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b'William Shakespeare recorded early English History as a historian for the Tudor line True False'

b'Whose marriage transferred large amounts of French lands to the English king and essentially made the King of England a vassal to the French King? 1 point Richard I Lady MacBeth Edward the Confessor Diana of Wales William the Conqueror Margorie of Wessex Charles III ...'

b'Would the flight to cancun be an anecdote or a memoir? Would a day in Canada be an anecdote or a memoir?'

b'I had to write a paragraph about a personal experience of mine with no passive verbs. When I submitted mine my teacher told me it was almost correct but not right yet. Could you tell me a list of passive verbs?'

b'In the book Iliad, was Achilles afraid to die in the Trojan war?'

b'The 14th century was a time of what? a.peace b.urban growth c.inflation d.upheaval and change'

b'What are 3 common forms Anglo-Saxon literature?'

b'In the novel The Lord of the Flies, how do the many themes connect? So far the themes I have discovered have to do with society being built on ethics, fear or fear of the unknown, the loss of innocence, the capability of evil in human nature, and the corrupting or correcting ...'

b"In Dust Tracks on a Road, what kind of literature did the young Hurston like best that made her think of heroic deeds? B. stories of math geniuses <<-- C. stories that were great myths D. stories about young women 2What is the main conflict in the speaker's mind in \xc2\x93..."

b'Can someone help me on this? or give me a link that explains it to me? I have no idea what these things are saying... Read the following five document excerpts, and then write one well-organized paragraph summarizing the reasons many Americans felt pushed toward independence. ...'

b'spelling rule V exercise: Which word is out of the place in each line? and why? a. equipped, preferred, controlled, committed, committee b. tonnage, stoppage, occurrence, recurrence, deferred, acquittal c. deterrent, different, installment, recurrent, intermittent'

b'how to make a sentence with the word puerto escondido ?'

b'Edit the following sentences to correct misplaced or awkwardly placed modifiers. Revisions of lettered sentences appear in the back of the book. The flood nearly displaced half of the city\xc2\x92s residents, who packed into several overcrowded shelters.'

b'Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine shared a similar purpose for writing. What was their purpose?'

b"An epic tale can also be defined as _______. my answerA.a long narrative poem B.a historical chronicle in verse C.a dramatic retelling of a country's history I went back through the text we read and my notes from the lesson and epic tale was never mentioned Please help, I..."

b'I am writing an evidence paragraph telling what people do to their bodies in order to look good. Make-up, braces, surgery , etc are examples but they are not really technology. This is what I have so far: Today we have upgraded technology ... Is there another word that I can...'

b'write 3 rules for the classroom they can be silly Translate them to english.'

b'Hello I live in Mexico, and I have a couple of questions I asked on Y answers, both English and Spanish, and have gotten no reply, and I need to turn this in for my bimonthly exam in physics this Monday. I need to calculate the volume and surface area of two of the pyramids ...'

b'Underline the verb phrase and circle the main verb. Mandy is reading about different languages. Verb Phrase: is reading Main Verb: Reading?'

b'Thank You, Ms. Sue I understand it better now'

b'Limburg cheese smells very bad, badly. Is the correct answer bad because it modifies cheese? The leading lady in the play, she said, is feelin sick, sickly. Is the correct anwer sickly because it modifies is feeling?'

b'She is resting comfortable, comfortably backstage. Is the correct answer comfortably even if it follows the linking verb is'

b'Therefore do not deceive yourself. Of all deceivers fear most yourself. what does this mean.'

b'Should students be allowed to invade established neighborhoods and live in unlicensed and unsafe rooming houses? How can I re-write the above question so it is not biased?'

b'In the first stanza the narrators bed is compared to a womb and a'

b'a good thesis statement on why teachers should have the authority to remove disruptive students from their classes permanently.'

b'how would you use the allusion Manna in a sentence?'

b'what kind of clause is this? She left the door openso that her kitten could come inside whenever it was ready.'

b'How do you determine criteria for evaluating something? What specific areas should you consider? What is the importance of establishing clear criteria?'

b"4. Que tiempo hace? English - What's the weather 5. Cual es la estacion English - ?????? 6. Cual el la fecha English - ????? Please help and is the first one if correct????"

b'how do you find rhetorical devices?'

b'What are the nouns and verbs in the sentence. Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.'

b'when and where i.e words we should use the sufix mis,-mal,-im,ir'

b'Which one does not belong o? On April. December. November. June'

b'In the story By the waters of Babylon what are 9 archetypes in the story. Give examples from the story'

b'I writing a compare/contrast essay on movie i watched that be smke signals. i got my thematic statement done, and i have to do thesis now, this is what teacher say Thesis: introduce the story and tag it. I not get how to start thesis? do i say In the story....'

b"I know this is really long... but I can't figure it out for the life of me. If you don't want to answer the whole question that is fine. I'm greatful for whatever I can get. Also links to websites with the information is also helpful. Thanks Directions: Read the following ..."

b"I'm totally stuck on 1-5. Help?"

b'The motorist, confused by conflicting directions, lost his way. Verbal phrase: Gerund Being used as: Adverb?'

b'Identify the appositive or complete appositive phrase. Sam, our cat, is too lazy to catch mice.'

b'The cat is on the roof. Is it SVC or SVA?sentence pattern.why we painted the wall green. what is the sentence pattern used here. why?'

b"while doing sentence pattern I'am unable to identify which is complement and object clearly. I know that complement is the one which completes the sense of the sentence but for example floods cause destruction. in this sentence which is complement or object? why? explain ."

b'theme of the story And Of Clay Are We Created in one sentence?'

b"follows these rules: begins with a relative pronoun, follows any noun, restrictive noun follows common noun, non restrictive follows proper noun commas are not supposed to be usedi guess this is supposed to be sentence pattern 15?? here's the sentence: Mrs. Meger dislikes ..."

b"Can you please help me rephrase this so there won't be any I, Me, My, Us, We, Our, Your or You in it? Thanks Have you ever given up something you love?"

b'What are the two types of verbs that make up a verb phrase?'

b"what is the complete and simple subject for Valentine's day has a very interesting History."

b"Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks ILL today. B. Jerry looks INTO the microscope. C. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of laundry D. Jerry looks at the map. Is it c?"

b'Comparing French, Dutch, and English colonies, which ones attracted the most settlers, and which the fewest? In what colonies were women scarce? What impact did these differences in emigration have on the various colonies development?'

b'Which sentence contains a helping verb? A. The group of small children startled the ducklings. B. I walked to the movie theater. C. A small snake slithered across the yard. D. Sophia will be taking swimming lessons for the first time.'


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