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b'Can you give us a topic on our thesis about civil engineering?'

b'1. The distance to the finish line seemed endless. 2. I have ever ran so fast. 3. Eli ran a surprisingly fast time in the trial. 4. He walked confidently to the starting blocks. 5. Is the high jump the first field event? 6. We looked exhausted, but we felt great ...'

b'1. I hurridely dressed in my uniform. 2. The runner beside me looked serious. 3. The crowd cheered enthusiastically for all the runners. 4. Our team is so excited about the 400-meter relay. 5. Pedro jumped easily and cleared the bar. 6. Coach Williams proudly ...'

b'1. \xc2\xbfCu\xc3\xa1l es la prima mayor? 2. \xc2\xbfCu\xc3\xa1l es la prima menor? 3. Es el doce de mayo. Es el 20 de agosto. Es el primero de diciembre. Es el uno de diciembre. 4. Tiene doce a\xc3\xb1os. Tienes doce a\xc3\xb1os. Tengo doce a\xc3\xb1os. Thank You so much'

b'La familia Gutierrez tiene dos hijos. Ram\xc3\xb3n tiene 15 a\xc3\xb1os. Es el hijo mayor. Su cumplea\xc3\xb1os es el veinte de agosto. Rogelio tiene 13 a\xc3\xb1os. Es el hijo menor. El cumplea\xc3\xb1os de Rogelio es el 1 de diciembre. Ram\xc3\xb3n y Rogelio tienen dos primas. Ellas se llaman Lidia y Silvia. ...'

b'nigerian roads : economic challenge'

b'after so many years of strife strand-in business, politics, and the family-he wants only to retire to the peace and quiet of his ranch. strife? we should respect our national leaders,but we should not idolize discredit them and assume they can do no wrong. idolize?'

b'Do you think that Joyce has the ability to beautifully describe scenery? Why or why not? Answer in complete sentences.'

b'What is best way to combine the two sentences? Some bands wear uniforms. Some bands play marches. 1> Some bands wear uniforms, and some bands play marches. 2. Some bands are wearing uniforms and marching. 3. Some bands wear uniforms and play marches. 1 is correct answer'

b"FYI: It is in all caps because with this class our teacher recommends us to write this way because it's easier to read out loud. I revised it A UNIVERSITY STUDENT RAN INTO HER PROFESSOR AT SCHOOL THE SAME DAY SHE PRETENDED TO BE SICK. NAOMI BUSH SAYS BECAUSE SHE DID NOT FINISH..."

b"Would someone please proofread my broadcast news story.. I'd appreciate feedback. Thanks in advance A University student ran into her professor at school the same day she pretended to be sick. Naomi Bush says because she did not finish her project last week when it was due\xc2\x97..."

b'e last word in each sentence is either an adjective or an adverb. 1. The sun burnt the grass quickly. Answer: adverb 2. It burnt the grass black. Answer: adverb 3. He drove his employees hard. Answer: Adjective 4.The student studied hard for his test, so she did well. Answer: ...'

b'story: why, you reckon? What argument does the other man use to convince the narrator to team up with him? What lesson do you think the narrator learned by the end of the evening?'

b"Check, Please? Select the one that is a Not a sentence fragment. A. Asking the interviewer how often he would have to work on weekends. B. To apply for a job at the new store in the mall. C. Shaking his new boss's hand, Tony knew he would like working there. Answer: C Modifier..."

b'1Why do you think dystopian literature is such a popular trend among today\xc2\x92s young adults? 2Why do you think fictional utopias always tend to go horribly wrong and become dystopias? 3Why do you think the fictional survivors of an apocalypse always seem to end up creating ...'

b"I'm attempting to write a persuasive essay about a book that I think should get on shelf.. Can anyone giving me ideas?"

b"Hello. Thank you very much for the previous answer. Please help me with one more question. Which word order is better: Chinese state-run companies or state-run Chinese companies? I haven't found any precise rules, so maybe the word order here doesn't matter? Thank you for ..."

b'Essy topic why i like living in south africa'

b'You were to listen to two authors see chapter 11 for the list of authors -- click on any two of the links, and listen to the two authors you chose. Now you need to identify specific examples of the following: * Central idea explain the main idea of what the author was ...'

b'Can someone please check my answers for me please 1. Which of the following is NOT a behavior associated with editing? checking your spelling cleaning up formatting developing a subtopic fixing punctuation errors MY ANSWER 2. True or False: The purpose of editing is to make ...'

