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b"1. Complete the following sentences which compares yourwelf with your partner. 2. Complete the following sentences which compares you with your partner. Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'yourself' or'you'?"

b'1. Does it live in the land or in the sea? 2. Does it live on land or in the sea? Are both the same in meaning?'

b'What other word can i use in place of By? By its excellent magic, the orange gives you vitamin c'

b'1. Blue whales eat only krill. 2. There is a krill in the sea. 3. There are many krills in the sea. 4. There are much krill in the sea. 5. There are many krill in the sea. Which ones are grammatical? Would you check them? Thank you.'

b'If there is much running water from the faucet, the water becomes lukewarm. So you should turn down the faucet a little so that it has little running water, and then the water will become more warm or hot. Then the baby in the bath tub will not feel cold. He can enjoy bathing ...'

b'The identity that you stand up for can enslave you and close you to the rest of the world-murathan mungan What does this quote mean??'

b'Identify the CAPITALIZED portion of the sentences below. 18. MY FRIEND MARY is coming with us to the zoo. complete predicate complete subject simple predicate simple subject 19. I think we should VISIT the monkeys first. complete predicate complete subject simple predicate ...'

b"Janet has been attending Killian High School for three years. At the beginning of her senior year, she enrolled in Ms. Brosham's English class. She heard from her two older siblings that Ms. Brosham was a hard-nosed, crusty teacher who did not tolerate uncertainty. After a ..."

b'What was one cause of the English Civil War?'

b'Can someone tell me what is Elite tourism?'

b'1. Can you give me a rain check? 2. Can I take a rain check? 3. Can I have a frain check? 4. Can I get a rain check? Are they all grammatical and the same? Which expression is commonly used?'

b"I'm writing an essay and we have to write chose between two topics. Courtship and crossing the color line? Courtship means to marry right? But I'm having confusion understanding what crossing the color line means.. Does it mean a black passing off as a white person?"

b'I have written my answers as following. Please improve my answers if needed: The story The Wedding Gift by Thomas Raddall makes use of symbolism. A Explain what the snow represents. The snow in the short story is the representation of the hope and destiny. Before the ...'

b"what's the definition for connotation is there a website that have a list of all 8th grade english vocab."

b'Has anyone have to write a paper on greek mythology and dreams?'

b'10. I have run for this track team for eight years. HAVE RUN is underlined Possible answers: A. present perfect tense B. past perfect tense C. future perfect tense I think it is A.'

b'how do I create parallel construction for this sentence? To succeed in the new economy, workers will have to learn throughout their careers, adapt to changing circumstances, and self-motivation will be needed.'

b'10. I have run for this track team for eight years. Possible answers: A. present perfect tense B. past perfect tense C. future perfect I think its B.'

b'The underlined words I put them in parantheses are an example of an ___________. When the earth, moon, and sun are in line, an eclipse occurs. A. adverbial clause B. adjectival clause C. noun clause My answer is C.'

b'What is a great thesis statement for how supply and demand affects urbanization'

b'In what stage of grief do people hold on to pets or objects that was their loved one who died? Thanks'

b"1. Why do the sorceresses agree to kill Sunjata? 1 point Sunjata declined his father's cows. Sunjata had befriended Jelimusoni Tunku Manyan Diawara. Dankaran Tuman's offer was better than Sunjata's. Dankaran Tuman had promised them a bull. 2. Why do the sorceresses agree to ..."

b'1. They move only 2 meters an hour. 2. They move only for 2 meters an hour. 3. They move for only 2 meters an hour. Are all grammatical?'

b'1. I need some bread and some cheese. 2. I need some bread and cheese. Are both the same or different in meaning?'

b"What does Atavism mean? I don't understand the dictionarys definition"

b"1. People were worried that their souls might not get back into their bodies. 2. People were worried because their souls might not get back into their bodies. Are both the same? Is 'that....' an adverbial phrase? 3. He was happy that she got the first prize in the speech ..."

b'I have to draw Helen Robinson from To Kill a Mockingbird for English. I have no idea how to start or what she looks like. Any help?'

b"Can you help me do my Sunday assignment? I don't quite understand what it is I need to do?"

b'What literary devices do you see in this monologue? For example is there figurative language or symbolism? How do these literary devices contribute to a deeper meaning of this monologue? what specifically do they tell you about the character speaking or about the subject ...'

b'Has anyone read Kate Chopin is so could you check my answers? 1. When Mrs. Sommers leaves to go shopping, she forgets to take money. her daughter Mag\xc2\x92s size. her preferred store. to eat lunch.***** 2. The resolution of a story should build to the climax of the story. ...'

b"What the story The Wedding Gift by Thomas H Raddall makes use of symbolism in the following questions: a Explain what the snow represents b Explain what the character's tracks through the snow represent."

b'neha scored 75percent in science,95percent in maths and 70percent in english. If the max. marks in these subjects were 80,100and 70,respectively. find her aggregate percentage.'

b'Hello Any interesting ideas on how to present new vocabulary? The topic is smoking. Some of the words are:addicted,to promise,to give up and so on. There are 10 unknown words. What to do? :/ There are 22 students 17 years old and they are learning English for only 3 years'

b'What view of man is Golding presenting in the statement \xc2\x93the rules are the only thing we got?\xc2\x94'

b'Identify the regular or irregular verb:John has become or has became a rather good actor. I choose has become'

b'Her rolls always rise properly. A.risen B.raised C.rised D.no change necessary The underlined word is rise. I think it is D. no change??'

b'In 1960, American scientists raise a serious concern. A.raising B.raised C.have raised D.no change necessary The word underlined is raise and they want you to identify the correct form of it. I think it would be B. raised'

b'Select the gerund phrase in the sentence below. Then, determine the noun function of the gerund. 1. Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports. 2. I enjoy playing the piano.'

b'Hello How to present smoking as a topic to students? There are 22 students 17 year olds and they are learning English for 3 years.So any kind of discussion has to be excluded. I would really like to come up with something interesting At the end of the lesson I am going to ...'

b'What is the meaning of tonto'

b'The identity you stand up for can enslave you and close you to the rest of the world. -Murathan Mungan What does this quote mean?'

b'im reading a book called The berlin boxing club and i need to answer some questions for hw. theres one question that i need help with which is what is the background of the author? What prompted him/her to write this book? the authors name is robert sharenow. PLEASE HELP ME'

b'what do the word anti-climactic mean?'

b'i need help on writing an outline. the outline is so we can write our speech as follows. Please any website or ideas. How long does it take for you to write your outline.'

b"what's a tumbleweed??????? to be honest i really don't know what it is"

b"Explain whether the following statement is a fact or an opinion: Capitalism is a better system of government than communism. Give reasons for your answer. Isn't this sentence an opinion because it uses the word better?"

b"wind\xc2\xb7mill A building with sails or vanes that turn in the wind and generate power to grind grain into flour. or Move one's arms around in a circle in a manner suggestive of the rotating sails or vanes of a windmill. i think it's the second one, am i correct?"

b'i need help with english article, it say find irony, but i not get what irony be in here? i know there be three types of irony and this one be verbal irony which mean author of article mean to say opposite of what she means, but then do she not like pencils? or she do? i ...'

b'what is ranch'

b'what is nature please define it in an 8th grade level'


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