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b'Choose the correct vocabulary word for the following sentence: \xc2\x93We know the stranger came from a distance because of the _______ he spoke.\xc2\x94 1 point criteria figurative language dialect I THINK IT IS DIALECT?'

b"I have to analyze a Shakespearean sonnet, and I understand the meaning however i'm having difficulties identifying similes, metaphors, and personification in it. When in the chronicle of wasted time I see descriptions of the fairest wights, And beauty making beautiful old ..."

b'Similarities between The Storm by Mcknight Once upon a time by Nadine Gordimer?'

b'3. Which line from the stanza most effectively indicates that the singer has no direction in his life? a. Headed for the Frisco Bay. b. Looks like nothing\xc2\x92s gonna come my way. c. I\xc2\x92m sittin\xc2\x92 on the dock of the bay wastin\xc2\x92 time.'

b"how has China's policies on population growth changed over the years?"

b'How can I make this sentence better for my objective on my resume. To obtain an administrative assistant position where my professional skills will be used to the fullest.'

b"1. At Thanksgiving Americans eat a roast turkey. 2. On Thanksgiving Americans eat a roast turkey. Which preposition, do we have to use 'at' or 'on' before 'Thanksgiving'? Are both OK? 3. on/at the weekend 4. on/at Sunday 5. on/at New Year's Day 6. on/at Christmas 7. on/at ..."

b'Links to find the answer to this? Help?: Discuss the structure used by the King. How does he choose o put his letter together and how does this lead to a better understand of the ussues he has and the solution he is proposing. Cite at lesat three eamples from the tesxt and ...'

b'I have a positive attitude, even with boring tasks, I still get the job done./or I never complain. How can I phrase this into a more professional way? Thanks.'

b'She possess a can do attitude. Is this sentence correct?'

b'Her responsibilities include assisting other tasks as required / assisting with other tasks as required Which one is correct?'

b'Animals Possess sensory powers that humans lack. Homing pigeons fly with great speed and accuracy when 1___ed with messages to faraway places. How do Pigeons 2___ themselves in unfamiliar regions? This remains something of an 3___. The mystery, however, is partly ...'

b'instead of hiring a lawyer, the defendant will__________ to plead her own case in court.'

b'ms. sue i need help with this poem why it be opposite of what it mean? This was a day when nothing happened, the children went off to school without a murmur, remembering their books, lunches, gloves. All morning, the baby and I built block stacks in the squares of light on ...'

b"Please helpme identify the simple predicate in the sentence... This best-selling novel is unavailable for the next three weeks. choices.. a - is b - is unavailable for the next three weeks c - novel I think it is unavailable but that's not one ofthe choices so is it still B?"

b'Which type of faulty logic does this sentence contain? Although the cheeseburger is the most sought-after item on our menu, it is really difficult to manage the crowd in the drive-up lane because of the high demand; so, the cheeseburger should be taken off the menu. A. ...'

b'We walked along the mountain path looking for unusual flowers. Looking for unusual flowers. what is the grammatical function'

b"This assignment is in my English class but its about MLK so I thought I'd put History and English. So this is REALLY long I typed it all myself and all I need is someone to check my facts and to edit. I know it's long, so if you only want to read a paragraph that's fine I ..."

b'I know ive already posted this question but does anyone else have any more thoughts. Pleeeese help me I need symbols that represent the following words. The symbols must be pretty simple. For example my teacher told me to draw an owl for the word wisdom. Because the owl ...'

b'Enemy is to opponent as friend is to _____ Freedom is to ____ as enemy is to opponent'

b'I need symbols that represent the following words. The symbols must be pretty simple. For example my teacher told me to draw an owl for the word wisdom. Because the owl represents wisdom. I need help on the following Hopeful Athletic Exciting independent untrustworthy easy ...'

b'Posted by rfvv on Friday, October 26, 2012 at 9:20pm. 1. He called the judge. 2. He shout to the judge. 3. He made a phone call to the judge. Does 1 mean 2 or 3? \xc2\x95English - Ms. Sue, Friday, October 26, 2012 at 9:23pm 1 and 3 are the same. In 2, shout is the wrong verb. ...'

b"I really need to get a WORKING charger for my phone. Participle or verb? I think it's a verb, but I'm really not sure."

