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b'Devide 1000 by two parts such that one part is 1/100 of other'

b'carmela cut a cake into 12 equal-sized pieces. She ate 2/12 of the cake and her brother ate 3/12 of the cake.What fraction of the cake'

b'how many 0z of a metal containing 90percent copper must be combined with 3 0z of purecopper to form an alloy containing 92percent copper?'

b'how much silt do you need to add to 4ft cube of soil with 10percent silt in order to make a soil with 60percent silt?'

b'Max received an allowance of 20.she spent 12 and saved the rest. What percent of her allowance did she save?'

b'The area of the bottom of a rectangular box is 316cm squared the area of one side is 168cm squared and the area of the other is 120cm squared. What are the dimensions of the box?'

b'A waitress Nikia makes three dollars per hour add8 dollars in tips she goes to earn no less than 26 today what is the algebra equation for that'

b'determine which ordered pair is not a solution of y = -5x -4 10, -52 7,-39 -7, 31 8,-44'

b'We want to construct a closed rectangular box whose base has a length three times the width. The surface area has to be 600 cm2. Determine the dimensions of the box that will produce the largest volume.'

b'Two cars, car X and car Y , start moving from the same point P on a cross intersection. Car X is travelling east and car Y is travelling north. Some time later car X is 60 km east of point P and travelling in an easterly direction at 80 km/h and car Y is 80 km north of point P...'

b'Is 2,12 a solution to the given system? y>2xadd4 y<3xadd7 Yes No What is the solution of the system of equations shown below? 2xadd2y=10 5x-2y=4 -2,7 2,7 2,3 3,2 The point -3,11 is a solution of which of the following systems? y?x-2 2xaddy?5 y>xadd8 3xaddy>2 y...'

b'1. Write the ratio in the simplest form. 16:24 1 point 1:2 4:3 3:4 2:3 2. Solve the following proportion. 1 point p = 2 p = 8 p = 12 p = 24 3. A recipe calls for 2 cups of sugar to make 2 dozen cookies. Use the proportion to calculate how much sugar is needed to make 6 ...'

b'Two towers 50 meters apart from the top of the shorter tower to the top of the taller tower 43 degree elevation, depression from the top of shorter tower to the bottom of the taller tower is 36 degrees what is the height of each tower?'

b'Make a list of data values thays fits this statement Half of the days of February were colder than 30 degrees fahrenheit find the mean, median, mode, and range of the data?'

b'what is the mean median mode and range of 420,450,480,440,420,490,580,590,510, 450,430,480'

b'Data that would represent a bar gragh'

b'The parallel sides of a trapezium are 25 cm and 13 cm.its non parallel sides are 15 cm and 10 cm. Find the area of the trapezium.'

b'Out of 14 bulbs 9 are good. Find no. Of good bulbs when total production is 35000'

b'Three friends drove radio controlled cars around a track. The table below shows the number of laps completed by each person and the time it took. Latoya Mary Melissa Number of laps 9 30 20 Time minutes 3 6 5 Write the number of laps completed per minute for each person. Then...'

b'At a basketball game, a vender sold a combined total of 116 sodas and hot dogs. The number of sodas sold was three times the number of hot dogs sold. Find the number of sodas and the number of hot dogs sold'

b'Which of the statements about the picture below is true? Choose 3. postimg.org/image/qb71bjkjh/f11870c4/ A. F is the circumcenter of the triangle<< B. F is the incenter of the triangle C. F is the point of concurrency of the perpendicular bisector of the sides of the ...'

b'It is known that approximately 20percent of the population is colour blind. In a sample of 270 people, use the normal approximation to find probability that: aat least 90 people are colour blind bexactly 50 people are colour blind Thanks'

b'In a bag there are 8 red jelly beans and 7 green jelly beans. The 4 jelly beans are randomly chosen from the bag without replacement. acreate a probability distribution table for choosing red jelly beans bwhat is the probability that at least 2 chosen jelly beans are green ...'

b'How long will it take ruppes 100 to double itself at 5percent simple interest?'

b'a man was trying to swim to a buoy placed at a distance of 200m out in the sea. it took him 1 min to swim 20m. then a wave pushed him back 10m and he rested for about 1min before swimming again. he continued in his way for the rest of their journey. how long would it take the ...'

