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b'what type of sentence is I hereby declare Tuesday Shakespeare Day.'

b'summarize the major similarities and differences between the forms of drama, poetry, and the short story. Demonstrate your ideas with textual examples from the course readings. In your response, include at least one example of each literary form. If you wish, you may also ...'

b'1. We can join the meeting. 2. We can take part in the meeting. Are both the same in meaning?'

b'1. He is used to working on the farm. 2. He got used to working on the farm. 3. He used to walk in the park alone. 4. The toy can be used as a pillow. Are they all grammatical? What is the difference between 1 and 2?'

b'What type of figurative language does this statement represent if it does at all: Buried deep beneath the stories about executive bonuses...'

b'In Great expectations, how is pip different from the convict in chapter l?'

b'Which of the following statements about Anne Bradstreet is NOT true?'

b'What is the type of figurative language for the statement curating and preserving memories?'

b"My teacher says to discuss the style of an article we've chosen by noticing diction, tone, metaphorical language, organization, us of anecdote. Could someone give me an example of those 5 things? I'm a bit confused."

b"Hi its me again Is it ok to ask for ya'll to proofread these summaries I'm submitting? If not, I'll stop but here's another one I've finished. New York Times Putting Our Brains on Hold August 6, 2010 By: Bob Herbert In his essay, Putting Our Brains on Hold, Bob Herbert ..."

b'when discussing the organization of an article what are somethings you can say to explain that it flowed together nicely?'

b'Is the following an example of metaphorical language? if marriage equality is a civil right, then denying it on the basis of innately felt sexual orientation is, like discrimination on the basis of skin color, simple bigotry.'

b'How can you countenance even one state outlawing a fundamental right? Indeed, half a century ago, states\xc2\x92 rights was the cry of those committed to continued segregation and discrimination. is that a example of metaphorical language?'

b'What is the sentence pattern for: The waterfall rushed down the steep hillside. options: s-v-io-do s-lv-pa e-v-s s-lv-pn s-v-do s-v-do-oc quest pattern s-v'

b"I've deleted your post because we do not allow phone numbers to be posted on Jiskha. Here's Shurley's capitalization and punctuation rules. http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=vq=cach?e:3WXuTXoAgsoJ:atonementlc.org/files/Sch?ool/Weeklypercent2520staffpercent2520newsletters/Eng..."

b'I need a copy of Level 6 Shurley English capitalization and punctuation Rules. Plz help'

b'Hello Could someone proofread this summary for me and give me some tips? Thanks so much In Daniel Smith\xc2\x92s article, The Anxious Idiot, he discusses anxiety issues. He begins the article with an introduction to his anxiety disorder and proceeds to tell of his discovery ...'

b'When writing an article summary i have to say if i agree with, disagree with, or qualify the main points, what does qualifying the main points mean?'

b'Why do you think credibility is important when you are building a persuasive case?'

b"What is a cliche and what is a sentence that's an example?"

b'Identify the sentence that contains a noun clause in italics. A. What Betty wants is to harvest the corn. B. When should Betty harvest the corn? C. Betty wants to harvest the corn. D. Betty would like to harvest the corn. Is it D?'

b'how do you start the first paragraph of a five paragraph article summary?'

b"Which one of the following is a correct example of the plural possessive case? A. woman's plans B. it's place C. men's plans D. stone's throw is it a?"

b'I also need help with my English synthesis and transformation, 1 I was absent from school yesterday, so I did not meet the new principal. If I had_________________________________. 2 You must not tell the secret. Many want to know the secret. No ...'

b'My new boss is being picky about a test I made for students. I wrote a question that reads how many people in your family? It seems perfectly acceptable to me in an MC quiz for beginners, however the boss is saying it should read how many people are there in your family? ...'

b"When making multiple choice quiz for students about speaking. Do I need to use question marks in the answer choices. Example- Hello how are you. afine thank you and you bgood wasup cI'm ok Answer a is the answer to the question but in itself is a question. I have searched..."

b'Choose the correct singular, third person, conjugation of the verb to be in the future perfect tense. A. You have been B. I will be C. She will have been D. They will have been is it D?'

b'In the following sentence, what is the subject complement? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter. A. Reporter B. My C. Neighbor D. Newspaper Is it A?'

b'What strategy does Edwards use to make the application of his conclusions seem very personal and relevant to his audience?'

b'Which kind of adjective is used most frequently in ordinary speech or writing? A. Proper B. Common C. Article D. Demonstrative Is it B?'

b'In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Thousands of years ago, fish were caught in nets and traps. A. Verb B. Preposition C. Pronoun D. Conjunction Is it B?'

b'The Electronic Reserve Reading for this week, \xc2\x93Bare Bones Guide to Good Introductions,\xc2\x94 states that an effective introduction must \xc2\x93make use of psychology\xc2\x94 page 20. What do you think the author meant?'

b'What is an example of a good conclusion sentence?'

b'What is the difference between paradox and irony?'

b'How do you write a conclusion paragraph for a an article summary?'

b'I have a persuasive essay due by Friday topic your surrounding create who you are'

b'How do I re word a sentence that is the main idea in a paragraph'

b'when writing a summary of an article what are other ways to let others know that you are talking about the article besides saying the article says this______ or the article is this______?'

b'How do disscuss the style of an article? *we have to read and analyze 10 columns related to our capstone project froma reputable journalis/ columnist published in a reputable newspaper, magazine, or blog. **for our 3rd and 4th paragraph the paprer told us to----disscus the ...'

b'Name the complete subject and the complete predicate in the following sentence. Several cities served as the capital before 1800.'

b'Write a debate on the topic;Boys should not help in the kitchen.Speak for or against the motion.'

b'I am writing an essay and am not sure If I should combine these two sentences with a semi colon or just leave them separate. Please help It may take...will be fruitful I have found that nothing can be accomplished without hard work. It may take a large amount of persistence...'

b'\xc2\x93The Marginal World\xc2\x94 by Rachel Carson Selection Test A Critical Reading Identify the letter of the choice that best answers the question. 1. What is Carson\xc2\x92s main reason for writing about nature in \xc2\x93The Marginal World\xc2\x94? A. to share the meaning and significance she ...'

b'16. In an essay, discuss the techniques William Melvin Kelley uses to characterize Mama. Describe at least three of her traits and how you as a reader learn about these traits direct or indirect characterization. Use details from \xc2\x93A Visit to Grandmother\xc2\x94 to support your ...'

b"I have to write a two page essay about Obesity. I wrote about half of a page and now I don't know what to write. Some help would be greatly appreciated."

b'In \xc2\x93Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,\xc2\x94 Edwards establishes various conclusions and then applies those conclusions to his congregation. What strategy does Edwards use to make the application of his conclusions seem very personal and relevant to his audience? 1 point ...'

b'Identify whether the underline pronoun is personal, intensive, or reflexive in questions 1\xc2\x963. 1. In the early 1840s, adventurous settlers readied themselves for the overland trip to the West. 1 point personal intensive reflexive 2. Life in the Oregon country held new ...'

b"2. when deciding whether to read a newspaper article, which technique is most useful? I think it's jigsaw?"

b'When can you begin a sentence with but?'

b'Can you say Had they had an option, they would have picnicked somewhere else?'


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