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b'if tanaaddb=2/3 and tana-b=2/5 then find the value of tan2b.'

b'When 100 is added to a number , the result is 50 more than 3 times the number. Find the number'

b'the measures of a pair of two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 15cm and 20 cm.if the length of one of its diagonal is 25cm, find the area of the parallelogram'

b'Sides of a quadrilateral are all positive integers.How many possible values the fourth side have if three of its sides are 5cm,10cm,20cm?'

b'There are 70 woman in a club. Each plays at least one of the following games: volleyball, basketball and table tennis. 20 play volleyball only,10 play basketball only and 6 play table tennis only. 4 play all the three games and an equal number play two games only. a ...'

b'The locus of point whose distance from the point 0,5 is always 3/4 of its distance from line y=8 is an ellipse. Find major and minor axis'

b'A scientist needs 80 liters of a 30?percent acid solution. He currently has a 20percent solution and a 60percent solution. How many liters of each does he need to make the needed 80 liters of 30?percent acid? solution?'

b'When 100is added to a number the result is 50 more then 3 times the number.find the number'

b'When 100 is added to a number , the result is 50 more than 3times the number . Find the number. A 50 b 25 c 75 d 100'

b'Justin has an I-tunes gift card worth 125. after he downloads his first app, the cards value is 118.01. after he downloads his second app, the cards value is 111.02. after he downloads his third app, the i-tunes gift card is worth 104.03. Justin wants to download as many ...'

b"A line has a slope -4/3 and passes through the point 12,6. Determine three additional points of this line. I don't know how to do find this"

b"A line has a slope -4/3 and passes through the point 12,6. Determine three additional points of this line. I'm very confused of this"

b'damon borrowed 1000 for 1 year and 7 months at an interest rate 6.3percent compounded monthly. how much did he repay'

b'You purchase 3.5 kg of bananas for 2.42. What is the cost of 1 kg of bananas? Answer: 1.45????'

b'The number of immigrants living in a certain country with a large population makes up 35percent of the population. In a random sample poll of 40 people what is: athe expected number of non-immigrants will be polled? bthe probability that no immigrants will be polled? cthe ...'

b'There are 132 people seated in the school auditorium for an assembly.\xc2\xa0 There are 6 rows in the auditorium, each with the same number of seats.\xc2\xa0 If the auditorium is completely filled, how many seats are there in each row?'

b'Find a polynomial, which, when added to the polynomial 5x2\xc2\x963x\xc2\x969, is equivalent to: 0'

b"A wall in Marcus's bedroom is 8 1/3 feet high and 16 1/5 feet long. If he paints 1/3 of the wall blue, how many square feet will be blue?"

b'What does it take to win a tug of war'

b'Victoria has a 2-pound package of flour. She uses 2/5 of the flour to make bread. Find the weight of the package of flour that she has left. Express your answer as a decimal.'

b'You buy clothing at a sale. You buy a sweater a really nice one at seven tenths 7/10 of its original price if 35. Answer the fallowing questions. A: How much money did you spend? B: How much money did you save? C: What fraction of the total original price did you save? ...'

b'A rectangular sheet measuring 80cm and 50cm is 2mm thick and is made of metal whose density is 2.5g/cm cubed.A square of side 5cm is removed from each corner of the rectangle the remaining part folded to form an open cuboid. Calculate aThe area of metal that forms the ...'

b'A pair of pants costs twice as much as a shirt. The total cost of 1 1 pair of pants and 1 1 shirt is 18 18 . If s represents the cost of 1 1 shirt, which equation could you use to find the cost of 1 1 shirt?'

b'24. Four friends attempted to write the explicit expression for the nth term of the sequence 2, 5, 10, 17, \xc2\x85. 24. Four friends attempted to write the explicit expression for the nth term of the sequence 2, 5, 10, 17, \xc2\x85. If n represents the set of counting numbers, who ...'

