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b'Is upset an action verb? Is were an conditional verb?'

b"Read the sentence. Rewrite each sentence adding the comma needed after the introductory word, phrase, or clause. Besides I don't like your idea for the project. Besides, I don't like your idea for the project. Throughout the class I kept sneezing Throughout the class, I kept ..."

b'Please help i need to put this sentences in order and combine them in order to make sense. 1. The pizza sits on the table. 2. It is fresh from the oven. 3. It is in the middle of the table. 4. Its crust rises up. 5. The crust is thick. 6. The crust is golden brown. 7. It is ...'

b"Read each sentence. Put the word in that should be followed by a comma. Then add the comma After school today we'll go to the mall today in and a comma after it Oh what a mess I've made Oh in and a comma after it Jordan can you help me with the clean-up? Jordan in..."

b'Read each sentence COrrect any misplaced or missing commas. Rewrite the sentence. The old restored building is downtown. The old,restored building is downtown. THe moody grumpy boy is Chris. The moody,grumpy boy is Chris. Alyssa brought those, delicious muffins. Alyssa brought...'

b'Read each sentence. Identify the comma error and put Add or Omit on the line to show how to correct the sentence. Then put the word in before the error That shiny sleek car is new shiny add Courtney brought a delicious ham turkey, and beef sandwiches ham add We bumped along...'

b'Baking is a major project for the holidays. Is the verbal baking? Is this a gerund or a participle and why? Baking in the oven, the bread smelled delicious. Is the verbal baking in the oven? Is this a gerund or a participle and why?'

b'Reach each sentence if it is correct write c. if it has an error in commas, put the word in that should be followed by a comma and add the comma The cafeteria is serving chicken soup vegetable stew, or chilli. chicken soup in and a comma after soup Mom ordered a book for...'

b'Write the word that should be followed with a comma We hiked across town, through the woods and into the cave. woods? Tiffany, Christina and Paige are down the hall in Room 101 Christina? Do you want to go to the park, to the beach or to the parade? beach? Our pets include a ...'

b'Read each sentence then write which word should be followed by a comma My dog has a collar, a leash and several toys. leash? Waldo dashes through the house out the door, and around the yard. house? Luis walks hiss doing in the morning, after school and again at night school? I...'

b'1. He is the oldest of the three. 2. he is the oldest of three. Which one is right?'

b'What would be an example of using one analogy and one idiom in a paragraph.'

b'I have researched Valentines day and its origins and how it was celebrated today and in ancient times. I am having a hard time starting my introduction. Can you help?'

b'Please help me figure out what I got on my exams, am kind of worriedPlease tell me if I am passing Thank you I got 113of 250 on my first exam. 113/250*100=.204304 is this right? Second exam: 120/250*100=.2304 is this right? Thank you'

b"How does nature in Wordsworth's poetry differ from nature in Byron's description of the Byronic hero?"

b"Can you recommend so websites for an assignment I am doing on the ancient origins of Valentine's Day and how it was celebrated in ancient times and today?"

b'Combine the sentences below into a brief paragraph,using clear and efficient language.Remember that each sentence contains some information that is essential to the meaning of the overall paragraph; do not omit any necessary details. When you have completed the exercise, ...'

b"1. I don't have any comic book in my bag. 2. I don't have any comic books in my bag. Which one is right, comic book or comic books? 3. He is the smartest boy in my school. 4. He is the smartest boy in our school. Are both OK? Which one is right, 'in my school' or 'in our ..."

b"1. Tom has not to buy a book. 2. Tom doesn't have to buy a book. Are both the same? Is 1 wrong?"

b"Tom's popularity index is 30percent. The popularity index is 30percent. Are they grammatical?"

b'Why do you use for instead of on when you are talking about responsibilities? For example, if you wrote they have these responsibilities for the house why is it for not on?'

b'Is the gerund being used as a subject, predicate nominative, direct object, or object of the preposition in the following sentences and why? For a crisp texture, avoid overlooking the vegetables. Omar preferred watching the hockey game.'

b'What is the pronoun in the sentence, He is called Spider?'

b'How to write a Solar System poem?'

b'I need to do a research paper. The assisgnment is research Christmas back to its ancient origins. Can you recommend some sites I can look into?'

