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b"Hi, I was wondering for The Scarlet Letter in chapter 8 how has Hester changed since ch 1. I'm trying to do a character analysis..."

b"A: Go straight one block and turn left at the corner. B: I'm sorry? A:Go straight one block and turn left at the corner. It's on your right. Can we use 'I'm sorry?' instead of 'Pardon?'"

b"1. I will take subway to save time. 2. I will take the subway to save time. Which one is correct? Do we have to add 'the' before 'subway' all the time?"

b"Hello, I need help with this question I'm not asking for answers, I just need to know where to look to find my answer Help me please? Read the following passage. In 3\xc2\x965 sentences, identify who wrote it. Support your choice with details about the content or style of the ..."

b"2. What is the importance of the concentration camps' goal of removing human spontaneity?"

b'has anyone seen movie smoke signals? i doing english project on it, need little help'

b"I am writing two paragraphs about two themes but I can't think of two conclusion sentences. The themes are friendship and sacrifice. Help please? Thanks"

b'In which of the following sentences is the underlined word an object pronoun? A. I would like you to listen to me. B. You really should apologize to her. C. We returned our books to the library. D. I gave her a gift for her birthday.'

b'The letter is written by Max. I have to identify the simple complete subject and verb in this sentence. Along with the verb. I am very confused.'

b'Write two derivatives for each spelling word. 1. Synagogue 2. Compatriot Any and all all help would be very much appreciated; thank you in advance.'

b"Hello I'm writing a story for English class, and it's supposed to be somewhat like 'the devil and Tom walker'. I'm don't know how I should start the story so could someone maybe give me some ideas? : The main character is Lilith Thompson. The setting is on a farm in the ..."

b'1. They are talking about traditional Korean food. 2. They are talking about Korean traditional food. Which one is correct?'

b'I really need help Can i used this example for the device of contrast? I have to write a stylistic analysis essay and for one of my devices, im using a contrast. I have one paragraph already showing a contrast, but now i need another. I was wondering if using paralyzed by ...'

b"i need help please. What does Thomas F. Walsh, Jr's thesis propose about Young Goodman Brown? -because young goodman brown is a fictional short story it does not reflect any truth about life? -goodman brown enters the forest doubting the goodness of people and leaves the ..."

b"In the Tale of Two Cities question. Besides the foreshadowing of the blood bath to come, what does the people's response to the spilled wine show us?"

b'What is the simple predicate in this sentence? The lion is nicknamed the King of the Beasts. Would it be is or would it be is nicknamed? Thanks'

b'The chess copetition ended ob time pronoun or noun'

b"1. This tea is to go. 2. This tea is for here. What is the part of speech of 'to go' and 'for here'? And what is the meaning of both?"

b'Also, we thought wrongly that she, her sitting in for him would decrease our work load. Is the correct answer her '

b'life is full of choices, so i must learn to make good ones.life is a noun choices which other one'

b'can you pl answer the following : 1.Please send all applications by post change into passive voice 2.Dont you want to start before it gets too dark ? into reported speech 3.i was scolded for little mistakes when i was a boy I hated it. answer:I hated .... .... ... pl tell me ...'

b'Identify the term that correctly identifies the capitalized words in each sentence. 7. LISTENING TO THE MIX CD MY BROTHER MADE FOR ME, I began to hope he would make me another. a. adverbial phrase b. gerund phrase c. infinitive phrase d. participial phrase 8. Staci decided ...'

b'the chess competition ended right on time.is it pronoun or noun'

b"What are some poetic devices used in Miley Cyrus' The Climb and explain."

b'Pre- study scores versus post- study scores for a class of 120 college freshman english students were considerated. The residual plot for the least squares regression line showed no pattern. The least squares regression line was y^=0.2add0.9x withwith a correlation coefficient r...'

b"could someone explain this quote please? I have the idea but my words fail to express it in a correct explanation. The words I use don't fit the explanation very well. : ...he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other..."

