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b'How often does it flood in the uk?'

b'Which one is correct in the planet or on the planet?'

b'one purpose of the summary is to ?'

b'Click on the box to choose whether each sentence restates the key idea expressed in the key sentence. Key Idea: When hot weather arrives and the nation takes to the outdoors, mishaps multiply. Drowning is the fourth most frequent cause of accidental deathin the summer. restate...'

b'Be careful not to overdue the hot spices What changes should be made? change overdue to overdo insert comma after hot change exclamtion point to a question mark?'

b'A Works Cited is a list of sources used in your research; a bibliography is a list of sources referenced during your research. \xc2\x95 true<--- my answer \xc2\x95 false'

b'Revising and Editing It is not only quick and easy to make but it also tastes good and is fun to eat. What changes should be made in this sentence? Insert a comma after make? Change good to well? or insert a comma after fun?'

b'11. Absurdism is the attempt to show the absurdity of the human condition. \xc2\x95 true<--- my anwser \xc2\x95 false'

b'Scientists report 1 that creatures living in the deep sea are in danger of starving to death. Millions of undiscovered species live, in the deep sea. Creatures in the seabed are suffering from growing food shortages. Which may be a result of rising sea temperatures. ...'

b'Trust in the Lord with all of your heart.Do not depend on your own understading.'

b"What European country was England's primary rival in North America? In which colonies did the citizens have the most power over their own affairs? About how long after the conflict between Britain and the colonies broke into open warfare was the Declaration of Independence ..."

b'In the 1920s, there was a boom in? consumerism. religion. world travel I believe it is world travel???'

b'does anyone know the movie the dead poet society? I chose a character from the movie, Mr.Keating I need help giving example of how mr.keating embodies Transcendentalism, romanticism, and realism I really need help with giving example of romanticism and realism for mr.keating.'

b'Could someone help me improve this sentence so it is more understandable and has better word choice? You now know that a wasting gas car is no comparison to a saving electric car.'

b"Can someone tell me if my sentences are correct, please? I'll be very thankful to you. \xc2\x95When I arrived at the hotel, someone was cleaning my room \xc2\x95If I had known that he was so rude, I would have never married him. \xc2\x95You would tell the truth if you were good friends \xc2\x95I ..."

b"There's something wrong with this sentence but I can't put my finger on it The federal government has put into effect a mandate that requires all gasoline in Canada to contain 5 percent ethanol."

b'I have a take over the world assignment to do.. Come up with a way to create a long term, stable dictatorship in Canada. However you have seen what happens in dictatorships when the population becomes dissatisfied. How are you going to ensure that the population remains ...'

b"Can someone tell me if my sentences are correct, please? I'll be very thankful to you. \xc2\x95When I arrived at the hotel, someone was cleaning my room \xc2\x95If I had known that he was so rude, I would have never married him. \xc2\x95You would tell the truth if you were good friends \xc2\x95I..."

b'Today, Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast. Label each word, part of speech.'

b'Label parts Today, Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast.'

b'Choose the correct answer i hope/wish i was a bird'

b"the sequence in which James Thurber placed Walter Mitty's daydreams in the short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

b'A queen on an English chessboard is able to attack in the same row, column and diagonal. The probability that 2 randomly placed queens on an 8 by 8 chessboard will be able to attack each other can be expressed as a/b , where a and b are positive, coprime integers. What is the ...'

b'What are some effects of war on literature?'

b'18. What is one disadvantage of accessing the Internet through a public search engine such as or ? A. It\xc2\x92s open to anyone, so the information comes from many different people. B. You won\xc2\x92t be able to access documents that have not been published online. C. A huge amount...'

b'I wwas told to write a 3 syllable word for each clue. The first letter is provided. 1.Rational or reasonable [Clue:L} 2.To stand for or symbolise {clue:R]'

b'17. If you want to find the answer to a question about grammar, usage, or mechanics for your formal writing, which professional resource would not be helpful? A. Essential Idioms in English B. The Chicago Manual of Style C. A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, ...'

