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b'Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. You want to be the person responsible for putting the book on the shelf. You should convince the publisher that the book is well...'

b"Read the sentences Combine them to make a compound sentence using a comma and the coordinating conjunction in We had a great time at the beach. I can't wait to go back and We had a great time at the beach, and I can't wait to go back. The marathon was exhausting. I'd like..."

b"I must combine the following sentences in the most effective way. Is my answer correct? Sentences: 1. He didn't cover his vehicle with the traditional camouflage. 2. He covered it with his own drawings. My answers - Not sure which is the best way: He didn't cover his vehicle..."

b'Read each sentence. Underline the compound subject compound verb or compound direct object Shakespeare wrote plays and sonnets I underlined plays and sonnets That musician writes and plays his own music I underlined writes and plays People ski and snowboard in those mountains ...'

b'I must improve the organization of these four sentences of a paragraph in the most effective way. Is my answer correct? Sentences: 1. The reader has probably figured out that the boy named Walter was Walter Elias Disney. 2. During his lifetime Disney and his staff created 18 ...'

b'Read the sentences combine them by changing one sentence into a phrase 1.Alexis helps people understand the exhibits. Alexis is a guide at the museum. Alexis, a guide at the museum,helps people understand the exhibits. 2.Settlers built new towns in Texas. They built them ...'

b'Question: How can I rewrite this sentence to maintain the 3rd person academic tone? Is my answer correct? 1. You have probably figured out that the boy named Walter was Walter Elias Disney. My answer: One has probably figured out that the boy named Walter was Walter Elias Disney.'

b'Read each sentence identify and rewrite the subordinate clause 1. Adam studied for his science test because he wanted to do well. because he wanted to do well 2.You should turn the music down so that your brother can study. so that your brother can study 3.Although I left the ...'

b'Read the clauses. Then write main or subordinate for each clause. if the clause is a subordinate clause add a main clause to make it a complex sentence Before I go to school Subordinate Before I go to school I take a shower We heard a concert at Town Lake Park main That I read...'

b"Read the following sentences write whether each underlined clause is the main clause or a subordinate clause What's the definition of a clause?"

b"Read the sentences Add the correct end punctuation to each one Do earthquakes occur in Texas ? The sound of sirens awakened us . For English class, what book will you read ? That's a giant fire ant mound Please put away your books . That player just made an amazing shot ..."

b'Read each sentence. Write whether the sentence is declarative interrogative imperative or exclamatory 1.Use caution when you cross the street. Imperative 2.Where was Lyndon B. Johnson born? Interrogative? 3.The planet closest to the sun is Mercury. Declarative 4. What kinds of...'

b'Decide if the underlined pronoun I put what was underlined in parentheses in the sentences below is being used as a subject, a predicate nominative, or an appositive. He and Bev are using the new computer. subject my answerpredicate nominative appositive The dancers on ...'

b'i want to know more about the who what where why and how of robert falcon scott and the terra nova expedition'

b'How do you pronounce Draven in Jamie Draven?'

b'conclusion of the story'

b'The antonyms of ignore,optimistic,humility,indolent,bori?ng,attack,normal,innocuous,preserve,comm?ence'

b'I need help writing a lead sentence, it has to answer the who, what, why, when and how The Director of Budget and Accounting, Patsy Moore, shared a presentation about the 2013 Capital Improvement Plan on Monday during the City Commission Meeting in Kalamazoo. Does that work, ...'

b"8.Letters of protest deluged tinted the Mayor's office when he proposed an increase in the sales tax deluged? 9.It is good for you to stand up for your rights but you should not do so in a way that verges subordinates on discourtesy verges? 10.There are times in life ..."

b'1. We held a meeting to discuss why the sale of tickets to the class dance has been so sluggish, rotund and what we can do about it. Sluggish? 2.At the State Fair, we separated to visit different exhibits, but we agree to saunter, rendezvous at the refreshment stand at ...'

b"Proper use of apostrophe in sentence: Oklahoma's dust storms in the 1930's blew away tons of soil. Correct?"

b'Its the book My Father Writes To My Mother The author senses the ____ of the union of a man and a woman. \xc2\xa0 shame mystery importance requirement'

b'Identify the term that best describes the words/phrases in parentheses. 1. The teacher asked her pupils to stay put during the screening of the documentary. linking verb action verb 2. The committee judged the logo the most appropriate symbol for the association\xc2\x92s ...'

b'we had to take this news lead and turn it into a broadcast sentence PORTAGE, MI \xc2\x97 The Portage Public Schools Board of Education said former Superintendent Richard Perry engaged in several acts of misconduct all stemming from his \xc2\x93extramarital affair\xc2\x94 with the district\xc2\x92...'

b'I need help with my thesis statement for my term paper on Alcatraz. The paper focuses on Alcatraz history, Life on Alcatraz and Famous Prisoners and escapes 10th grade. I have: Alcatraz, a federal penitentiary, history of Alcatraz, life on Alcatraz, while Alcatraz was a ...'

