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b'Identify the verbal in the sentence below. Then, select the type of verbal. He will not allow the table to be moved.'

b'Is there any sufix which gives the opposite of the word other than -less,i.e care-careless.'

b'Locate the gerund or gerund phrase and identify its noun function in the sentence. I helped by preparing dinner. Is it preparing dinner and function is direct object?'

b'Write the correct singular possesive, plural form and plural possessive for each word: Witness Attorney Agency Child Notary Public'

b'Which lines are characteristic of an elegy? A.They came like shamefaced jackals, their shields / In their hands, to the place where the prince lay dead, / And waited for Wiglaf to speak. B.Too few of his warriors remembered / To come, when our lord faced death, alone. C. ...'

b'how to write 24 september 2012 in 5 letters without using number?'

b"is this a good thesis statement for a paper about Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. In my paper i want to include the work he put into his career, controversy after Kurt Cobain's death and success of the foo fighters. this is what i have so far: Although there were many ..."

b'13. He did not think the bicycles would make it over the mountains, being so old. * The bicycles being so old .He did not thing it would make it over the mountains. please check my dangling and misplaced modifiers'

b'The rain forest is very wet, it gets more than 80 inches of rain each year. Run on right?'

b"Correct the errors in dangling and misplaced modifiers by rearranging or rewriting the following sentence. 11. Squeezing the can, tomatoes didn't seem ripe to DeeDee To DeeDee spueezing the can tomatoes didn't seem ripe. can you check my answer"

b'Thirty million different kinds of insects sentence run on or fragment'

b'THe tall trees block the blue sky? Sentence run on or fragment?'

b'THree fourths of all plants and animals. Sentence run-on or fragment?'

b'A rain forest is always green many plants grow there. Is this a fragment, run-on or complete sentence?'

b'Correct the errors in dangling and misplaced modifiers by rearranging or rewriting the following sentences. 1.After boarding Hard Luck Airlines, the meals convinced us to return by ship.'

b'Which of the following choices best describes the error in this sentesce? The man is a scientist with a keen sence of observation and who dedicates long hours in the lab. A Misplaced modifier B Fragment C Dangling modifier D Uneven parallelism I chose D'

b"I am doing a poetry analysis of John Clare's IAm I need help identifying the emotional/logical climax and the fulcrum of the piece. I have identified its metaphors, similes, imagery, censuara, allusions, repetition. Am I missing something? Here is the poem: I am\xc2\x97yet what ..."

b"I feel stupid for not knowing these but I can't figure it out So in the sentence we have underline the verb be and its various forms and decide how it's used. Circle the verb its helping or linking to and Write linking verb or helping verb on the line so here is an ..."

b"Which word in the set below carries a neutral connotation? confounded puzzled muddled bamboozled I'm thinking its puzzled. Thanks for the help."

b'State what kind of term, such as mathematical, scientific, political science, history, etc.- 1. ideological 2. constructivist 3. Marxist 4. Vector 5. axiomatic 6. azimuth 7. Matrix 8. hypothesis 9. theory 10. phenomena'

b"A: I'm very hungry. B: Let's go to the restaurant then. In this sentence, what is the use of 'the' before 'restaurant'? Does it refer to the specific restaurant or is 'the' used in generic usage?"

b'Identify which one of the following sentences is missing punctuation. Please correct the error and explain why the correction is necessary. a. I woke up when the book slipped from my lap and landed on my foot. b. After the book slid from my lap and landed on my foot I realized...'

b'I am having difficulties identifying the literary term in this sentence. What is the literary term in John told me about when he fell off his bike and broke his arm last year? Thanks'

b'What type of sentence pattern is Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment. ?'

b'What is a proper organizational strategy for an informative message?'

b'What is a dependent word? What happens when you add a dependent word to an independent statement? Illustrate your point with examples'

b'Is the following a sentence fragment or an independent statement? Explain how you know. \xc2\x93Knowing only that I was asked to show up at noon'

b"6. The following words share a denotative meaning. Which one has a negative connotation? 1 point confident certain decisive demanding ~ 7. Read the following Chippewa song. Identify its purpose. A loon I thought it was But it was My love's splashing oar. 1 point to ..."

b'Which of the following is a fragment? A. The dancer floated across the stage. B. The truth can be unpleasant. C. The canoe withe the blue ropes. D. The rams locked horns, and the tourists watched them from far away. I chose C'

b"1. Hwajeon is made from rice cake and flowers such as roses and azaleas. 2. Hwajeon is made from rice cake and flowers such as roses or azaleas. Which one is right? Do we have to use 'and' or 'or'?"

b'Which English Colonies were settled as a result of religious conflict in England?'

b"Each one of the following sentesces contains a cluase.In which sentence is the clause used as an adverb? A. I do not mind fishing, as long as I don't have to bait the hook. B. All of the delegated who have actual opinions should keep silent. C. What you really need is a back ..."

b'What is a thesis statement for First Confession'

b'The rest of the inheritance was given to charity. my answernoun pronoun adjective preposition Not too sure, it could also be an adjective. Thanks for the help'

b'Sarah trained hard for the competition, but she did not win any of the trophies. not is an my answeradjective adverb preposition noun'

b'The interviewer remained speechless upon hearing about the senator\xc2\x92s revelations. Is remained a I think this is the answer linking verb action verb auxilary verb transitive verb Thanks for the help'

b'1. Where do you buy a scarf? -I buy it at the department store. 2. Where do you buy the scarf? -I buy it at the department store. 3. Where do you buy scarves? -I buy them at the department store. Which question is correct grammatically?'

b"Would you use a or an: An Olympic Champion's signature."

b'1. When my teacher stopped [making reeds. Sending] all of her students on a wild goose chase. a. no change b. reeds. Thus sending c. reeds, she sent d. reeds, sending 2. They tend to take their time sending reeds to [you. I usually] have to wait a. no change b. you, usually I ...'

b"1.I started play the oboe because [I've heard] it was a challenging instrument a no change b I'd have heard cI've been hearing d I'd heard 2. That was [four years ago and, I've] enjoyed learning to play f no change g four years ago, and I've h four years ago; and..."

b'Would a soldier sacrifice their life to serve the country?'

b'Why was literacy a prime concern in the Massachusetts Bay colony?'

b'1. What makes \xc2\x93The Seafarer\xc2\x94 an elegy? a.It celebrates the speaker\xc2\x92s faith in God. b.It describes a strong and fearless traveler. c.It focuses on feelings of loss and mourning. 2. What is the fate of the speaker in \xc2\x93The Wanderer\xc2\x94? a.He must endure a perilous journey...'

b'English 8R HW - literacy elements add literacy devices, look it up and take notes Please help ps -- what is literacy devices????????/'

b'Can you please give me three examples of friendship and sacrifice? Thanks.'

b"What is Henry's answer to the objection that the colonists are not ready to fight against the British?"

b'On an invitation, it says Come celebrate at my pad and has a picture of a lilly pad on it. Is this an example of a pun?'

b'The Modern Drama collection theme is Opening Doors. Discuss examples of the ways in which doors and keys are used as symbols in The Miracle Worker. Make at least two references to specific details in the play to support your ideas.'

b'For the sentence, The school administration declared a new rule that all students, even boys, must wear pink socks, but when questioned, they refused to ______________ upon the reasoning for this decision. In the blank, which word suits best? Expound or accord?'

b'I need help in writing a summary for the article posted in the new york times. The article is Texting may be taking a toll by Katie Hafner.'


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