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b'ms. sue i want to be clear on two more questions. about this man sitting on the step with suitcase, that be because he be leaving somewhere, but i not get why he be mentioned? to escape from bad neighbourhood? also i not get what recrimination mean. to describe their marriage ...'

b'I need help writing an essay on the hysteria and how it relates to the red scare communism hysteria.'

b'thanks ms. sue for help with questions witht that story but i still need some help with few questions. it ask why the story be written in present tense? and is it good choice made by writer?'

b"For english class, I have to read a biography/autobiography of an author and then read two of the author's books that have been influenced by their real life. I chose F. Scott Fitzgerald as my author. I want to read The Great Gatsby as one of the books, but I'm not sure which ..."

b'his expression showed how highly he valued his own opinions and scored the view of the others. smug?'

b'Is this correct Having laid on the riverbank all day, the young vacationers missed their meals.'

b'Is this correct The white hen has laid the greatest number of eggs.'

b"Read the sentences Each sentence contains a word group that can be written as a contraction. Write the contractions We are going to the museum on Saturday We're Who is giving the report Who's They will never leave the decision to us They'll He is never going to agree He's You ..."

b'Is the following sentence correct Lsy your clothes out at night, and you will have a head start in the morning.'

b'Is the following question correct It took a lot of planning, time, and energy to lay the track for the trans-continental railroad.'

b'What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? Although her personality had not changed at all, Megan looked quite different. First part is italicized'

b'What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? Although her personality had not changed at all, Megan looked quite different.'

b"Read each phrase. On the line rewrite the phrase to correct the mistake. Use correct;y a possessive indefinite pronoun or a possessive personal pronoun everyones' share in the prize everyone's my's role in the winnings my each ones part in the success one's ours'mistake our ..."

b"Read the sentences Then rewrite each possessive noun correcting its use of the apostrophe Moms' purse is on the hall table Mom's The witnesses's testimony convicted him witnesses' The original solo designers' plans are the best designer's? Two womens' jackets were left on the ..."

b'Is the following question correct? Set the salt and pepper on the table.'

b"Read each phrase. Write the possessive form of each item on the line the barking of the dog the dog's barking the game of my family my family's game the car of my mom my mom's car the office of my aunt my aunt's office the computer of my brother my brother's computer the color..."

b"Hello all. I speak very little of english. My teacher emailed me this and I wan't to make sure I understand correctly. [The final exam will only cover material since the midterm.] this means that final exam will ONLY cover what we learned after midterm?? so i should be ony ..."

b'ms. sue in morning you plase take a look at my old post? yesterday?'

b'1. Is this correct grammatically? I bought bananas, strawberry, honey, and some books. also are the commas placed correctly? And do you call punctuations in English mechanics? 2.Do I use the word had to emphasize something? Ex: The communist had transformed their ...'

b'Read each sentence. Then underline each term that calls for italics The twins like to watch Tomas Friends Thomas Friends? This book, The Higher Power of Lucky, won an award, and it is a good read. The higher Power of Lucky? Do you mean course or coarse? course or coarse? ...'

b'Need help correcting this sentence there is at least 6 errors. out no loitering screamed grubble the greedy shopkeeper.'

b'Read the sentences then put any words in that are a title or a foreign expression Dad likes to listen to Car Talk on the radio. The USS Saratoga was an aircraft carrier. Dad listens to the album Free As a Bird We saw the modern sculpture Flying Dragon Have you read...'

b'The All-American Slurp is a funny story. Did you say your favorite poem is Ankylosaurus? Chapter 4 is The Black Thing How many times have you read Greyling? The chapter is titled Ancient Egypt.'

b'Shortly before the Russian Revolution, an eccentric man named Rasputin became ______as the mad monk. Because he dressed like a peasant, drank heavily, and rarely bathed, the nobility often felt ____during their encounters\xc2\x94 with him at the palace. Yet despite his outward ...'

b"I watched a rerun of Flop Goes the Joker from Batman. Mom is reading Best Cell Phone Buysin that magazine. Dad remembers reading The Tiger Who Would be King. Abuelito Who is on page 300. Lawrence Yep wrote Breaker's Bridge."

b'This is new to me if someone could please explain how to do this it would be great. Sentence Patterns:draw vertical lines to identify the slot boundaries in the following sentences; label each slot with its form and function. In parentheses at the end of the sentence, identify...'

