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b"Can someone read over this paper and tell if it's okay? Plagiarism Assignment This is an interesting and serious topic. For this lesson I want you to write a 3-4 paragraphs about what you have found out about plagiarism: Search the Internet and find out what you can about ..."

b'I live at 1502 Fourteenth Street.'

b'The trailer measures nine feet by forty feet. how do I rewrite this to make it right'

b'1. You are not alone. 2. You are not by yourself. 3. You are not yourself. 4. You are not lone. 5. You are not lonely. Are they all the same? Do they have the same meaning?'

b"They went to a big supermarket downtown. It was noisy there. Q1: What is the part of speech of 'downtown' in Sentence 1? Is 'downtown' used as an adjective modifying 'supermarket'? Q2: what does 'It' refer to in Sentence 2?"

b"1. Sometimes, I go outside - to go shopping. 2. Sometimes, I go outside to go shopping. In Sentence 1, - is used before 'to go.' Is 1 grammatical? What is the difference between 1 and 2?"

b"I have to change the following sentence from passive voice to active voice and I'm having a hard time. Academic performance is influenced by peer pressure due to socializing negatively, lowering grades, and not staying on task."

b'My dad and i talked to my aunt last night. underline the compound word and circle any subject pronouns.'

b"Slow Pace I can't put it into a definition, please help. This is for my rural area project I already explain it to you before."

b"we are working on using verbs correctly: we have to use either rise or raise: Esther BLANK a good point yesterday's meeting. please help me fill in the BLANK"

b'Do you know any websites that might help with the 6 troublesome verbs: sit-sat,lie-lay, rise-raise,...'

b'I had an assignment to read a story and the assignment is to write the thesis of the story. where would I find it?'

b'Check? These right? 1. In the bitter cold, he, him and Dad struggled to save the orange crop. In the bitter cold, he and dad struggled to save the orange crop. 2. Her and me, She and I have joined the Shutter and Lens. She and I have joined the Shutter and Lens. 3. Phil ...'

b'we are working on using verbs correctly, so is this sentence correct? u either use:sit,sat, or set: The newspaper SAT on the table all afternoon last Sunday. is this correct?'

b'What are the dependent and independent clauses in the following sentences? When the campfire was burning steadily, all the campers sat on the ground around it, and someone began to tell a scary story. After he had been in the house for an hour or so, he began to hear strange ...'

b'How did The Masque of the red death show evil? Ive read it over and over and cant seem to find evil no where in this story.'

b'Can some one check these? Sentence structures ; 1. In the bitter cold, he, him and Dad struggled to save the orange crop. My answer: Him 2. Her and me, She and I have joined the Shutter and Lens. My answer: she and I 3. Phil showed Danny and I, me his butterfly ...'

b"I need to correct the verb in this sentence. If we would have had the engine tuned, I'm sure we would not be stranded on the highway now. Is this correct? If we had had the engine tuned, I'm sure we would not be stranded on the highway now."

b'In the third century, bands of savage barbarians repeatedly broke through the frontier defenses of the Roman province of Gaul,_________the countryside with fire and sword, and either slew or carried off the____ a. scanned..partisans b. pacified..vagabonds c. devastated.....'

b'My teacher for my english class at school marked off for these questions and said I could redo it and turn it in tomorrow. I am for sure I did these right. Here are the questions. Underline the verb in the parentheses that agrees with the subject. 1. In the Northern Hemisphere...'

b'Is this a parallel sentence? If so how can it be written more simpler. The space shuttle was both a marvel and huge.'

b'Is this sentence a parallel, if so how can you write it mor simpler? Fire can be friendly or a foe, depending on the situation.'

b'In which one of the following sentences does an adverb modify an adjective? A. Mark was dressed properly. B. Lucy danced tirelessly. C. His appearance gr3atly affected Candace. D. His shirt was extremely tight I think the answer is D'

b'Which sentence used an adverb to answer the question \xc2\x93where\xc2\x94? A. When in a hurry, Maggie walks rapidly B. Mary left Davenport yesterday. C. Dwayne searches the want ads daily. D. John said, \xc2\x93I\xc2\x92ve decide that I\xc2\x92m going away.\xc2\x94 I think the aswer is D'

b'Correctly punctuate and capitalize the following: to whom it may concern in regards to the memorial day fiasco aboard your cruise ship star princess we would first like to offer our sincere apology for our part in the mishap while we do not plan on taking legal action against ...'

b'1Brenda would have liked to have taken her vacation at the beach. 2 However, the weather forecast on the television called for rain. 3 Also, her fianc\xc3\xa9, Max, wanted to vacation in the mountains. 4 After a heated discussion, Brenda and Max decided to compromise. 5 ...'

b'Although he was born in Scotland, he became a hero of the American Revolution. simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence my answer compound complex sentence His ship was badly managed, but Jones refused to give up. simple sentence my answer compound sentence ...'