b'Word box: I have Intimidate liberate logical misrepresent optional and variable left 10. her arguement was so ______ that she convinced us that her solution to the math problem was the correct one logicaL?'

b"Word box avenge cede deluge discretion giddy impact intimidate liberate logical misrepresent optional outright rendezvous rotund saunter sluggish subordinate tint variable verge. I'm going to skip some on my paper so I skipped some numbers. 14.After the heavy meal we felt so ..."

b"Word box avenge cede deluge discretion giddy impact intimidate liberate logical misrepresent optional outright rendezvous rotund saunter sluggish subordinate tint variable verge. I'm going to skip some on my paper so I skipped some numbers. 1. By late September the leaves on ..."

b'Read the following sentences. Then rewrite them so that they are simple sentences. You will need to leave out words to make the sentences simple 1.The snacks and drinks that Mom put on the counter disappeared quickly. The snacks and drinks disappeared quickly. 2.Even though it...'

b'Read each sentence then write whether the sentence is simple or not simple My dog Buddy fetches the paper in the morning Simple The subway which runs under the city is a fast way to travel Not simple Cici sings in the school choir simple Jen talks on the phone and does her ...'

b'Is the below the correct way to cite an artical from a website in APA? I got marked off on my assignment for having it this way. Researchers at national institute of technology release new data on ethanol. 2013, Jan 18. Drug Week. Retrieved from website URL'

b'Which is proper grammar? 1.The maid comes in and does the massage. OR 2.The maid comes in and do the massage. I personally think it is the first one, but i need your opinion.'

b'6. Each of the following words has the suffix -ed. Which word is spelled correctly? A. Plotted B. Preenned C. Duckked D. Cleanned 8. When reading a newspaper, you come across the word subterranean. You guess the meaning of the word by breaking it into its parts. You know that...'

b'Can anyone tell me which of the following sentences is a compound sentence? A. Charlie said it\xc2\x92s cold outside but hot in his bedroom. B. Jared enjoys eating eggs and bacon for breakfast. C. Sierra can\xc2\x92t decide between the blue and the black shoes. D. Thomas is meeting us ...'

b'What elements of the Restoration comedy are seen in The Importance of Being Earnest?'

b'What is the function of the characters of Miss Prism and Chasuble?'

b'What is the significance of the repetition of the word absurd in the play?'

b'10. How does Algernon find out where Jack\xc2\x92s house in the country is located? He eavesdrops on Jack.--Is this correct? He has Lane find out. He steals Jack\xc2\x92s mail. Jack tells him. 11. What is Bunburying? Making up a fake identity to avoid debt collectors. Making up a fake ...'

b"I have to do a paragraph due Wednesday. Could someone please read it and point out any unclear, vague, or wordy points? Throughout Langston Hughes' poem Mother to Son, the speaker sympathizes with the reader regarding the difficulty of life. For example, the speaker begins ..."

b"Which of the following is an independent clause? Where Juan lived. Because Juan was brave. Juan's favorite adventure. Juan explored the cave. Which of the following groups of words is a clause? to learn a new language around the corner waiting for the bell to ring if the ..."

b"How do I cite APA style when you don't have the author or when you don't have the date? I need help with this I don't feel like the citation machine I am working is doing it right and I want to know how to do it. Thanks"

b"I am reading an article about Britney Spears leaving the X-Factor. On of the lines says she wasn't a great judge, but she didn't shave her hair off or anything, so she proved herself capable of keeping together. I feel like this might be a logical fallacy, but I'm not sure ..."

b'How would you reword this sentence to make it easier to understand? In other words, giving up results in goals much harder to achieve, thus persevering really makes a difference.'

b"I am to create a timeline that illustrates the history of children's literature in western culture using five key milestones of children's literature. Can you please tell me if these milestones I have chosen would be correct to use: 1-invention and development of printing ..."

b'Can you explain to me what this means: First thoughts are also unencumbered by ego, by that mechanism in us that tries to be in control, tries to prove the world is permanent and solid, enduring and logical.'

b'1.How do decrease distance between subjects and verbs in this sentence. \xc2\x95 Species of the genus Drosophila reproduce in a wide range of different resources, including fruits, sap, flowers, mushrooms and cacti. Drosophila species and their resources also exhibit considerable ...'

b'Please help The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were dramatized by all of the following except My ANSWER is D A the Newburgh Conspiracy. B Shays\xc2\x92 Rebellion. C the absence of a centralized authority. D the absence of a single currency. Impeachment can be...'

b"assignment on common man's crusade"

b'Culture diversity/a mobile workforce command creative leadership, new partnerships, and innovative approaches to integration? I put Culture diversity/a mobile workforce command creative leadership, new partnerships, and innovative approaches to integration; and my teacher said...'

b'3. Which of the following is a complex sentence that contains a dependent adverbial clause? A. Mark expects the photo to arrive late. B. Mark expects the photo to arrive in damaged condition. C. Mark expects the photo to arrive when the letter arrives. D. Mark expects the ...'


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