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b'1. Why is the agreement in the following sentence incorrect? Neither of the cakes are very expensive. The verb should agree with cakes, which is a plural noun. The verb should agree with cakes, which is a singular noun. The verb should agree with neither, which is a plural ...'

b'In the following sentence, which words should be in quotation marks? Did you read the chapter Chemical Reactions in our science textbook, Understanding Chemistry? A. chapter Chemical Reactions B. Chemical Reactions C. Understanding Chemistry I think the answer is B, as it is a...'

b'Which word correctly completes the sentence? To blank did you write the card? A. Who B. Whom I thnk the answer is B. Whom. Which meaning of the vocabulary word steep is used in the sentence below? The steep rise in gas prices angered the population. A. Vertical B. Sudden C. ...'

b'In the book, A glory over everything, What kind of help does the white woman refer to when she tells Harriet, \xc2\x93If you ever need any help\xc2\x97\xc2\x94?'

b'1. What can you predict about the poem by previewing the title, subtitle, and first line of the poem \xc2\x93In Response to Executive Order 9066\xc2\x94? A. It will be a letter to the Japanese-American citizens in which they are told they must leave their homes. B. It will be a letter ...'

b"can you proofread my broadcast news stories I had to write.. had to write 3 of them answering the who what when where why and how... if they need revising that's fine.. from what i understand broadcast news stories have to be conversational. 1. THE MICHIGAN STATE ..."

b'Rephrase the main idea of the sample in your own words, without repeating words or sentence structure from the original statement. Right now, smartphones are selling like mad in the U.S. market, where sales jumped 84 percent between 2007 and 2008, according to NPD, the market...'

b'could you please tell me how to use and identify the position of an adverb in a sentence'

b'Mookie4571 Beginner 16 Which of the following sentences uses passive voice appropriately? A. Your order was shipped yesterday and should arrive by Friday. B. The shipping clerk sent your order yesterday and it should arrive by friday. C. The decision was made after ...'

b'Who is the primary audience for a company that cans and markets pet food? A. suppliers of the food product b. vetenarians and hospitals c. pet owners d. cats and dogs I say C'

b"You are a technical writer in a large company, working on a training manual to help new users learn the companys computer system. Employees will use your manual in training seninars taught by your company's trainers. The manual will also serve as an on the job reference later..."

b'With increased market globalization,intercultural competence A. becomes less of a challenge. B. is aided significantly by advanced technologies such as faxes, overnight delivery, and e-mail. C. reduces the chances of interacting with people who speak another language. D. is ...'

b'Have anyone watch Forrest Gump? please answer this question...I need help with something'

b'in great expectations what is ironic about miss. jones not going to church'

b'Essay: more than a thousand people are killed in road accidents during december holiday.how can this carnage on our roads be stopped?'

b'In the book From the land I lost by Huynh Quang Nhuong, To what does the title of this selection refer?'

b'In classifying this sentence. We SP returned v to p camp adv early adj today op. declarativeIs this correct? or is it to p camp op early adj?'

b'essay on modernity is a question not of time but of outlook.What do u mean by this'

b'1. I go to the ballet class once a week. 2. I go to ballet class once a week. Is 2 grammatcal? What is the difference between 1 and 2?'

b"He has stopped taking boxing lessons and goes to the ballet class. In this sentence, what does 'class'mean? Does 'class' mean 'lesson'? Or does 'class' mean the 'class' as in ' He is a student of Class 1-1'?"

b'Howard likes birds. simile or not simile?'

b'1. Which of the key reading skills for reading informational articles involves looking for key words and phrases in a text before reading the text? A. identifying main idea and supporting details B. previewing C. skimming and scanning D. understanding text structures'

b'Which sentence uses correct parallel construction? A. Anyone who is going to work here will have to be athletic, an intelligent person, and have a good sense of humor. B. Most people enjoy ice cream and the plant grows. C. The painter wore glasses, gloves, and boots. D. You\xc2\xa0'

b'A split infinitive is an infinitive that A. has a word between to and the verb. B. is used as an adjective or a noun. C. is used without the word to. D. must have a subject ..A? Each one of the following sentences contains a clause. In which sentence is the clause used as ...'

