc2\x85. Simplify, simplify. Instead of three meals a day, if it be necessary eat but one; ..."

b'Please check 8. An entry in the New World Encyclopedia. The entry is called Parent Education. It is written by M. S. Fisher. It was published in 2003. Fisher, M.S. Parent Education. Encyclopedia New World. 2003. Print. 9. An essay appeared in the journal called College English...'

b'Please check. 1. A book published by Harcourt Press, Inc. It was published in 2001. Harcourt Press is located in the city of New York. The title of the book is Medieval Pageant, and the author is John R. Reinhard. Reinhard, John R. Medieval Pageant. New York City: Harcourt, ...'

b'after a prolonged delay due to technical difficulties,the program resumed. identify the verb.'

b'A book published by Harcourt Press, Inc. It was published in 2001. Harcourt Press is located in the city of New York. The title of the book is Medieval Pageant, and the author is John R. Reinhard. How do i cite this source, is there a website that i can go to for help on ...'

b'Please check 1 Who told you that, asked Jerry? Who told you that? asked Jerry. 2 Who said, \xc2\x93A penny saved is a penny earned\xc2\x94 Who said, A Penny saved is a penny earned? 3 Jack told me that I will have to get a job before this summer. Jack told me that I will have ...'

b'Canoe-trip by Douglas LePan i not know what be 3 powerful pictures in this. What of this fabulous country Now that we have it reduced to a few hot hours And sun-burn on our backs? On this south side the countles archipelagoes, The slipway where titans sent splashing the last ...'

b'In Speech to the Virginia Convention there is a motif of: a. Storm imagery b. Light imagery c. Snow imagery d. Storm Light imagery e. Storm Snow imagery'

b'Which sentence presents an alternative in appropriate way? a. The 11 a.m. flight is completely sold out, so I booked you on the 2 p.m. flight. Hopefully that will work for you. b. We are out of the red units, so we went ahead and shipped you 12 green ones instead. You can ...'

b'Indicate the alternative that both correctly evaluates the following sentence and correctly explains the reason for the evaluation. As soon as you provide your date of birth on Line 2, your application for a flexible spending account will be processed. a. Good positive ...'

b'We had lost our first three games of the season nevertheless our spirits remain high. I would like to know where should the commas go'

b'Anyone know of some really good world cultural books??'

b'I neeeeeeeeeeed help soooo bad please help me. These questions have to do with the movie Split Horn Significant quotations? Visual Juxtaposition? Cultural Conflicts? Aspects of Heritage?'

b"Can anyone help me find a short story that parallels my life? I have project where i need to find a short story that is parallel to my life. The short story needs to be British, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. I've looked through countless of short stories but i couldn't find ..."

b'1. Pele has been on three World Cup winning teams. 2. Pele has been on World Cup winning teams three times. Is 1 the same as 2 in meaning?'

b"I have three pets in my shop. What is the part of speech of in mmy shop? Is it an adverbial phrase or an adjjective phrase? Does it modify 'pets' or 'have'?"

b'Which of these aspects of nature does the white whale not symbolize? A. destructiveness B. immortality C. spiritual comfort D. beauty'

b'Which of these was not a prime reason why Whitman chose to write in free verse? A. to express his individuality B. to celebrate democracy C. to convey a sense of freedom D. to imitate earlier poets he admired I say B but am I right'

b'What is the complete subject in this sentence? Several large shrubs hid the house from view.'

b'correct any errors. Please check my answers. Question: 12 Every player on the team, must give their best effort in the championship game. Every player on the team, must give his or her best effort in the championship game. Question: 13 Each person in the seminar must submit ...'

b'let p,q,and r be the following statements p:Jamie is on the train. Q: Sylvia is at the park. r: Nigel is in the car. Translate the followins statement into english ~q^r arrow ~p'

b"Please double check my answers for me. 1. The appearance of a document can do all of the following except: A. establish rapport with the audience. B. guide your readers' attention C. substititue the written text in the document. D. Build goodwill. answer: C. Substitute the ..."

b'User: Which of the following is NOT an example of parallel structure? A. Yoga can help you develop flexibility, reduce stress, and increase relaxation. B. Learn how to analyze business audiences, improve your style, and edit thoroughly. C. You are all encouraged to come ...'

b'Select the correct punctuation to place on the line. Gusty winds damaged several power lines__ therefore, no one in our town has electricity. A. : B. ; C. - D. .'

b'1. He is collecting waste into the dustpan with a broom. Is this correct? 2. He is holding a dustpan and broom. 3. He is holding a dustpan and a broom. Which one is right? Are both OK?'

b'unscramble this word pessaocltn '

b'Please check My best friend told his neighbor that he could not take care of the dogs this weekend. My best friend told his neighbor that he could not take care of his dogs this weekend. When he sat the plate on the glass countertop, it broke into a thousand pieces. When he ...'

b'Please correct the errors, im not sure on this one. The scouts or their mascot must do their best to clean up the mess at the campgrounds.'

b'1. He is playing a game with his smart phone. 2. He is talking on the smart phone. 3. He is writing something on his smart phone. 4. Tom and Bill are talking with each other in the corner of the classroom. 5. He is drawing a cartoon. 6. He is reading a comic book. 7. He is ...'

b'correct any errors. I think everyone needs to do their best to get the job done. Did anyone leave their keys on my desk? My dad says nobody know how to do their fair share of the work on this job. Four years of college classes are a long time without an income.'

b'correct any erroes. Neither the players nor the coach agree with the referee\xc2\x92s call.'


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