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b'for narrative essay i want to write about death, like before i used to think my world be perfect everyone be with me I have everything until my great grandmother died, and that be the first time someone in my family die that i be really close to, so that be heart shattering ...'

b'i need help to finding a ballad pome'

b'i be having test soon in english and we be writing synthesis essay and narrative essay, i not know what synthesis mean, can you please give me examples of narrative essays online i know narrative be story telling type essay but examples be helpful for me to study.'

b'words are 1 convenient communication shortcuts 2 not arbitrary symbols 3 unique to each individual in english 4 thoughts written down 4 is correct'

b'Posted by rfvv on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 7:53am. 1. Would you say hi to your mother? 2. Would you say hello to your mother? Are both interchangable? Are both the same? 3. He is also a good cook. 4. He can also cook well. 5. He also cooks well. 6. Also he can cook well. 7. ...'

b'On the moors the hare is running races in her mirth whats the figure of speech and where is it'

b'1 The debate over ratifying the US Constitution was won by the Anti-Federalists. 2 The US government is based upon the force theory of state. 3 The evolutionary theory of states asserts that early nations developed out of the family structure, eventually transforming into ...'

b'Give two possible expository writing purposes. TOPIC: An historical figure Purpose 1 Purpose 2'

b'1. We can help their son and daughter. 2. We can help their daughter and son. Which one is generally used? 3. This is a blouse and that is a shirt. 4. This is a blouse but that is a shirt. Which one is grammatical? 5. I like English or Korean. 6. She is pretty or kind. 7. ...'

b'1. Would you say hi to your mother? 2. Would you say hello to your mother? Are both interchangable? Are both the same? 3. He is also a good cook. 4. He can also cook well. 5. He also cooks well. 6. Also he can cook well. 7. He can cook well also. Are they all grammatical? ...'

b'1. I was full, but I still ate a lot of it. 2. I ate lots of them. 3. I like plenty of these. 4. I hate a lot of those. Are they all grammatical? Thank you for your help.'

b"1. He added a little flour to the pan. 2. He added a spoonful of flour to the mixture. 3. He added two scoops of flour to the frying pan. Are they all grammatical? As flour is an uncountable noun, we need to use the word 'flour' that way, right?"

b'1. Many icebergs were melting because of the global warming. 2. Many icebergs were melting because the globe was warming. Is 1 the same aas 2? 3. He went mountainclimbing. 4. He went driving with his son. 5. he went cooking to the center. 6. He went groceryshopping to the...'

b'What are the similarities and differences of the poems Hiroshima by Angela Clifton and Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen? What point of view are the poems? What are the themes of the poems? What are the contrasts and comparisons of the two poems? Mention about the Diction, ...'

b"Under which type of irony would you classify Josephine's fear that her sister will \xc2\x93make herself ill\xc2\x94 by grieving alone in her room? A. dramatic B. verbal C. none of the above Ok this is the last one and I say C because she talks about being scared."

b"Which words are an example of a slant rhyme? A. thou and know B. tide and ride C. mask and mile I say C because mask and mile don't ryme at all to me."

b'In which sentence is the meaning of the word tempest suggested? A. Douglass guides people through a storm. B. The poet wants Douglass to be alive. C. The people sing but their hearts are sad. I say A because tempest explains a storm and A is the only one talking about a storm.'

b"In \xc2\x93Lucinda Matlock,\xc2\x94 what is the title character's attitude toward life? A. She thinks life is hard. B. She thinks life is worthwhile. C. She thinks life is boring. This one has to be C because she is happy all the time."

b'English 7 - June 11 Social Studies 7 - June 12 Math 7 - June 13 Science 7 - June 15 Just to let you know.'

b'In \xc2\x93Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,\xc2\x94 Farquhar is a gentleman. Why might he be hanged? A. for being from the Confederacy B. for planning against the enemy C. for refusing to feed Union soldiers I think this one is A'

b"Which element of \xc2\x93An Episode of War\xc2\x94 shows it to be an example of naturalism? A. It is set in the Civil War. B. It shows lives controlled by outside forces. c. It uses formal language. I think it's A but i'm not sure"

b'could you explain how to use perfect infinitive correctly in eng language'

b"I urgently need to find a very simple and concise summary intermediate level of English on the Lost Generation and Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Thank you."