b'what are topic sentences and transitions? please tell me and let me know and if you can help me i thank you very much bye oh and please give me the anwsers too so i can get it for the test'

b'grit, meteoric, and parody is left The rock singer enjoyed a sudden ____ rise in popularity but his career faded just as quickly as it had blossomed meteoric Even though so many people were criticizing and ridiculing him he had the ____ to continue doing what he felt was right...'

b'I have the words grit, ingrained, meteoric parody, prevail, and sleuth left The old custom of celebrating the Fourth of July with a fireworks display still ___ in many towns meteoric'

b'How did mandela grow up?'

b'What is a personification expression for hands on a clock?'

b'Help I need help unscrambling these letters into two words it is due tommorow The letters are tttrrlnemisianaaon it is the name of a mall, remember its a two letter word'

b'Which word has the same beginning sound as special? sunny swept sprout speed speed'

b'Word box: alias amble burly distort dogged dumbfounded extinct fossil grit inevitable ingrained meteoric parody prevail rend replenish rummage skimp sleuth vandalism 1.There is an old saying that nothing is really ____ except death and taxes inevitable 6.If you truly want to ...'

b'How did Active Reading lend itself to the ELA Short Response Questions?'

b'we had to write story in correct broadcast form in correct broadcast form, and include the soundbite. Based on this false information information: Kalamazoo, Michigan, is experiencing a severe snowfall which began yesterday. Past record snowfalls in Kalamazoo: 12.6 inches in ...'

b'Word box: alias amble burly distort dogged dumbfounded extinct fossil grit inevitable ingrained meteoric parody prevail rend replenish rummage skimp sleuth vandalism 3.As the buffalo began to decrease sharply in numbers conservationists feared that it might become totally ___ ...'

b'Word box: alias amble burly distort dogged dumbfounded extinct fossil grit inevitable ingrained meteoric parody prevail rend replenish rummage skimp sleuth vandalism 2.We were nothing less than ____ when we saw the immense damage that the hurricane had some in so brief a time ...'

b'Whats the nouns and verbs in this sentences ? Seek his will in all you do and he will direct your paths'

b'Where will I put the quotation in the sentence: I said that I might have left my book in Math class.'

b"Commas: Do I need a comma between the words notes and so? - Sitting at the sticky, crumb-covered cafeteria table, Luther and Ruth carefully studied their chemistry notes so that Dr. Wilson's next tricky test wouldn't confuse them. Do I need a comma between paper and ..."

b'Which of the following is CORRECT? a. He pulled out a gun and shot the prowler. b. He pulled out a gun, and shot the prowler. c. He pulled out a gun; and shot the prowler. d. He pulled out a gun: and shot the prowler.'

b"Hannah said, I like blue the best. It is my favorite color. I am the only one who likes blue this much. That's why everything of mine is blue. This is typical of __________ speech. A. personal function B. heuristic function C. representational D. regulatory Is the answer C ..."

b"I asked this question yesterday but no one has answered thus far so I thought I'd try asking again: If anyone has read The Lovely Bones novel could you please explain 2 things to me. 1 Is Ruth Connors able to see the dead? When she moves to NYC she writes about all the ..."

b'A formal letter to a national television network.'

b"My question is about the story a midsummer nights dream, in act one 1. Why does helena wish her 'tongue should catchhermia's tongue's sweet melody'189"

b"What's does mrs. Johnson represent in a raisin and a sun"

b"Mr. Rodney's English class is made up of 28 students. He has 6 ESL students, 10 remedial students, and 5 advanced learners. ESL students make up 1/5 of the remedial students and 3/5 of the advanced learners. 1. What is the probability that a student is ESL and remedial? 2. ..."

b"Some people are so ____ living near a nuclear plant that they want the plant's license to be ___. They say the plant threatens ever homeowner's right to safety."


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