b"Read each sentence. Add quotation marks for each title. I am playing Anitra's Dance from Peer Gynt at the recital I liked the song Fireflies and want to hear it again That magazine article you asked about is How to Build a Bird Feeder The assignment is to read the poem ..."

b'Read the dialogue. Then rewrite the dialogue on the lines. Add quotation marks and other punctuation and begin new paragraphs where needed Narrative poems are another kind of poetry said Brittany. Narrative poems are my favorite kind of poetry.Dave asked What is narrative ...'

b'chapter 14 sentence check 2... Although everything about the Nazis ?lled the Dutch spy with ____ convert, his assignment was to ___convertpeoples pain.'

b'17. Few people know about the complex science behind the construction of elevators. 1 point demonstrative adjective interrogative adjective indefinite adjective proper adjective'

b'Multiple choice: A factory might emit? A.pollution. B.smokestacks. C.resources. Is it A or B? not sure - help'

b'Which of the sentences below is punctuated correctly? A.I have visited three countries including: Spain, Portugal, and France. B.I have visited three countries: Spain, Portugal, and France. C.I have visited three countries; Spain, Portugal, and France. D.I have visited three ...'

b'Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A.Mom thinks we need to arrive by seven o\xc2\x92clock; but I don\xc2\x92t think that\xc2\x92s necessary. B.We will end up waiting around for the others; that will be boring. C.I think we should get there at eight o\xc2\x92clock, Dad ...'

b'What is Jean Pierre Blanchard most known for in history? 1 *invented the steam engine 2 *first man to swim the English channel 3 *first successful hot air balloon flight 4 *discovered bacteria'

b'2. The capital words in the following excerpt are an example of which literary element? And both that morning equally LAY IN LEAVES no step had trodden black. a. rhyme b. rhythm c. alliteration d. simile 3. The following excerpt is an example of which literary element? Then...'

b'1. Mt. McKinley is the highest. 2. Mt. McKinley is highest. 3. Mt. McKinley is higher than any other mounttain in the USA. 4. Mt. McKinley is the highest of all the mountains in the USA. 5. Mt. McKinley is highest of all the mountains in the USA. 6. Mt. McKinley is the highest...'

b"1. They can understand new commands after only a few times. Does 'only' modify 'after a few times'? noun phrase... 2. They understand new commands only after about 100 times. Does 'only' modify 'after abut 100 times'? adverbial phrasse..."

b'How to write a fictional narrative in a regional style????? M Please give me ideas and title stories'

b"Here is my meaning of Hellen Keller's quote: It means that by using my voice I can do something. I may not be THE one but AT LEAST I AM one. I know that I can't do everything but the thing is, I CAN do SOMETHING. I will do what I can do to make a difference. I don't know if ..."

b'For an essay for my honors English class, I am comparing the character of Roger Chillingworth to a knife. While I do have some ideas to write about, do you guys have any tips on ideas I could use? More importantly, to those who have read the book, what type of knife do you ...'

b"I watched Hassan get raped, I said to no one. Baba stirred in his sleep. Kaka Homayoun grunted. A part of me was hoping someone would wake up and hear, so I wouldn't have to live with this lie anymore. But no one woke up and in the silence that followed, I understood the ..."

b'\xc2\x93I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.\xc2\x94 Please explain what this quote means, thanks'

b'Well the two of us can have fun together, I said. Baba smiled. Winked. Dress warm, he said. It should have been just the two of us--that was the way I wanted it--but by Wednesday night, Baba had managed to invite another two dozed people. p. 87 This quote is from The ...'

b'another word for nothing more than? For example, if you say that advice is nothing more than'

b'Below is the last stanza of a poem, Dover Beach, written in 1876 by Matthew Arnold. Ah, love, let us be true To one another for the world, which seems To lie before us like a land of dreams, So various, so beautiful, so new, Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light, Nor...'

b"what are some emotive words used in MLK's speech? and what are some emotive words used in Old Major's speech? Animal Farm thank you"

b'It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership. What does this quote mean?'

b"Anyone read I am looking for the queen's dream in Aeschylus' Persians;what was interpreted as and the meaning of it"

b'Came to America to find freedom to worship and the Promised Land =a.The North--Puritanism b.The South---Gentlemen Planters c.Both'

b'i need some help with qustions for this story Identities - W.D. Valgardson Normally, he goes clean-shaven into the world, but the promise of a Saturday liquid with sunshine draws him first from his study to the backyard, from there to his front lawn. The smell of burning ...'


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