b'1. What does Quindlen call feeding babies, walking dogs, and doing household jobs? A. difficult chores B. simple daily routines C. well-paid occupations D. enjoyable pastimes 2.What group of people does Quindlen decide are \xc2\x93correct\xc2\x94 in their views? A. the optimists B. the ...'

b'1. In Dust Tracks on a Road, what kind of literature did the young Hurston like best that made her think of heroic deeds? A. stories that were sad B. stories of math geniuses C. stories that were great myths D. stories about young women 2.What is the main conflict in the ...'

b'1. In an hour, we arrived at the base. 2. After an hour, we arrived at the base. 3. In an hour, we will arrive at the base. 4. After an hour, we will arrive at the base. Which preposition do we have to use? Which ones are correct?'

b"e.g. It is easy to draw cartoons. In this sentence 'It' is a formal subject and 'to....' is a real subject. Is the expression correct?"

b'what do impulsive mean?'

b'There are two ways of learning in terms of the mathod; one is a serious formal way, and the other is an entertaining enjoyable way. Both ways have merits and demerits. To a low-level students, an entertaining enjoyable way seems to be much better than a serious formal way. ...'

b'1. Who is Aibo? 2. He is a robot dog. 3. It is a robot dog. 4. What is Aibo? 5. He is a robot dog. 6. It is a robot dog. Are the questions and answers all correct? If the robot has a female voice, can we say She is a robot dog?'

b'rising action definition'

b"Can you check my letter. It's a project for English. We are making our writing portfolios. I'm almost done I just have to do this. Dear Reader, This year I done some great improvement as a writer. I add great vocabulary in my pieces. When I'm reading, it improve my writing. I ..."

b'foreshadow definition??? literary term'

b"why did tim o'brien mention the snakes in his novel lake of the woods?"

b'identify at least one major similarity and one major difference between the forms of the short story and the poem.'

b"What does fantastical mean? My essay topic is compare the fantastical in Poe and lawrence's the rocking horse"

b'Does this have paraelle structure Neither pesticides nor hormones are used in the production of organic foods.'

b'i neeed help putting my thesis together for my essay reflecting on two books: the poisonwood bible, and fall on you knees plz help asap'

b"Is Oedipus and the King's genre Mythology or Fiction?"

b'do anyone see movie the notebook? i not get what in the opening scene the sunset and water represent.'

b'Are these correct? 1.Which sentence is correctly punctuated? A Upon hearing her children were hungry; she cooked a lovely homemade dinner. B Upon hearing her children were hungry she cooked a lovely homemade dinner. C Upon hearing her children were hungry, she cooked a ...'

b'Hi, I need help seeing if I corrected the following correctly. 1-Incorrect: This is getting boring. I killed Hook no pirates, no adventures, and no one to boss around. I need to find a new adventure, but away from Neverland. Peter said. 1-My correction: This is getting ...'

b'Hi, I need help seeing if I corrected the following correctly. Incorrect: This is getting boring. I killed Hook no pirates, no adventures, and no one to boss around. I need to find a new adventure, but away from Neverland. Peter said. My correction: This is getting boring. I ...'

b'what is the historical allusion?'

b'What does the term literature mean to you? What makes something literary in your own mind? If literature means different things to different people, who defines what is and what is not literature? 2.What kind of reading engages/interests you? What about that writing draws you ...'

b"1. The sports player for weight lifting lifts heavy things, What is the name of the heavy things in English? 2. He is sending a text message with/on his smart phone. Do we have to use 'with' or 'on' in this sentence?"

b'I desperately need examples and quotes of land imagery from the play A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt. Please.'

b"I need a real life example on how growing up or maturing involves seeing and experiencing pain. We used examples from this book we were reading but I also need a real life example and I can't think of one"

b'Give two examples of each of the following elements of poetry from the poems you have read in Units 4, 5, and 6. Metaphor: Simile: Personification: Onomatopoeia: Imagery: Sensory Language: Rhyme: Alliteration: Assonance: Consonance: Repetition:'

b'Thank you very much for checking this part on scientific English. Here is the last part. 1 The superconductors are also characterized by the so called Meissner-Ochsenfeld Effect. When a superconductor is put in into a magnetic field, it produces a magnetic field which ...'


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