b'TWO YEARS AGO, KIM INVESTED RMP AT HER ACCOUNT WHICH EARNS rpercent simple interest . after eighteen months , she noticed that the amount had become rm 10450 and today amount is rm 10600 . FIND THE VALUE OF p and r'

b'1. if one side of a square is increased by 2metres and other side is reduced by 2 metres. a rectangle is formed whose perimeter is 48.find the side of the orignal square.'

b'A\xc2\xa0game\xc2\xa0is\xc2\xa0defined\xc2\xa0by\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0rules\xc2\xa0th?at\xc2\xa0two\xc2\xa0dice\xc2\xa0are\xc2\xa0rolled\xc2\xa0and\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0 player\xc2\xa0wins\xc2\xa0varying\xc2\xa0amounts\xc2\xa0dependin?g\xc2\xa0on\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0sum\xc2\xa0of\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0two\xc2\xa0dice\xc2\xa0rol?led\xc2\xa0based\xc2\xa0 on\xc2\xa0the\xc2\xa0following\xc2\xa0table: Sum 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Winnings 10 9 8 7 6 5...'

b'A man standing on a window of the first floor of a building observed that the angle of depression of forest in which is 10 metre from the photo of the building is 45\xc2\xb0 claims to the window of the second floor directory above the first word and observe the end of the session of...'

b'Asia Desai deposited 6,000 in a savings account that pays 5.5 percent interest compounded daily. How much interest did she earn in 21 day'

b'a car traveling at 25 miles per hour is 48 miles over the first 5 second it maintains this speed for the next 5 seconds and than slow to a stop during the next five seconds which graph below could match the situation described'

b'Write the expression 6a in words?'

b'Alka walks at the speed of 5 kmph but find that she is late to school by 7 minutes. However next day she walks at the speed of 6 kmph, and reaches school 5 minutes earlear than the usual time. Calculate the distance covered to reach the school.'

b'A man standing on a railway bridge which is 180 m long. He find that a train cross the bridge in 20 seconds but cross him in 8 seconds. Find the length of the train and its speed.'

b'A cyclist travelled at a rate of 24 mph to visit a near by town. The cyclist averaged 18 mph on the return trip. If the round trip took 4.9 hours, find the distance to the near by town.'

b'A salt solution of 15 litres contains 20percentsalt. How much water must you add to salt solution, in order to dilute it 15percent salt?'

b'Each week I save half my pocket money and I buy stamps for my collection with 1/3 of the pocket money. That leaves 3.21. How much do I spend on stamps?'

b'64 \xc2\x96 [9 \xc3\xb7 3 add 4 x 7] = ? Is it 33?'

b'Aaron buys a bag of peanuts always three forths of a pound. Later that week the bag is two thirds full. How much does the bag of peanuts way now'

b'xavier old bedroom was 8 feet by 10 feet.In his new house his bedroom is 12 feet by 16 feet. what is the percent increase in the area of his new bedroom'

b'Simplify the radical. 16 ---- 49'

b'Which is the best to buy???? A 10.88 for 7 can of tuna B 11.55 for 6 can of tuna C 17.25 for 9 cans of tuna D 15.31 for 8 cans of tuna PLZZ HELP ME I REALLY NEED HELP'

b'Jake sold 28 tickets to the school fair and Jeanne sol 21 tickets. what is the ratio in simplest form of the number of tickets Jeanne sold to the number of tickets Jake sold A 3/4 B 4/3 C 28/21 D 21/28'

b'The hieght,X ,of young American women is distributed normal with mean 65.5 and standard deviation 2.5 inches .find the probability of each the following events. a- X<67 b-64

b'there are 15 dogs and 5 cats what is the ratio for the dogs and the cats'

b'it is found that the number of raisins in a box of a popular cereal is normally distrubuted, with a mean of 133 raisins per box and a standard deviation of 10 raisins. my cereal box has 152 raisins, what is the z-score for this box of cereal?'


b'Can someone tell me what property this is? 51 = 5'

b'An employee earns 195 for 15 hours of work. Assuming he is paid by the hour, how much will the employee earn in 8 hours?'

b'What percentage of adult males in America are under 5 feet 7 inches tall?'


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