b"What's the full story of Don Quixote, Quixotic, tilting at windmills? I've googled it but have only found excerpts and small summaries. I need the details for an allusion card. Thanks much"

b'My CMs look like facts to me. How do I convert the facts to opinions?'

b'What does this question mean? what do you perceive in your academic strength'

b'Complete each statment in CAPS that is the same or almost the same in meaning. The 1960s left a definite mark on American APPAREL. The meaning of apparel is A.promptness B.Victuals C.Clothing D.Slander C? Fashion designers,department stores,and boutiques could barely satisfy ...'

b'Can anybody help me understand the first three chapters of Lies My Teacher Told Me? Maybe possibly give some summaries or themes'

b'Find words in the word bank that are the opposite of the words in CAPS. The work bank is the same. sailing across the TINY ocean immense knew when to KINDLE the torch douse? EXPAND the bundle to fit compress? was certain to GLADDEN the passengers irk? reason to ACCLAIM the ...'

b'Replace the CAPS letters using a word that means the same thing. Word bank: apparel besiege compress denounce dispatch douse expressly famished forsake gainful immense inept ingenious instantaneous irk libel misgiving oaf recede repast Enjoyed the MEAL served to them repast? ...'

b'In the following sentence, what is the subject complement? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter.'

b'2. Read the following words: sautnterd, walked, danced What is the best way to group these words on a classification chart to help you understand their meanings? a. They all end in -ed b. They are all in the past tense c. They are all verbs d. They are all ways in which people...'

b'An essay,describe and explain some of the ways in which you have changed.Since you started your present school and some of the ways in which your personality remains the same.'

b'What are fish heads good for? 1. They are good for the brain. 2. They are good for brains. 3. They are good for a brain. 4. They are good for our brain. 5. They are good for our brains. Which answers are correct?'

b"1. I will take the fish body. 2. I will eat the fish body. Are both the same? Does 'take' mean 'eat' in this sentence?"

b"1. Which of the following phrases best defines rhythm? 1 point Repeated sounds across lines of poetry a poem's cadence, pace, or ongoing momentum A collection of lines in a poem The regular of irregular rhyme scheme in a poem 2. Which of the following statements about Anne ..."

b"1. People in my town eat fish a lot, but we eat only fish heads. 2. People in my town eat fish a lot, but they eat only fish heads. Which one do we have to use, 'we' or 'they'? Are they the same? Is there any difference in meaing?"

b'1. There are many needle-leaved trees in the mountain. 2. There are many needle-leafed trees in the mountain. 3. There are many needle leaf trees in the mountain. 4. There are many broad-leafed trees in the mountain. 5. There are many broad-leaved trees in the mountain. 6. ...'

b"1. I am a dentist, am I not? 2. I am a dentist, aren't I? 3. I am a dentist, ain't I? Which one is grammatically correct?"

b'1. I will visit my grandparents next month. 2. I intend to visit my grandparents next month. 3. I am going to visit my grandparents next month. Does 1 mean 2 or 3 in meaning?'

b'Hinders ability to function starting with dis il or not and it has 10 letters. The 5th letter is b and the 7th is l and the 9th is a'

b"I wrote my essay and i don't know what to name title, i thought of My totem My sources of strength Key to my inner power but i want something creative, i don't know what else."

b'An ____ will be sent to all our representatives in Latin AMerica advising them how to handle the problem libel None of us could figure out how the ____ magician had managed to escape from the trunk submerged in the tank of water ingenious?'

b'An ____ will be sent to all our representatives in Latin AMerica advising them how to handle the problem ingenious? Some of lifes rewards are ____ others are a long time coming instantaneous None of us could figure out how the ____ magician had managed to escape from the ...'

b'The word bank is the same Word Bank : apparel besiege compress denounce dispatch douse expressly famished forsake gainful immense inept ingenious instantaneous irk libel misgiving oaf recede repast Far away on the horizon we saw the tiny figure of a lonely traveler and his ...'


b'How would one use.... *abreast *gaily in a sentence? separate sentences, not together'


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