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b"Hi it's me again Could someone proofread this for me? Thanks so much HOW ABOUT BETTER PARENTS? BY: Thomas L. Friedman In Thomas L. Friedman\xc2\x92s column \xc2\x93How About Better Parents\xc2\x94 he discusses parent\xc2\x92s influence in their child\xc2\x92s education. He states that \xc2\x93Parents ..."

b'Who is a premier candidate?'

b'1. Reading text to obtain an overview of major ideas and disregarding 2. when deciding whether to read a newspaper article, which technique is most useful? A. jigsaw B. flowchart C. skim D. scan I think 1. C and 2. is B? What is a jigsaw and flowchat ?'

b'why did james welch write fools crow'

b'Adrian saw his friend Bob walking fast down the hall. What is the adverb and pronoun in this sentence? The adverb in this sentence: Soon the computer store will be closed.'

b"Direct or indirect quote? Want to jog a lap with me, Dad? asked David. Sure, but let's take it slow, said Dad. Is it direct quote?"

b'How would you discuss the style of an article or author? What words would you use?'

b'Hello there : If someone could proofread this summary for me that would so great In Bob Herbert\xc2\x92s column, \xc2\x93Tweet Less, Kiss More\xc2\x94 he addresses the negative impact technology\xc2\x92s left on society today. He states how it affects focus, safety, and authenticity. He refers...'

b'Formulate the acronym for READING THROUGH PARTNERSHIP'

b'In the following stanza from \xc2\x93I heard a Fly buzz\xc2\x97when I died\xc2\x97,\xc2\x94 which words form a slant rhyme? The Eyes around\xc2\x97had wrung them dry\xc2\x97 / And Breaths were gathering firm / For that last Onset\xc2\x97when the King / Be witnessed\xc2\x97in the Room \xc2\x97 A. dry and firm B. King and ...'

b'I am writing a paragraph about why I want to participate in this school counsil thing and I was wobderi if the word choice for deticate in this sentence makes sense: I want to deticate myself to participate in more school activities.'

b'Is this sentence right? I have never had a pet before.'

b'What synonym of crumble can replace it in this sentence: The town slowly crumbled?'

b'what does this sentence mean in regular english The United States Federal Government should substantially increase development of domestic infrastructure. and what is the basic meaning of domestic infrastructure? Tahnk you soo much in advance'

b'could i find the word ill health in english language ? or illness/ sickness'

b'5. Which of the following sentences from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings contains context clues that help you understand the meaning of the word in italics? Shame made me want to hide my face. She didn\xc2\x92t encourage familiarity. That dress looks professional. The chifforobe ...'

b"Where can I get a good plot summary of Gary Soto's Buried Onions?"

b'is it one of the parts of speeches or one of the parts of speech pl explain'

b'Compare and contrast possible compensation plans for the Food service manager and a reservation manager?'

b"Explain How Sean's Feelings Toward Vid And His Hobby Changed During The Beginning Middle And End Of The Story '' Stuck In Storage''"

b'need to make a venn diagram using 3 circles. A survey on subject being taken by 250 students at a certain college revealed the following info: 1. 90 were taking math 2. 145 were taking history 3. 88 were taking english 4. 25 were taking math and history 5. 38 were taking ...'

b'What does conscious will mean?'

b'antennae, involuntary , vesus Does any of those words mean opposite or contrasted with??'

b'what is a theme give examples'

b"I looked at the growing dark clouds and I realized a massive storm was approaching. What poetic device is being used? I think it's personification."


b'rite two arguments in English, one in the form of modus ponens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then, write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth-functional connectives. If your computer does not have all the symbols needed, use some other symbol you ...'

b'she spoke to me as if i were a stranger here I is followed by were instead of was could you pl explain it'

b'please organize these into a paragraph ;astronaauts supposed to rest for eight hours, but too excited to rest ;astronauts easily hopped high because moon has less gravity than earth ;opened spaceship door 61/2 hours after landing ;brought back to earth some moon rocks and soil...'

b'How do I write a comparative essay utilizing the assigned theme for two books?'

b'Look for the compound verbs in the sentence below; Lacrosse looks like an easy sport to play but it is really quite difficult. The two compound verbs I found were looks and is.'

b"Can you rephrase the directions in a way that I can tell what it means because I don't really understand the directions its telling me to do: In a short paragraph, explain as throughly as possible the significance of the word or phrase. The Big Shake Eden Mindphrobes."

b"please organize these notes into a paragraph ;traveled 24,300 mph ;on landing, armstrong's heart rate 156 beats per minute ;lunar module eagle carried armstrong and aldrin to moon's surface ;three astronauts michael collins,neil armstrong, edwin aldrin ;traveled 244,930 miles..."

b"You've been assigned to invite a group of mechanical engineering professors to tour your facility. What type of language should you use in the invitation?"

b'Who loved his charge but never loved to lead; One whose meek flock the people loved to be, Not lured by any cheat of birth. Which other type of substitute foot is used?I am having a hard time with poetry.'

b'I am psueo conducting an experiment on 144 freshmen high school students who are evenly divided into 6 groups. The treatment group are receiving a new instructional strategy that the control group is not receiving. A t-test was conducted after a pre-test of a CBM measurement, ...'

b'Write two arguments in English, one in the form of modus ponens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then, write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth-functional connectives. If your computer does not have all the symbols needed, use some other symbol you...'

b'Is the Plus-que-parfait tense the same as perfect tense in English?'

b"Help analyze this poem Amok He weaves his wife's limbs With those of her startled lover's. His sight grows dim as the flowered Sheets darken. His ears pound with heart's Hooves, the hoots and footstomping Of drinking mates who swear They would do the same and worse. The fat ..."

b"A committee of architects and firms was formed to plan the Word's Exposition buildings. The collective result was the construction of a group of 150 buildings known by the White City. Their design established white, columnar architecture as the only acceptable public style for..."

b"1. When the cheese is being aging, the bacteria make their way into it. Is this sentence correct? Would you correct the errors in it? 2. If you go tonight, my membership discount will save you fifteen dollars. - Really? Alright, I'm _______ on the idea. 1 brought 2 sold 3..."

b'Social anthropologists attempt to explain the social emergence, evolution and development of the human race. They also try to determine differences between human social organization and other primate beings. One of their attempts is note dissimilarity betyween various human ...'

b'In young goodman brown what is the conflict, effect emotional impact of story on reader, end orientation, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion, dramatic irony? I know the conflict is good vs evil and human nature to do evil; the climax is when ...'

b'Identify the simple predicate in the following sentence. Our basketball team will play against Wilson High School on Friday night.'

b'Does anyone know where i can read Nervous Conditions, by Tsitsi Dangarembga, online?'

b'In the sentence I gave Ellen and Jane the card, the word Jane can be replaced with the objective pronoun her. True <------is this one False'

b'Does dismal mean fake?'

b'What are some antonyms for: Synthetic thrifty What are some synonyms for: synthetic thrifty somber'

b'What is an inside address for a letter?'

b'Antonyms of: Careful: False: ignorant: A: uneducated B: reckless C: intelligent D: untrue E: Genuine I think careful is B false: E ignorant: A'


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