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b'A third staircase in a swimming pool has a landing of 18 inches and a vertical rise of 12 inches per step. To the nearest degree, calculate the following measures. a What is the angle of elevation rounded to the nearest whole degree? b If the elevation of each step were ...'

b'Peter uses the equation mc015-1.jpg to model the number of miles that he has walked in x hours. Which statement is true about the proportional relationship that is modeled by Peter\xc2\x92s equation?'

b'James has 1800sh to buy pencils. There two types of pencils, cheap and expensive The prices differ for 40 sh. If he buys cheap pencils he gets 12 more. What is price of the pencils.'

b'Jenny and Dan want to save for an RV.They estimate that they will need 15,000 in 8 years. They can get 3percent interest compounded semiannually. How much would they need to deposit now in order to have 15,000 in 8 years ? Put answer to the nearest cent.'

b'Find the roots using quadratic formula 1. X^2add7x =4 2. 4x^2 - 4x add1=0'

b'In a triangle ABC, E and F are the feets of the perpendiculars from B and C to AC and AB respectively. DE and CF meet at H. LetHA ?=x, HB ?=y, and HC ?=z. I. FindAB ?, AC ? and BC ? in terms of x, y and z. ii. Using the fact that BE is perpendicular to ...'

b'Two cards are drawn in succession without replacement from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that the first card is a spade given that the second card is a diamond? Round your answer to three decimal places.'

b'Urn A contains four white balls and seven black balls. Urn B contains six white balls and three black balls. A ball is drawn from Urn A and then transferred to Urn B. A ball is then drawn from Urn B. What is the probability that the transferred ball was white given that the ...'

b'In a survey to determine the opinions of Americans on health insurers, 400 baby boomers and 600 pre-boomers were asked this question: Do you believe that insurers are very responsible for high health costs? Of the baby boomers, 232 answered in the affirmative, whereas 192 of ...'

b'zeros are real number? true or false'

b'the seat of real number is the union of the set of irrational number true or false?'

b'Find geometric mea between radical 2 and radical 8.'

b'leo has x plums ,melissa has 8 more plums that leo how many plums do melissa'

b'A rectangular prism is being designed to have a volume of 36 cubic units. Find the minimum surface area in square units for the prism if the edge lengths are positive integers.'

b'Cand D are two observation posts on the same horizontal ground at the foot A of a vertical tower AB.the tower is 18m due north of D and 24m east of C.the angle of elevation of B from D is 35\xc2\xa1\xc3\xa3.calculate to three s.f the height AB,distance CD,angle of elevation from C,bearing...'

b'dependent or independent taking a quarter out of a bag and then taking another quarter out of the bag without replacing the first quarter'

b'If a1, a2 ,a3 ........an are in Ap such that a5 adda7=16,then find a6.'

b'If y=1addXaddX^2addX^3........|x|<1 then x=.....? Please solve this problem.'

b'Arrange rational numbers in ascending order - 2/4,2/3,8/21'

b'Anton use a square cardbaord to make an open box.He cut small squares of the same dimension from the corners of the card board then bent the side upward.The length of the sides of the cardboard is 28 cm. A. What expression represents the length of sides of the box? B. How ...'

b'Write the equation of a parabola, in standard form, that goes through these points: 0, 3 1, 4 -1, -6 ax^2 add bx add c = y a * 0^2addb*0addc = 3 a*1^2addbadd1addc = 4 a*-1^2addb-1addc = -6 c = 3 a add b add c = 4 a \xc2\x96 b add c = -6 a add b add 3 = 4 a \xc2\x96 b add 3 = -6 Graph the parabola above. ...'

b'Select all that are true With which information can you construct more than one triangle? The measurements of two angles The measurements of two angles and the length of the included side The measurement of all angles The lengths of two sides and the measurement of the ...'

b'23 tens and 8 ones in standard form'

b'What is the theoretical probability of getting tails if you flip a coin 40 times? aIf you did this experimental would you result be the same? Why? b Is is possible to flip a coin 40 times and get tails each time? Explain.'

