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b'does any of the students want to sign up for knitting class this fall is the right way do any of the students want'

b'can you plz check my english answers'

b'Jacob and Ben gave hismovie tickets to the volunteers. what is the best way to write his its them their correct as is'

b'ellen brought her uncle a picture of the mountains is the parenthesis the subject the direct object indirect object or predicartive nominative'

b'when you get to the corner, turn right is the parenthesis idependent clause or dependent clause or ajd clause or adverb clause'

b"Can someone please help, I'm supose to write explaining what advice one would give George and Lydia Hadley on how to be become better parents. I don't understand this passage so I don't know what to write. I don\xc2\x92t know anything, he said, except that I\xc2\x92m beginning to be ..."

b"Hello. Thanks for the previous answers. Please have a look at the context, and say if it's OK I'm afraid it's again stilted the way you say: He is a well-known scientist with a very good reputation; there are good responses to him in the academic world and in the press. ..."

b"possessive pronouns of martha katz's?"

b"Hello again. Will you please help me with a few more questions? 1Which word order is correct: ahe was accused of taking bribes by his colleagues or b he was accused by his colleagues of taking bribes? 2Do you think it's possible to say: there are good responses to this ..."

b'Goodman Brown is compelled to continue into the forest toward the devilish gathering when ___ 1 pointthe older man gives him a staff. he hears the minister talking. he sees a ribbon from his wife Faith\xc2\x92s cap. he sees his neighbor.'

b'Blatant,blight, contrive,garbled,immaculate,gaunt,retali?ate .........The little girl was so\xc2\x97\xc2\x97\xc2\x97-after her illness that her parents carefully\xc2\x97\xc2\x97-ed fattening meals that were sure to arouse her appetite.'

b'Hello. Please help me with the use of the word judge. The dictionary defines one of its meaning as to criticize, but somehow I feel it does not suit the following contex or am I wrong? The Russian parliament yesterday adopted an anti-gay law. The EU has already judged...'

b'4. What conclusion can you draw from Anne and Peter\xc2\x92s interaction at the beginning of Scene 3?'

b"Hello. Will you please help me with the word judge? Do you think it's possible to say:The EU has judged this decision or law meaning: 'condemned, criticized'? Thank you for your help."

b"Willie is a ________ on our school. Not only does he start fights with opposing players on the basketball court, but he also _______s after he's benched. as if he's prode of causing such turmoils. In fact,although he's a great player, the coach is pondering kicking him off the..."

b"The little girl was so___ after her illness that her parents carfully____ed fattening meals that were sure to arouse her appetite. Willie is a ________ on our school. Not only does he start fights with opposing players on the basketball court, but he also _______s after he's..."

b'After the bully struck him, Jules wanted to________ by throwing a rock, but he had______s about doing anything so dangerous.'

b'Which sentence shows correct punctuation of an introductory structure? When I ran across the tile I lost my balance and slipped. If I had stayed late on Friday, I could have caught up on my work. Well I delivered the memo to Mr. Jenkins last week. Miriam ran the copies, and ...'

b"I'm really confused by the story Score/Score by Phyllis Gotlieb. what's the mood? what's the author's tone?"

b'Which sentence contains a present participle'

b'The confused student shook his head to clear it'

b"I'm writing a book review in APA and I need to cite a quote. Would it be similar to an essay where I would do the following: Author's last name, date of publication, page number Brown, 1999, p. 75 Do I need to include chapters, as well? The novel I'm doing is The Lovely ..."

b'could someone please proofread my essay and give me any feed back on any changes that needs to be made. I am Sally Goodin, Administrative Assistant of the Human Resources Department at 1701 W. Beebecapps in Mesquite, Texas 34567. Broadworth General Hospital will be hosting a ...'

b'Today I chose a book called The Story of Davy Crockett Which punctuation mark is needed in sentence? . ? none Period'

b'1. Polly the Parrot had come, came with me. come'

b'Which of the sentences below is punctuated correctly? The cord winds around the pole, and across the door frame. The wind blew fiercely, and the door slammed shut. The boy slept, and wouldn\xc2\x92t budge when his mom tried to wake him.'