b'What is the simple predicate of the following sentence? The Saturn rocket made travel to the moon possible. A. Moon B. Made C. Possible D. Travel .. B? Which sentence uses correct parallel construction? A. Anyone who is going to work here will have to be athletic, an ...'

b'Primal fear is thriller, crime, mystery movie. The film is set in the courtroom and church the City of Chicago in the year 1990\xc2\x92s. The movie is directed by Gregory Hoblit and this was his first theatrical film released. The movie is an adaptation of William Diehl\xc2\x92s 1993 ...'

b'Hi, What are 3 pieces of evidence to back up the argument that there is no way Myrtle Wilson will leave Tom Buchanan? Thanks'

b'What is the predicate of the following sentence? We ordered breakfast from room service? And my next question is what does predicate mean exactly?'

b'choosing a conjunction and the relationship it expresses: ------you buy a rare manuscript, make certain of its authenticity. I used Before but it would be time or Should I use If and it would be condition This is so confusing'

b'Which is recommended when including a career objective on the resume of a recent college graduate?'

b'I have to write a letter of intent to a college stating why I am a good fit for their journalism program. In the rough draft, I wrote this sentence: I follow current events on a casual, weekly basis. How can I sound a little more dedicated to my approach in this statement?'

b'the strategies we use when reading informational texts are'

b"I'm trying to write a paragraph with levels of generality for English. Here's what I have so far... I need help with grammar and punctuation... also does it make sense ? In the city of Carson, California there is a small house on Mesa Boulevard that is shared among five people..."

b'Identify the nouns and verbs in this sentence please. The Lord is my strength and my salvation; in him I will trust.'

b'What are the nouns and verbs in this sentence? Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.'

b'What are the adverbs in the following sentence The teacher seemed unusually cheerful. Is it unusually and cheerful?'

b'What point is Tan making with the example of her mother and the hospital in Mother Tongue by Amy Tan 1990?'

b"What is the main idea of 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe? The raven haunts the man while being awfully depressed by his long lost love."

b"what is the plot of 'new directions' by maya angelou?"

b'What is a example of a understatement in the cask of amontillado.? Is one my heart grew sick, it was the dampness of the catacombs that made it so a understantment in this story? PLEASEE HELP ASAP'

b'What is a example of a understatement in the cask of amontillado.? I know a understatement is a form of speech which contains an expression of less strength than what would be expected. I really need help with this. Thanks :'

b'1. Peggy and Maddie felt sorry about teasing Wanda. = Peggy and Maddie felt sorry that they teased Wanda. 2. Peggy and Maddie felt sorry about having teased Wanda. = Peggy and Maddie felt sorry that they had teased Wanda. What is the difference between 1 and 2? Is the ...'

b"I feel something very hot, like a fire inside my body. What does 'in side my body' modify? Does it modify 'feel' or does it modify 'a fire'? 2. Thank you. - It's nothing. - Think nothing of it. Are both answers used properly?"

b"1. Billy Elliot is a 11-year-old boy who lives in a small town in England. What does 'in England' modify? Does it modify 'lives' or 'a small town'? 2. She asks him to take ballet class. 3. She asks him to take a ballet class. 4. She asks him to take the ballet class. Are ..."

b'Can you tell me what is the culture and tradition in Boise, Idaho like ?'

b'High I need to describe Rocky Mountains from my view but i never saw them. Can someone please help me to write 2 sentence description of rocky mountains. Our teacher told us it should be in Imagery Format. Please Help'

b"An essay aboutBe quiet,the leader hissed.they, mustn't know we are here."

b"I want to know how there be alliteration in this sentence. and tighten him for slack moments because don't alliteration mean reptition of initial consonant sounds, and this don't be like peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers"

b'The English Alphabet has 20 letters more than one?fourth the number of letters in the Greek Alphabet. The English Alphabet has 26 letters. Which of the following equations would you use to find the number of letters, g, in the Greek Alphabet?'

b'1. Why is there no charity in Mithila? A. No one in the country is need of it. B. The poor can collect the cast-off C. jewelry for money. D.The wealthy are greedy and do not give to the poor. No one is wealthy enough to give to others. 2. Why does Sita feel ill after ...'


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