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b"My teacher wants me to rewordmoving out of the in this sentence ''Instead of moving out of the marriage''. I cant think of anything. pls help"

b'ms. sue have you read story small potatoes?'

b"what are the advantages and disadvantages if King claudius and polopnius overhear Hamlet's to be or not to be speech?"

b'How do you write the compound predicate of: People studied coins, saw jewels, or examined ancient tools.?'

b'what is the essay called escaping'

b'Hey, Yesterday I asked a question about the and Writeacher helped me a lot. But now I have a further question. I have a rule in my grammar book, which says, that Nationalities with the suffix -ese. -ch, -sh, -ss; goes with the. And wirteacher says that I can Also says The ...'

b"Help I don't understand Answer the following question about the essay \xc2\x93Escaping.\xc2\x94 Give an example of one internal and one external conflict from the selection."

b'ms. sue for essay i be writing i got everything done about real life traditions now i just need few more from story on this topic Wat expense be paid by beings by society 4 their unhesitating approval of tradition or brutal social rituals. Do there be rituals that have ...'

b'The Great Gatsby Mortality is something we will all face at some point in our life. However, I doubt many people will deal with it in the same light as James Gatz did. He died once in his youth, at the age of seventeen, only to be reborn again as someone entirely new and ...'

b'1..Today the Pink Palace Museum has, is having, had, will have a science center too. 1.has'

b"1..The Pink Palace's wall was, were built with pink marble. 1.was"

b"Help on this question I don't understand Answer the following question about the poem \xc2\x93Fable for When There\xc2\x92s No Way Out.\xc2\x94 How does this line from the poem help explain the outcome of the chick\xc2\x92s struggle? \xc2\x93Rage works if reason won\xc2\x92t.\xc2\x94"

b"What is meant by the subthemes: death as pervading life, time as the essence of death and self destruction, night as the environment of death, and death as the great isolator as applied to Pablo Neruda's poems, especially Residence on Earth?"

b"What does my teacher mean by this? So I'm writing an essay on the great gatsby and I told my teacher about it via emai. I'm doing online school and this is what he told me... Also, make sure you develop the theme more than merely mortality. I always tell my students that ..."

b'Combine the following sentences by changing the italicized group of words into a gerund or gerund phrase.I lost my wallet. This caused me great inconvenience.'

b'So in my grammar book it is these explanation: We use the with nationality adjectives that end -ese, -ch, -sh, -ss and are used to refer to all the people of that nationality, eg. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish. The French drink a lot of wine. The Swiss are famous for their banks...'

b'the chimney sweeper poem the children were very badly treated by masters who only cared about money. discuss the methods you would use to protest'

b'The following items are run-on sentences. Revise each item either by making two complete sentences, or by adding a conjunctive adverb or semicolon. Change the punctuation and capitalization as necessary. Make all corrections on the sentences below. I was angry when Jonah ...'

b'In which sentence do you find subject-verb agreement? A. If you look carefully, you\xc2\x92ll see tomatoes is on the aisle. B. Neither the clarinets nor the trumpets plays the melody correctly. C. Farley or Farley\xc2\x92s brother is helping me with the project. D. Where is your keys to...'

b'Which one of the following is a run-on sentence? A. I would talk to Frank if I knew him, but people don\xc2\x92t ever talk to him. B. I think Frank might be too busy he likes to make people think he\xc2\x92s smart. C. Jerry told me he likes June, but Hank likes Julie better. D. I\xc2\x92m ...'

b'You say in english The French drinks a lot of wine. The Swiss makes good choloclate. Is there a national adjective without the??'

b'thanks ms. sue for reading story yesterday, i need help writing essay that be on Wat expense be paid by beings by society 4 their unhesitating approval of tradition or brutal social rituals. Do there be rituals that have outlasted their initial usefulness or be retained 4 ...'

b"Hey, can anybody tell me what Names of mountains vary mean? I'm german and have no clue what it can mean.."

b'we are doing a biography on our favourite singer or singers, and i luv justin bieber and one direction. My first choice is one direction since i really love their music. but then the problem is that i will have to do 5 biographys since their are 5 people in one direction. I ...'

b"1. She often missed classes. 2. She often skipped classes. Are bothe the same? Do you use some other expressions instead of 'missed'? 3. She wore the same old dress to school every day. 4. She wore the same old dress when she goes to school every day. Does 3 mean 4? 5. ..."