b'This is new to me if someone could please explain how to do this it would be great. Sentence Patterns:draw vertical lines to identify the slot boundaries in the following sentences; label each slot with its form and function. In parentheses at the end of the sentence, ...'

b'1. Fitzgerald creates purpose in Chapter 1. What was his purpose and how does he go about doing it? 7. Write a Gatsby-esque sentence. Make it colorful. My sentence is below... does it make sense? Life to some in New York may seem very Gatsbyesque, what with their tall ...'

b'1. I think the gymnastics club is more popular than the dancing club. 2. I think the horse racing club is more popular than the archery club. 3. I think the figure skating club is the most popular club in my school. Are they all grammatical? 4. I think the bowling club is ...'

b"1. Sea horses move only for 2 meters an hour. 2. Sea horses move for only for 2 meters an hour. Are both OK? In 1, is 'for' missing before 'only'?"

b'What would be a good quote to describe me encouraging someone to become a better singer? How about giving advice and preventing something?'

b'This year, all the students in the same grade has to give a speech and the topic is My voice is important because... instead of repeating in every new story, my voice is important because.. what is another way to state it?'

b'Create a new definition for the word wild?'

b"is notebook papers right? or should it be: notebook paper i'm looking for the plural form but i feel like notebook papers doesn't sound right"

b'Has been looked, watched make have had looked Are all of these in the past tense? If they were all used in a paragraph would it still be in the same tense? If not, which phrases/words should I change to fit the past tense?'

b'i need someone to check my work but i cant just copy it and paste it here. i need to send it via e-mail. please give me your email add and ill send it to you. thanks'

b'1. You should not take on the task because you have to spend a lot of time on it. 2. You should not take the task because you have to spend a lot of time on it. 3.You should not take over the task because you have to spend a lot of time on it. Which one is grammatical? Do ...'

b'1. I think the baseball club is more popular than the ping-pong club. 2. I think baseball club is more popular than ping-pong club. 3. I think Baseball Club is more popular than Ping-pong Club. Which expression is grammatical?'

b'I need to write a short story with the ending relating to That is how I became Captain'

b'Heritage plays role x with regard to marriage in Howell\xc2\x92s novel, while in Larsen it plays role y, allowing the man to accept African American women in the former, but reject her in the latter. this was how my teacher edited it but he said something like :See how if you fill ...'

b"first draft of my report and i need help in improving this. i didn't made up all the information here all comes from a book. Dissociative identity disorder is defined in the DSM-IV-TR as the presence of two or more personality identities that repeatedly take control of one\xc2\x92s..."

b"oh don't forget but it has to be like you know for 3rd graders"

b'i need help for some journal topics. thank you so much for your help'

b'interesting vocabulary to describe someone is optimistic ,out going ,compassionate, relluctant, responsible, easygoing and wise . thanks'

b'ms. sue i writing narrative story on topic that every generation hve something valuble to give. that you learn from everyone. i thought of writing story on my cousin who pass away from cancer, and i going to write in third person and mention how that cancer totally traumatize ...'

b'1. The animal eats one kilogram of plant every day. 1-1. The animal eats one kilogram of plants every day. 2. The animal eats one kind of plant every day. 3. The animal eats many kinds of plant every day. 4. The animal eats many kinds of plants every day. 5. The animal eats a ...'

b"1. The animal is one foot long. 2. The animal is 49 feet long. 3. There is a krill in the water. 4. There are two krill in the water. Are they all grammatical? How can we use 'krill'? Would you let me know the use of 'krill'? Thank you."

b"1. Baby blue whales drink 200 liters of their mother's milk. 2. Baby blue whales drink 200 liters of their mothers' milk. Which one is grammatical? Do we have to use mother's or mothers'?"

b'Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 5:20am. 1. Does it live in the land or in the sea? 2. Does it live on land or in the sea? Are both the same in meaning? English - Writeacher, Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 8:41am In the land = down in the dirt?? The second ...'

b'what is a good attention getter sentence on carpal tunnel syndrome?'

b"1. How long are blue whales? - They are about 30 meters long. 1-2. How big are blue whales? - They are about 30 meters long. 2. How much does a blue whale eat? -It eats about 4 tons of krill each day. 3. Every day, how much do baby blue whales drink their mother's milk? - They..."


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