b'Which of the following statements is NOT true of realism?'

b'Identify whether the italicized words in the sentences below are used as participles or verbs. She\xc2\x92s an EXPERIENCED chef; she should have no trouble finding work. participle or verb? I would say participle.'

b'At what point of a plot does the action wind down to reveal the effects of the action or decision? climax exposition falling action resolution Read the following passage from \xc2\x93The Oxcart\xc2\x94: The governor of Settsu had three outstanding samurai in his service. Their names ...'

b"What's the CORRECT pronunciation of Scylla?"

b"How to ask questions to a character in 'A midsummer night's dream' using the hot seat drama technique.."

b'Help with annotating and finding overall them Help \xc2\x93Hope\xc2\x94 is the thing with feathers By Emily Dickinson \xc2\x93Hope\xc2\x94 is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul - And sings the tune without the words - And never stops - at all - And sweetest - in the Gale - ...'

b'What is the CORRECT pronunciation of Thrinacia?'

b'can you unscramble this halloween word? ouraclnd'

b'In \xc2\x93Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,\xc2\x94 Dylan Thomas urged his father to resist 1 point aging. despair. quitting. death. How does Dante feel about the journey he\xc2\x92s about to take with Virgil? 1 point worse than before he talked with Virgil better now that he\xc2\x92s ...'

b'Contain some national and international news , but focus on news relating to specific area of the country. hhat type of newspaper is this ?'

b'AluminiCorp is a major producer of aluminum cans that produces 40 billion aluminum cans every year. You work as a quality control officer for AluminiCorp, and are responsible for ensuring that the aluminum cans produced meet certain specifications. Each can is supposed to ...'

b'1. He called the judge. 2. He shout to the judge. 3. He made a phone call to the judge. Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b'A class of college freshmen is composed of 110 students. Among these students, 75 are taking English, 52 are taking history, 50 are taking math, 33 are taking English and history, 30 are taking English and Math, 22 are taking History and Math, and 13 are taking all three ...'

b"Sentences with the same meaning. The beginnig is set. b I wish you'd told me about the cheap flights to Italy. - If only you told me about the cheap flights to Italy c Thanks to the skill of the surgeon, the child survived. - If it hadn't been a good skilled surgeon, the ..."

b'How does the author support her view that the lunch period at Mountain Vista High School should be extended? A. by explaining that many students are unable to eat lunch in the time left after waiting in long lines B. by citing research showing that students who don\xc2\x92t eat ...'

b"My grandfather's favorite quotation is E.E. Cummings's, The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. is this right or do I need to make changes"

b"Hey how can I say the sentence: If you hadn't helped me, I would have made a complete mess of this. With the same meaning beginning with But??"

b"Are my solutions right?? 1. There's someone knocking at the door Who can it be at this time of night? ___ Helen. She said she might come round to watch the midnight movie on TV. A: That's going to be; B: That'll be; C: It's due to be. I choose A and B 2.I've just ..."

b'For finals week, you had to be prepared for exams in english,math,spanish,italian,and history. how should the sequence of study be arranged to minimize the possibility of interference'

b'Write the complete verb in each sentence. Label it active or passive. 1. It was propelled by six paddles on each side. Each side was propelled by six paddles. Passive?'

b'Yes,she is my cousin.- Is the comma identify as an introductory phrase?'

b'1. Slaves lives were terribly hard. 2. They wre at the mercy of owners whims. 3. A runawy life was in danger. 4. Often runaways traveled by the moon light. 5. It could take several weeks travel to reach the Norht. 6. Slaves hid directions in a song words. 7.Abolitionists role ...'

b"Which of the following is an example of indirect characterization? A.\xc2\x93brave Macbeth\xc2\x94 B.\xc2\x93worthy gentleman\xc2\x94 C.\xc2\x93Bellona\xc2\x92s bridegroom\xc2\x94 I'm guessing C, but i'm really not sure. The help is so appreciated."

b'what is correct to use in a sentence pair of orphans or pair of orphan?'

b'How do the routines of life help give people their identities?'

b'help me in direct and indirect'

b"You can buy fashionable shoes at a good price. Is 'at a good price' an adjective phrase modifying 'shoes'? Or is 'at a good price' an adverbial phrase modifying 'buy'?"


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