b'A bread recipe calls for 1/3 cup of butter. You want to make 1/2 of a batch. How much butter do you need? A 1/6 B2/3 C1/3 d 1 1/2 Please help Its urgent Thanks'

b'Evaluate: 2:2.5'

b'Joelle practiced piano for 45, 42, 55, and 48 minutes in the first four practice days this week. How many minutes does she need to practice on the fifth practice day to have an average of 50 minutes?'

b'1. Given the following polynomial: 2x^2 add 7x - 15 = 0 Check all that apply. ? The value of the discriminant is 169. ? There are 2 real roots. ? There are 2 irrational roots. ? The graph intersects the y-axis twice. ? The parabola is directed upward. ? The axis of ...'

b'The probability that John wins a game is 4/5, and, independently, the probability that Meghan wins is 9/11. What is the probability that Meghan wins and John loses the game?'

b'Find the ratio of the first number to the second number and simplify?'

b'a block prism has a volume of 36 cubic units, what is the least and greatest surface area it could have'

b'Elmer has a collection of 300 fossils. Of these, 21percent, percent are fossilized snail shells.'

b'The third term of an arithmetic sequence is -12 and the seventh term is 8.what is the sum of the first 10 terms?'

b"How do we find the sum of n terms of the following? Tr= 5^r/[radd1radd2] I can see there's an arithmetic progression and a geometric progression? How do we combine them both to find n terms."

b'Find The area of a Circular path if its radius R is 3.5'

b"Last Week June 16,2017 Ghana's Midweek Lottery Results were as follows Win: 05-25-71-56-19 Machine: 42-57-45-36-68 Please help me predict the next winning numbers for today June 21,2017"

b'The product of one more than a number and 4 less than the number is 36. Find the number'

b'1. Make a sketch of 5 rectangular open boxes such that a. the height of the boxes are the same, b. The boxes can hold 249cm^3, 504 cm^3,810 cm^3 and 468 cm^3 respectively. 2. Solve each quadratic equation by completing the square to determine the dimensions of the materials to...'

b'my thousand digit is an even number which is two more than my hundreds digit. my hundreds digit is three more than my tens digit which is three more than zero, my ones digit. my ten thousand digit is one more than my ones digit.'

b'Q1. Determine the value of k for which the given system of equations has unique solution: a 2x \xc2\x96 3y = 1 ; k x add 5y = 7 b 4x \xc2\x96 5y = k ; 2x \xc2\x96 3 y = 12'

b'mr.rich bought a car for 6000000.the yearly depreciation for his car is 10percent of its original value at the start of the year.what is its value after 4 years?'

b'my hundreds digit is the last odd number. five less than my hundreds digit is my ones and my tens digit is two more than my ones digit. my thousand digit is three less than hundreds digit.'

b'My hundred digits means nothing. six more than my hundreds digit is my thousands and one less than my thousands is my ten thousands. my tens digit is four more than my hundreds and my ones digit is five more than my tens digit. what number am i ?'

b'think of a five digit number composed of odd numbers. the thousands digits is two less than the ten thousands digit but two more than the hundreds digit. the tens digits is two more that ones digit which is less than the hundreds digit.'

b'Marta is thinking of a number. The prime factorization of the number is the first eight primes, each used as a factor exactly one. Write the prime factorization and the number.'

b"Freddy and his friends write their names in code. Each friend's name is represented by a number. To identify the friend in a message, you must find the prime factorization of the number. Freddy gets a message from 45. Who is the message from. Secret Code: Freddy= 2x3x5 Judy= ..."

b'suppose fx=xadd4/x^2-4x-5 and gx= rad 3-x. algebraically determine the domain of fx/gx'

b'if hx=5-1/srtxadd1, find possible functions f and g so that hx=fogx. Do not use fx=x or gx=x'

b'how much mass is converted to energy per day ina nuclear power plant operated at a level of 100 megawatts?'

b'Using the digit 1 to 9 once, write the largest possible 9-digit number that can be formed in which the digit in the hundred millions place is twice the digit in the thousands place, and the digit in the hundred thousands place is one-half the digit in the ten millions place.'


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