b'can you help me with this quote. circumstances are beyond the control of man; but his conduct is in his own power. What does this really mean??'

b'I need a sonnet with 14 lines 10 syllables per line and ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheem for tomorrow please? Is about something you hate...thank you:'

b'Can you please describe a peaceful country by using imagery.'

b"poem with 14 lines and 10 syllables vent about ONE THING you HATE - I don't know how to do a poem sonnet"

b"What is Imagine there is no Heaven by Salman Rushdie about? I was looking for a general summary because I don't understand"

b'Can someone please help me with this analogy? Joints:inflamed::_______atrophy. It is a crossword and there are 7 spaces. Thanks'

b"Write down what you learn about Herbert, Mr. White, and Mrs. White from their reactions to the paw. Ms.WHite: She didn't think if you asked for something you'd get something taken away for that wish. Mr.WHite: he seemed to only want the the paw for show but, when he new its ..."

b"Hello again. Dear Writeacher. I'm embarrassed to bother you with the same questions you have already answered, but my problem is that I didn'n quite get it my fault, so will you be so kind as to answer it again: do we need the article in the context it's important to ..."

b'Hello. Will you please check the sentence for me? Is the second part of it natural, maybe it needs the article? Many people have died since the time of the? occupation. Thank you for all your help.'

b'pl let me know the parts of speech for OVER in the given text : She spread a cloth OVER the table'

b'Decide if the underlined in parentheses pronoun in the sentences below is used as a subject, a predicate nominative, or an appositive. Both Ben and he will graduate at the same time. my answersubject predicate nominative appositive The driver of that station was she. ...'

b'Identify how the underlined pronoun in each sentence is being used. 18. Someone sent Ed and me a text from an unknown phone. direct object my answerindirect object 19. Mr. Simons saw Owen and us at the registry. my answerdirect object indirect object 20. Show Edie and...'

b'The towns water pipe was in the way of the new bridge'

b'What word is being modified by the prepositional phrase? The monkeys ran from the sound of humans? Is it sound?'

b'Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? Most of Alaska averages a population density, of under, 3 people per square, mile Most of Alaska averages a population density of under 3 people per square mile. Most of Alaska, averages a population density, of under ...'

b'Hello. I will really appreciate your advice. 1Do we need the article the in the following context: It is important to enhance cooperation with the ?non-members of the European Union no particular country is meant, just a general statement? 2The same problem with ...'

b'An Essay of 350 words,Topic is about A mememorable moment'

b'In persuasive writing, it is important to'

b'1. In the first period, I have a class. 2. At the first period, I have a class. 3. On the first period, I have a class. 4. In the first period, I have class. 5. At the first period, I have class. 6. On the first period, I have class. Which ones are grammatical?'

b"1. I didn't know you had such great talent in ballet. 2. I didn't know you had such a great talent in ballet. Which one is correct? Do we have to insert 'a' or not? 3. Do you really mean it, Dad? 3 is the answer to the previous statement. What does mean it mean? 4. Do ..."

b'i need to write a historical narrative for school. it has to have dialogue and be in any persons viewpoint from the great depression and world war 2. it has to revolve around a specific climax or such. so i need some help coming up what to write about thanks much.'

b"I am writing a story and the main characters name is Raine, but I can't find a surname for the life of me One that sounds good, not super common, and is British. Yeah Google isn't very helpful right now, so I decided to resort to Jiskha Help please : Thanks"

b'1. Why is the agreement in the following sentence incorrect? Neither of the cakes are very expensive. 1 point The verb should agree with cakes, which is a plural noun. The verb should agree with cakes, which is a singular noun. The verb should agree with neither, which is a ...'

b'I have to write an satire and I am doing it on the movie The Help.'

b"I am categorizing files by numbers. But I have a couple of files w/o 's. Then what 1 label would I give these group of files? Ex: Unknown..."

b'Where reading the poem LEGAL ALIEN by Pat Mora . We have to find the rhythm,meter, and assonance . I cant fimd any of that in the poem . Please tell me what each one of them are in the poem .. Reply ASAP please'

b'in to kill a mockingbird what is an xample of an alliteration'


b'i need help, i am writing a paper on gay marriage. I need to write a compound-complex sentence on it too. help'

b"Rephrase the main idea of the sample in your own words, without repeating words or sentence structure from the original statement. I honestly can't seem to decide on how it should be worded Air pollution can also have a significant impact on our economy. It can cost a lot ..."


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