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b"In which of these sentences are quotation marks used incorrectly? A. Neither a lender nor a borrower be, he said B. Raising her hand in warning, she said, Be gone, you wicked spirit. C. I could not believe she said, 'I never worry,' Kate muttered. D. What can you ..."

b'How did the elephant save the life oe porus.'

b"english assignment. topic is common man's crusade content should not be googled\xc2\xa0"

b'Write an essay on how i got admmision into Abia state polythecnic not less than 350 words'

b'REVISED My passion for medical transcription arose because of my love for research and thirst for knowledge after losing my father from stroke complications. I have been curious about new diagnoses, medications, technologies, and new treatment options. As a transcriptionist, ...'

b'IS THIS PARAGRAPH ACCEPTABLE FOR THE INFORMATION REQUIRED? Your goal is to persuade your cousin to apply for the job. You e-mail her a paragraph explaining the specifics of the job and the reasons she should apply. You want to convince her that she has the job skills required...'

b'Please indicate if these details are including in paragraph. The paragraph must describe one particular experience you\xc2\x92ve had that inspired you or guided you to choose the type of position for which you applied. show you have thought carefully about what and/or who has ...'

b"Hi I am doing project on What Factors Promote Psychological Well being in midlife? I am confused and don't know where to start. What should I talk about to make it interesting topic that grabs the readers attention? Please give me ideas to start writing. Do I have to have ..."

b'need to unscramble these letters and make a sentence: hinhakinyteftiditelt'

b'Im on the chapter of permutations/combinations/fundamental counting principle need help with 2 questions 1. emma is arranging her books in piles on her desk. she has 5 math books, 3 english books, and 4 science books. how many ways can she arrange them if she wants to keep the...'

b"Is this antithesis? ...like rain, except its not raining... Like a radio or something, but its not a radio... ...all very civilized, except this isn't civilization. examples taken from The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien"

b'Patrol can be an action verb. Explain how a teacher would patrol.'

b'Things that have the same sound as January'

b'Add one suitable adverb to each of these sentences 1.sbusiso walked across the field 2.the grey horse approached the gate 3.dotor tshabalala donated a prize 4.the trainer apologised for arriving late'

b'quote or paraphase. Examples and explain your answers'

b'What type of analogy is garbage:smelly and antenna:radio?'

b"what is the rule for why achieved' is spelled that way instaed of achieveed?"

b"Need help immediatly If someone already posted please still post And I'm not doing this becuze I'm lazy but becuze I forgot my textbook in my locker and there's nothing on the internet to help TOPIC: NORTHERN EUROPE 1.What river makes london a center for world trade? 2...."

b'Hi, I have a english exam coming up on poetry and Hamlet... the first part is Part A ;Passage Analysis: Choose only three of the following passages from the play Hamlet to comment on. Each response should be concise and well written in full sentences...so I need tips for this...'

b"I'm doing an essay on generalizations and I need 3 paragraphs on it. Also, I need help thinking on what generalization I should do and how I can support it."

b'Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also know she is a perfect match for a job ...'

b'Revised from Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:46 a.m. I choose to become a Medical Transcriptionist to use my skills in writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation. My passion for medical transcription arose because of my love for research and thirst for knowledge. I have been ...'

b'I have to write a two page assignment onorganization. can you show me an apa format. joann'

b"Which of the following is equivalent to x^5 y^2/xy^2 when =/ 0 and y =/ 0 ? 1 point A. X^6 Y^5 B. X^5 Y C. X^4 Y D. X^4 I don't even have a good guess. Thank you."

b'What is antonym of sharp'

b'How important of a factor does money play in the lives and happiness of individuals? is this sentence grammatically correct?'

b"Robin Hood's faithful band of merry men were not only crotchety jovial companions but brave fighters as well jovial? Her mind is so impassable nimble that she always seems to be one step ahead of us in any matter discussion nimble? The self styled tough guy cringed ..."