b'Combine each pair of sentences that follow into one sentence by creating a subordinate clause that presents information about a verb. Your subordinate clause will tell when, where, how, why, to what extent, or under what conditions the action of the verb is performed. 1....'

b"Hey : I have a quizz on Friday, and on the shetts, it seems to be a mistake... First it stands there: Complements can be expresseed by adjectives or a bare noun. Objects can't. And then at an example sentences cannot be replaced my an adjective or a bare noun -> it is a ..."

b'how do u find a subject for writng instuctions for using a tool'

b'1..He saw, seen dozens of beautiful yellow roses. 2. He saw, seen a film about safety. 3. They saw a car that ran, run a red light. 4. Officer Hill did, done a good job at our school. 1. saw 2. saw 3. ran 4. did'

b'What is the adjective in the sentence The red truck was parked behind the garage? A. red B. truck C. behind D. parked'

b'Many Jewish people, like Anne\xc2\x92s family, hid to escape Nazi persecution during World War II. In what other way did people attempt to save themselves?A.They asked the Nazi party for protection. B.They fled to North and South America. C.They signed petitions to outlaw ...'

b'In the play Antigone Which character do you think is wholly right in their actions? Wholly wrong? Partially right or wrong? Give reasons for your judgement.'

b"What is the significance of the twelve tablets The Twelve TABLES were significant because they were an early example of written law displayed publicly for all who could read them, another example being Hammurabi's Code What measures did the government take to distract and ..."

b'Which of the following sentences from the article is an example of hyperbole? Here are the examples... A. Ivory-billed woodpeckers still graced the planet. B.According to experts, they need large areas of old-growth forest, including many big, dead trees, in order to survive....'

b"Hello. I'll be very grateful for some help again. Do you think it's OK to use resolve in the present perfect continuous tense, for example: they have been resolving the problem for several weeks? Thank you very much for all your answers."

b'What does Mrs. Frank think of the idea of Peter being Anne\xc2\x92s boyfriend? She is thrilled that Anne will finally have a boyfriend. She doesn\xc2\x92t really care if Anne has a boyfriend. She is uncomfortable with idea that Anne might have a boyfriend.'

b"Hello. Please help me with a few questions. 1Do you think it's possible to use as expected in reference to the future, for example: As expected, they will arrive next week? 2Do you think the word combination to gain a historic triumph over someone sounds natural? Thank..."

b'A person who is meticulous is likely to make swift decisions live a very chaotic life have a very clean house'

b'Which is the correct MLA citation for a magazine article? 1 point Brian Carson. \xc2\x93The Real Story Behind Bigfoot.\xc2\x94 Myths and Legends Mar. 2010: 20. Print. Carson, Brian. \xc2\x93The Real Story Behind Bigfoot.\xc2\x94 Myths and Legends Mar. 2010: 20. Print. Brian Carson. Myths and ...'

b'More than a thousand people are killed in road accidents during the december hoildaeys how can this carnage on our road be stopped?'

b'In the English alphabet, there are 7 capital letters that look the same after being rotated 180?. Those letters are H, I, N, O, S, X, and Z. How many different 3 letter words can be made from these letters such that when the word is rotated 180?, the resulting ...'

b'can you give me 4 examples of informative texts..or websites where can I look for informative texts--4 paragraph informative texts...i need it nowreally urgent...please...'

b"Hello. I'll appreciate some help. Do you think the following structure sounds OK: It is said in the statement that...? Thank you very much for your help."

b'Where can I find informative texts? Long oncealso informative text about fiction...'

b"Is this grammatically correct? I can't believe that I'm growing up so fast."

b'make a poem on rain, first word of all lines verticaly MUSKAN Like: M................. U.................. S................... k.................... A.................... N...................'

b'Hello. I will be grateful for some grammar help. 1Which tense is correct in the context: they will get the documents ready by Friday or they will have got the documents ready by Friday? Are both structures possible? 2Is it possible to use after in the structure: They ...'

b"I have a data story to write on employment and in my city unemployment for blacks is double the amount it is for whites.. I'm suppose to speak with employment agencies and speak with them about this issue. Do you guys have any suggestions of any statistical questions I could ..."

b'hello : I am a freshman college student and I am looking for a thesis topic about civil engineering.Can you give me a topic on my thesis about civil engineering? thanks :'


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