b'1. x/4add1=-5 A-2 B16 C4 D-24 ****?? 2. 6xadd29=5 A-4****** B-18 C204 D-144 3. combine like terms -21aadd16a -5a**** 5a 37a -37a 9a-b-2a-10b simplify -7a add 11b 11a add 9b -11a-9b 7a-11b ????? solve -4n add 7 add 2n=1 1 3 -3 4 solve 4y-4=8'


b'Find the midpoint of the segment below and enter its coordinates as an ordered pair. If necessary, express coordinates as fractions, using the slash mark / for the fraction bar.'

b'which point lies on the line defined by 3x add 8y = 5'

b'in math class ,the ratio of boys to girls are 4:8 ,if they are 24 girls in the class,how many boys are there'

b'It is known that approximately 20percent of the population is colour blind. In a sample of 270 people, use the normal approximation to find probability that: aat least 90 people are colour blind bexactly 50 people are colour blind I already posted this question and my solution. ...'

b'a ?\xc3\xb9n is fired at a distance of 24\xc2\x953 away from a man \xc2\x95 he hears the s\xc3\xb2\xc3\xb9\xc3\xb1d after 27 second find the speed of so\xc3\xb9nd at which it travels'

b'Insert some parentheses in the expression 24 : 4 add 8 : 2 add2 so that the result is: a 3 b 4 c 5 d 6'

b'Find the difference between the simple interest and compound interest on 16000 for 3/2 years at 5 percentper annum, compound interest being reckoned half yearly.'

b'1/4 of 36 oranges are bad.find the number of bad oranges please I need the answer in just one minute'

b'draw a line segment A B =6 cm and on it mark point C D E such that A C = C D D E = E B. draw a prependiculars to A B at C D E on the same side of A B.'

b'In the spring, a group of biologists caught and tagged 500 wolves in a wilderness area. These animals were then released. A couple of months later, 200 wolves were caught and 75 of them had tags. Estimate the wolf population in this wilderness area. Please check if my solution...'

b'If one of the angles of a triangle is 110 degree then the angle between the bisector of the other two angles is what ?'

b'5times 10 add 18-1 divied by 100'

b'-5x*-6 simplify'

b'Standard form of hyperbola: Hyperbola: Vertices: 9,9, 9, -7 Foci: 9, 1 add 4 sqrt 13, 9, 1 - 4 sqrt 13? Standard form Ellipse: vertices: 2 sqrt 10, -10, -2 sqrt 10, -10 foci: sqrt 30, -10, -sqrt 30, -10?'

b'A bakery sells 5800 muffins in 2010. The bakery sells 7420 muffins in 2015. Write a linear model that represents the number y y of muffins that the bakery sells x x years after 2010'

b'x= -2, -1,0,1,2 y= 9, 4, -1, -6, -11 I know how I did it but I need like a more explaining thank you'

b'1. 2x-3=2x A. One solution B. No solutions C. Infinitely many solutions 2. 3y-3=2y-9addy A. One solution B. No solutions C. Infinitely many solutions 3. 10x-2-6x=3x-2addx A. One solution B. No solutions C. Infinitely many solutions 4. 4xadd3add2x=x-8 A. One solution B. No ...'

b'write a rule for the function represented by the table. input x 0 1 2 3 4 output y 3 6 9 12 15 A y=3x B y=3xadd3**** C y=5xadd1 D y=xadd5 my answer was b am I right'

b'Identify the vertex y=|x-2|add1 y=-|xadd5|add4 My answers 1.2,1 2.5,4'

b'The total number of football x and basketball y is 180. There are 30 more football than basketball. How many of each basketball and football are there?'

b'If fx = 3x and gx = 3x add 1 add 6. Describe the transformations from fx to gx. A left 1 and up 6 B left 6 and up 1 C right 6 and up 1 D right 1 and down 6'

b'Write an equation that is parallel to the line y=-2xadd4'

b'In an isosceles triangle the verticle angle is 40\xc2\xb0 find the other two angle of the Triangle'

b'If you have to cut 102 ft of rope into 18 inches, how many pieces would you have?'


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