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b"can you please identify the nouns and verbs in this sentence. Don't be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Loard and turn byour back on evil."

b'he the attention of a mathematician {frame a wh-type question to get the underlined part as answer}'

b'Tell us why it is important to use good grammar, proper punctuation and clear senteces when you need to le someone know are displeased.'

b'Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and reviseas needed to correctthe problem: While repelling from the cliff, my backpack slipped and fell to the canyon floor.'

b'Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and make any corrections necessary: I wanted to stay for dessert, but I taking an exam early the next morning.'

b"The internet is a/an source. A. print B. electronic C. non-print D. media I can't choose between choice B and choice D."

b"A book or magazine in its original form is a/an ________ source. A. media B. print C. electronic D. oral I think it's B."

b'Kindly please check my answers. Thanks 1. As expressed in your readings, which of these statements best expresses the crucial paradox of the twentieth century? A. Human life is disregarded as nations seek global security. B. War in the name of liberty leads to tyranny. C. ...'

b'the gardner put in pinch of grass seed wherever he pulled out a weed'

b'Jacob, my best friend, believes that he is as smart as I am. ----------------------------------------?----------------------------------------? If anyone understands the directions, it is she. ----------------------------------------?...'

b'1. In his comedies, Shakespeare is well known for A.the device of mistaken identity B.fatally flawed characters C.revealing great heroes as common fools D.an unusual use of Middle English 2.Prior to the Renaissance, the human bosy was seen as A.proof that humans are the ...'

b"Question 1 Marks: 1 Davey has decided to research the history of fire engines in America. To get started he's written a list of research questions. Which of the following questions is the best research question for him to ask? a. Who holds the patent for the fire engine? b. ..."

b'1 Which of the following is NOT part of the process of synthesizing? a. finding main ideas b. finding supporting details c. determining a purpose d. comparing and contrasting ideas is it c?'

b'How did ray bradburry motivates the main character in the story, the utterly perfect murder'

b"Question 1 Marks: 1 A common theme that runs through all the sections of Song of Myself is Whitman's own \xc2\x97 Choose one answer. a. belief in his power as a poet b. love of solitude c. inability to trust people d. failure to change the world Question 2 Marks: 1 Free verse is ..."

b'Redarding the difference between fiction and nonfiction, which statement is most accurate A.writers of non fiction have no need to express passionate opinion B.nonfiction writers are more often free to move about in time and space C.nonfiction writers are free to emblish the ...'

b'Identify the italicized phrase. Charmed by her gracious manner, the producer offered her a contract. A. Participle B. Gerund C. Infinitive D. Appositive <----Is it this one'

b'a group of tourists is being led through a famous cathedral by a guide. one family of four is japenese, but at least three other tourist in the goup ar not. All but five of the group are american what is the least number of tourists that can be in this group?.'

b'A dependent clause is also called an: adverb clause subordinate clause adjective clause'

b'What is the verb in where are my shoes'

b'Pronouns that introduce adjective clauses and relate to words or ideas which precede them are called _____. A. antecedents <-------- is it this one B. personal pronouns C. relative pronouns'

b'What are common and proper nouns and examples.'

b'Give a definition of an uncountable and a countable nouns and examples PLEASE and THANK YOU'

b'Please for the definition of a concrete noun and an example.'

b"Identify the main clause in the sentence below. Then decide if the subordinate clause is used as noun, adjective, or adverb. Chris's chief interest was tennis, which he was just learning to play. Main Clause: Chris's chief interest was tennis Subordinate clause type: Adjective"

b'1. Identify the main clause in the sentence below. Then decide if the subordinate clause is used as noun, adjective, or adverb. The clams, which he ate, were still fresh. Main Clause: which he ate Subordinate clause type: Adjective 2.Identify the subordinate clause and tell ...'

b'Identify the subordinate clause and tell if it is used as a noun, adjective, or adverb. Click on the blue box until the correct answer appears. When he laughed maliciously at the little girl, she kicked Mike in the shins. Subordinate clause:When he laughed maliciously at the ...'

b'Identify the main clause in the sentence below. Then decide if the subordinate clause is used as noun, adjective, or adverb. After we have read the story, we will talk about it. Main Clause: After we have read the story Subordinate clause type: noun'

b"Rhetoric and commonly confused words, prefixes and suffixes, misspelled words Can't find one??"

b'Current A: of or belonging to the present time B: being in progress now C: a body of water of air flowing in a definite direction D: a movement or flow of energy 1. Current negotiations are being conducted. Would the current in the context be suitable for definition A, B, C...'

b'What is the love relationship like between Brently and Louise Mallard in the story of an hour?'

b'Write a 150- to 200-word paragraph to explain how purpose, audience, tone, and content impact academic writing. Be sure to use the three components of a good paragraph covered in this week\xc3\xa2??s readings. Underline the topic sentence and bold the concluding sentence in the ...'

b'What are the antonyms for: graceful, gulped and ignorant?'

b"1. Organizing and recalling main ideas is known as: A. a supporting idea B. analyzing C. summarizing D. a subtopic I think it's C. 2. A short composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author is a/an: A. novel B. short story C. expository D. ..."

b"I'm creating is HUGE book series. Can you check to see if the blurb is good. The series follows the journey of a teenage girl who is determined to have best year ever in the 8th grade and to have the best 4 year experience in high school. Please make sure if they any grammar ..."

b'Can I have your email Ms. Sue so i can send you my paper for proofreading'

b'Im deciding my courses for fall semester please advice if basic math and anatomypsysiology with religion is too much of workload, my other choice would be ap,basic english and religion.What do you think. note.. I know whatever is chosen is hard work,i just want to be prepare...'

b"What is a good topic sentence for Louise Mallard's death in the story of an hour?"

b"Is this a good SHORT summary of the story of an hour? Louis Mallard, the wife of Brently Mallard, can't stand her husband and wants a life without him. The moment she hears he died in a train accident she is happy and looks forward to her new life. She says that she is now ..."

b'Can u summarize the story of an hour in a few sentences?'

b"The specific subject of a piece of writing is known as a: A. topic B. subtopic C. supporting detail D. expository text I think it's C. I don't really know what B and D mean."

b'assume that a sample is used to estimate a population proportion p. find the margin of error E that corresponds to the given statistics and confidence level. 98percent confidence, the sample size is 780, of which 40percent are successes what does that mean in English?'

b'can i have an introduction for how brently mallard died in the story of an hour'

b"plz can any 1 give me an article on ''Coping/Dealing with loss'' or u can also give me a story on the same topic bt plz fast It's urgent"

b'A good paragraph has three key parts, one of which is a topic sentence. What do you think would be the reaction of a reader if the topic sentences in an essay did not align with the supporting points? 150 words'

b'1. I think we are here to talk truly. 2. I think we are here to talk truthfully. 3. I think we are here to talk t______ Are they all grammatical and the same? What other adverbs can we use starting the letter t?'

b'The disaster was in advance, in a measure, in force due to a confusion as to authority which arose among the heads of various departments. Which expression in the parentheses is right?'

b'Is there a full biography about Rachel Renee Russell on how she became a writer and her books.'

b"Do you know her? -Is she the actress who always plays bizarre characters? -Yes, that's her. Shall I introduce you? -That would be fabulous. I'm going to ask for her autograph. Would you check the dialogue? Are the sentences all grammatical? Would you correct errors?"

b'1. Thomas ____ there but a minute when his girl friend arrived. be 2. Some kids ____ to tears with the ordinary textbooks when they entered high school. bore What is the suitable forms of the verbs of the parentheses in the blanks/ 3. Robert announced that he was ____ ...'


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