b'Of all the different types of writing humor may be the most perishable jovial because each generation has its own idea of what is funny jovial? I felt that there was something thoroughly sinister immobile about the way he kept trying to duck questions on that subject ...'

b"Minimum is best described as A. great number C.equal number The other answer choices are cut off but A and C don't mean minimum right? Because minimum is the smallest possible amount"

b"I have cringe martial innovation and format left in my word box I don't expect you to be a hero but do you have to ____ in that cowardly fashion whenever someone disagrees with you cringe? During the war years the government tried by all kinds of propaganda to arouse the ___ ..."

b'Word box affluence arrears cascade cringe crotchety format immobile impassable innovation jovial manacle martial minimum nimble onset partition perishable retrieve sinister taut The feeling of ____ I had when I was paid lasted only until I had finished taking care of my bills ...'

b'Word box affluence arrears cascade cringe crotchety format immobile impassable innovation jovial manacle martial minimum nimble onset partition perishable retrieve sinister taut The ____ mood of our cheerful little gathering changed abruptly to sorrow when news of the tradegy ...'

b'Word box affluence arrears cascade cringe crotchety format immobile impassable innovation jovial manacle martial minimum nimble onset partition perishable retrieve sinister taut Sherlock Holmes detected in the wicked scheme the ____ hand of the evil Professor Moriarty Sinister...'

b'In the following sentence is there a direct object or a predicate adjective? Sometimes I feel nervous before a game.'

b'Langston Hughes Questions: 1. Why does Edward hand over his belongings? 1 point A. He is afraid. B. He feels sorry for the men. C. He is in a hurry and thinks he will be able to get to his destination more quickly if he does as he is told. D. none of the above 2. Why don\xc2\x92t...'

b"As fair as morn, as fresh as May, a pretty grace in saying nay, Smil'st thou sweetheart? then sing and say, Ta na na no, But O that love enchanting eye, Lo, here my doubtful doom I try, Tell me my sweet, live I or die? She smiles, fa la la la, Ah, she frowns, Ay me, I die. ..."

b'birds hidden in nests from fear of cold is this sentence correct?'

b"what is the setting for Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarf?"

b"All Conflict in its simplest form its struggle between good and evil. I need a good interpretation. I cant use good and evil in the interprestation. There needs to be another word for good and evil. I don't know how to interpret without good and evil."

b'I have to write a 1 paragraph summary on how Alfred the Great defines, and explains irony, and how is Alfred the Great an example of irony'

b'1. George Bernard Shaw criticized The Importance of Being Earnest for A.being too long. B.not being funny. C.not having real substance. 2. Choose the word below that best completes the sentence: He\xc2\x92s incredibly ___________; he just can\xc2\x92t make up his mind about anything...'

b'plz can anyone check my poem and mark my correct my mistakes. Lasts Forever once aparted, never met again never saw the wound heeling again once desired, beyond dreams no one i saw blessed anymore once hurtled, smashed from the roots never saw a tree crashed like a walnut once...'

b"This sentence has an error but I'm not sure if this is correct. His father and uncle were theirselves great travelers. Is it suppose to be: His father and uncle were themselves great travelers."

b'Could someone tell me if I have done my essay the right way? Please its due Monday?? The internet is a much easier resource for students than a library\xc2\x94 The first reason the internet is a much easier resource for students than a library, you can Find specific information ...'

b'I Need Someone to check my essay for me and give me some input please.'

b'What 3 elements and introductory paragraph in an essay have? 1 hook 2 thesis statement 3????????'

b'Harmatan weather'

b'explain how content purpose and audience and tone impact academic writing. not good in writing papers'

b"Which of the following should be included in the first paragraph of a prospecting job application letter? A. A complete discussion of the writer's skills and qualification. B. A statement that you are applying for a particular advertised position. C. Dates and times that you ..."

b"In three to five sentences, explain how Ambrose Bierce's use of foreshadowing or flashback influence An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge."


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