b'Which is the best way to write this sentence. Today the Pink Palace Museum has a science center too. 1.Today the Pink Palace Museum is having a science center too. 2.Today the Pink Palace Museum had a science center too. 3.Today the Pink Palace Museum will have a science ...'

b"1. The Pink Palace's walls was built with pink marble. 2.The Pink Palace's walls were built with pink marble. 3.The Pink Palace's walls is built with pink marble. Which sentence is written correctly 1"

b'ms. sue thanks for giving me list of traditions : you read the story lottery by shirley jackson? i need help with story, i writing essay on traditions and i need to mention story parts.'

b'In which sentence is a homonym used correctly? A. I would not want to be there mother. B. He replaced the brake lining. C. Wherever you go, their you are. D. He could not break quickly enough to avoid the accident. I think the answer is B'

b'I trying to think of some rituals that still be practised today that be harmful, or should not be practiced. or like some that are practiced for wrong reasons. teacher gave us christmas one, and tell us that we forget the real meaning of christmas, and that it be stressful for...'

b'Which sentence avoids using a pronoun reference error? Al had a dog with fleas, which he was always scratching. When I called the college, they said they were still accepting applications. When Kara went to help her sister fix supper, she was very angry. none of the above'

b'Identify what is wrong with each italicized pronoun reference. If the driver hits another car in a moving violation, the cost of your insurance will go up. indefinite pronoun ambiguous reference no specific antecedent'

b"I need help with this question i don't understand. Sometimes leaders have to make difficult decisions. Scott chose to pursue his goal of reaching the South Pole despite very dangerous weather conditions. What did he have to consider when making his decision? Why do you think ..."

b"sally who is sue's mother is 4 times older than sue but in 20 years sally will be older twice.how old is sally and sue"

b'I need serious help writing a thesis statement and body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph with 2 quotes and a connotation of the quote for each quote for The Scarlet Letter. Please help'

b"Find the plural that has been formed incorrectly. Then write it in its correct plural form. Dad was hoping to catch several bass and trouts for our suppers. I'm not sure if it's trouts or suppers."

b'Check? 1. What action is happening in the poem? Is there a story taking place in the poem? Is the poet reacting to an event? Describe. Edgar is describing his future love. They were only kids when they met, but Edgar knew he loved her. His is telling the story of how they met ...'

b'Edgar Allen Poe. What have you learned about the poet that contributes to the type of poetry he writes?'

b'CHECK PLEASE? Part 1: Poem Structure Annbel lee by edgar allen poe In this part, you will analyze the structure of the poem. Please fill out the following. Title of Poem:Annabel lee Poet: Edgar allen poe Theme: potrait Type of Poem:Narrative poetry Style of Verse: free ...'

b'Hello, I have to do an essay on what specific actions should a Christian do to protect the environment. I am having issues looking up resources thanks'

b'Check this answer? Which letters exist in the Spanish alphabet, but not in the English? A. ll B. ch C. \xc3\xb1 D. s E. none of the above F. a,b, c only My answer was : B'

b'What does ATLEAST mean if the number is 360? A. 360 and less B. 360 and more'

b'Please ASAP can someone give me an introductory paragraph on the Truman show and the giver with the title and author and the thesis statement ? Please just an idea I need help'

b'sales - action of selling something cattle - Large ruminants Bos taurus with horns and cloven hoofs, domesticated for meat or milk, or as beasts of burden; cows. can you help me out it together'

b'the rest of the vocab from November 12 please needed right now'

b'Huswifery uses what kind of poetic device?'

b"Summer Growing Season\xc2\xa0 can't write it as a definition, please help"

b'PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK? Drama: Julius Caesar 1. Caesar returns to Rome during the: A. Easter holiday B. Feast of Lupercalia C. Feast of Diana D. Ides of March Answer: B 2. The interaction between the common people and the tribunes in the first scene primarily shows: A. class ...'

b'Part 1: Poem Structure Annbel lee by edgar allen poe Check PLEASE?? In this part, you will analyze the structure of the poem. Please fill out the following. Title of Poem:Annabel lee Poet: Edgar allen poe Theme: potrait Type of Poem:Narrative poetry Style of Verse: free ...'

b'1. Select the sentence which is correctly punctuated: A He has 2 major hurdles to accomplish before becoming a doctor: completing his residency and passing the state exam. B He has 2 major hurdles to accomplish before becoming a doctor; completing his residency and passing ...'


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