b'After the war, American shipping became vulnerable to attacks by pirates. simple sentence my answer compound sentence complex sentence compound complex sentence'

b'John Paul Jones moved to America to avoid a trial that involved his handling of a mutiny. simple sentence compound sentence complex sentence my answer compound complex sentence'

b'college graduation rates in USA and education statistics.'

b'we are learning about the 14 tenses: past,present,future,past perfect,present perfect, future perfect, past progressive..., past perfect progressive..., emphatic..and then there is another one but i forgot what that one was. Anyway, i need a website that can help me with these...'

b"We are working on Passive and Active voice. i really don't understand it, so do you know any websites that could help me with passive and active voice."

b"Which of the following sentences used apostrophes correctly? A. The childrens' coats got wet when the car's windows were left open. B. the children's cat played with its toys. C. Its raining cat's and dog's. D. The Johnson's went to the park with the neighbor's children. I ..."

b'Coach Lewis was training for a marathon. After 15 minutes he had run 5 blocks if he continues at this pace how many blocks will he have run in 1 1/4 hours a.75 b.15 c.25 d.17 c? Mrs Win is preparing party bags for the school dance it takes her 5 min to fill 3 bags with goodies...'

b'In the sentence the homework was easier for Tyrone after he received the chapter. Is the dependent clause was easier for Tyrone? Is that a noun since it is a predicate noun?'

b'1.Identify the reason for the commas in the following sentence: When you have the opportunity to interview for a job, you can improve your chances for consideration by dressing for success. a.To join two independent clauses along with a conjunction b.To separate an ...'

b'I have to underline the dependent clause and tell whether it is an adjective, adverb, or noun. Can you help me with the following. If you sit down with a novel and a dictionary, you can refer to the dictionary often. Still what morph means remains the critical question.'

b'Posted by rfvv on Sunday, December 9, 2012 at 8:06pm. 1. He spent a lot of money on dancing. 2. He spent a lot of money in dancing. 3. He spent a lot of money on buying things at the shop. 4. He spent a lot of money in buying things at the shop. 5. He spent a lot of money ...'

b'1. He spent a lot of money on dancing. 2. He spent a lot of money in dancing. 3. He spent a lot of money on buying things at the shop. 4. He spent a lot of money in buying things at the shop. 5. He spent a lot of money dancing. 6. He spent a lot of money buying things at the ...'

b"ms. sue i writing an essay on : is it possible to live a peaceful/happy life in times of today? I going to write yes it be for this essay, but teacher say that write essay by saying WE, so what be other forms of that I use, I think she said don't use they, people, etc. Also I ..."

b'I need this paragraph proofread To test Erdman\xc2\x92s statement, Deja Guinn, a Christian and senior at WMU decided to join the SSA group. Guinn says unlike most of the group members, who are atheist agnostic, she is a Christian and believes in how Jesus Christ would see the world...'

b'Identify the nouns and verb/verb phrases in the sentence. Employers value honesty and hard work. Nouns: Employers, honesty, and work Verb: Value'

b'What does the adage Never declare your physician your heir mean?'

b'Which of the following is an example of an adverbial clause fragment? A.wherever there is a chance for a fabulous meal B.who described the book as a compelling masterpiece C.that the poet choose words carefully to convey a particular tone I think the answer is A, but I am not ...'

b'does this sound write and look grammatically correct? Please and thank younohbdy is suppose to be spelled that way Odysseus was brave from the rest of the crew so he led us into fooling Cyclops. He gave some wine to Cyclops to get him drunk. Then Odysseus, me, and a couple ...'

b'does this sound write and look grammatically correct? Please and thank you Odysseus the Curious took us inside a cave to eat. After we ate some cheeses the ugly Cyclops came along with his flock of sheep and rams. He put a gigantic boulder to block the exit of the cave. The ...'

b'does this sound and look grammatically correct? The ruined city of Troy looked to be a catastrophic place. There was blood everywhere. Men\xc2\x92s bodies were cut open and infants were crying. The whole city looked as Poseidon, the god of earthquakes, gave Troy the most disastrous...'

b'Hello and thanks for starting reading this post : I have written a english narrative that has very very bad grammar and the rest... :D I would be very thankful if you could help me fix that narrative : Here it is BTW it is not a real story, I made it up cause I had no ideas...'

b'In which of the following sentences is the underlined word an object pronoun? A. You really should apologize to her. B. I would like you to listen to me. C. I gave her a gift for her birthday. D. We returned our books to the library. Note: the underlined words are A. ...'

b"In which of the following sentences is the underlined word a pronoun? A. Those are James' favorite shoes. B. These apples are rotten. C. Making these cookies wasn't easy. D. We must return those books to the library. Note the underlined words are: A. Those B. These C. ..."


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