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b'4. Choose the correct form of the modifier: When my sister is thinking, she sits __________. A. silent *B. silently 5. Choose the correct form of the modifier: I was _________ excited about going to the concert than I usually am. A. little *B. less C. least'

b'in which sentence does the objective complement function as an adjective? a-while gardeners love rain, picnickers consider it a nuisance. b-skiers called the record snowfall incredible c-the hurricane forecasters named the next storm Bob.'

b'select an object from starry night and write sentences in which you personify that object what does that mean ?'

b"4. Which one of the following poems depends heavily on the use of allusion for effect? A. Death, Be Not Proud B. Grass C. Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night D. God's Grandeur 5. The theme of the poem Richard Cory is that A. money can't buy love. B. Richard Cory ..."

b'Look up the following words. Give the etymology of each. State what kind of term, such as mathematical, scientific, political science, history, etc. Include the name of the dictionary consulted as well as the publisher and publishing date. ideological: constructivist: Marxist...'

b'Can you explain to me how this sentence uses cakes instead of cake? The fresh cake cakes tastes delicious'

b'Are all of these 10 sentences about a neighborhood have subject and verbs that agree? 1. I see people jog around my neighborhood. 2.My friends and I go to the park in our neighborhood. 3.My neighborhood is quiet. 4.I see parents walking their dogs. 5.I see trees at our front ...'

b'According to Jean Piaget, in what is all learning based? A. Sensorimotor learning B. Preoperational learning C. Concrete operational learning D. Formal operational learning 2. Which of the following questions is a thinker/doer most likely to ask? A. Why? B. What? C. How? D. ...'

b'In the following compound-complex sentence, add parentheses around the dependent clause and underline each independent clause. 2. The story was very good because the campers heard strange hoots and noises, and everyone was soon shivering.'

b'which is correct? shier or shyer???? HELP?'

b'1.The elderly man ____in the easy chair,talking to a friend sit sits sits 2.The boys _____ the craftman make a chair Watch watches watch 3.Katherine and Thomas ___ at the amusing story laugh laughs laugh 4.That successful author ___ to write another novel plan plans ...'

b'For each sentence below write the verb that agrees with the subject. 1.Plants ___ thickets along the edges of tropical forests.grow grows grow 2.The tropical forest____ warm and humid.remain remains remains 3.The trees____ year round grow grows grow 4.The branches____ ...'

b'Correct the word in in each sentence below so that the subject and verb are in agreement 1.We sees the Golden Gate Bridge. see 2.Bird fly south for the winter. Birds 3.The bed sit below the window. sits 4.They adds the numbers on a calculator. She 6.I enters from ...'

b"does this sound right?????? 'Have a better life with a dog.'"

b'What is wrong with the sentence below? Not only the landlady, but also her children acts unfriendly to us.'

b'Request for feedback on CAUSE essay. Please give input on below essay: \xc2\x93I ran three miles, staggered into the lobby, and took the elevator to my apartment, no use overdoing this exercise junk.\xc2\x94 Janet Evonovich About 40percent of Americans report that they never exercise, on the ...'

b'Princess bride Fezziks conflict and character arc? Westlys related theme Buttercups symbols'

b'The second poem I will write about is \xc2\x91the conscript\xc2\x92 it was written by Wilfred Gibson in 1917. a law was passed to force men to join up between the ages of 18-41 unless they were ill this poems says what you\xc2\x92re really going to expect from the war if you join up you\xc2\x92re...'

b'pwsafmix copy the letter string above on a piece of paper. cross out the second and last letters. Replace all vowels with letter C. insert an O before the second C. cross out the first and third letters. double the second letter. help'

b'______ and______ have been to class a. He, me b. He,I c.him, m d.him, I'

b'The students felt fairly prepared for whatever tests their instructors might give them, after years of intense studying, however difficult the test might be. which group of words is misplacef in the sentence above? a.however difficult they might be b. the students celt fairly ...'

b'marco was careful to wash his hands because he did not want to contract a disease what is the meaning of the word contract as it is used in the sentence above? a. a binding agreement between two parties b. reduce in size c. acquired involuntarily d. make a promise'

b'I am writing a speech and It about a boy named Edward and he lost her mom when he was young. I need a hook in a question format. Please help. What should I write. Ex: Have ever realize...... I need something similar to this. Please Help'

b'How is the word any both singular and plural?'

b'add the comma to the sentence As they studied the film they noticed some rules of science at work i wrote mine like this As they studied the film, they noticed some rules of science at work'

b"Linda Arriaga teaches at The Young Wonders Preschool. Which one of the following elements is likely to play the most prominent role in the school's child-centered philosophy and mission statement? A. Collaboration between teachers/staff and families B. Family participation in ..."

b'3. \xc2\x93Aunt Dessie unfolded out of the car like a carpenter\xc2\x92s ruler\xc2\x94 is an example of personification. symbol. simile. metaphor. I think its C.'

b'Do you think that certain literature should be taught and/or anthologized because it is written by a woman or underrepresented ethnic group, even if it is at the expense of a more inspiring author? Do you think you would feel the same way if you were a different sex or color?'

b'1.which of the following sentences is accurate in terms of the words it uses? a. there is alarge amount of people at the convention. b. we have to decide between the four options available to us. c.fewer people will attend the conference this year because of the higher costs. ...'

b'what would a thesis statement be for Old Jules by Mari Sandoz'

b'For the speaker in Local Sensibilities, pineapples represent: A: his favorite food. B: a Thankgiving ham. C: tourist D:work Answer B ?'

b'Read the following sentence: Moses was a hebrew prophet and led his people out of captivity. What is the simple subject of this sentence? A: Hebrew prophet B: people C: Captivity D: Moses Answer A ?'

b'The central theme in both Steal Away and Go Down, Moses is: A: Sinners will pay for their sins. B: slaves will one day be free. C: God has a thunderous voice. D: Slaves should be obedeint. Answer C ?'

b'The theme of destiny figures most prominently in: A: The Prodigal Son B: Goha and the Pot C: The White Snake D: The silver pool Answer: B ?'

b'Sigmund Freud coined the term _______,which he applied to people who were extremely self-absorbed. A. Dryad B. suspension of disbelief C. moral D. narcissistic Answer: B?'

b'Expand each sentence below by adding words or phrases that modify the verb. Questions after each item suggest details you can add. 1.Prehistoric paintings were found. 1. How were the paintings found? 2. Where were the paintings found?'

b'The assignment is to write a CAUSE paper on an addiction. There is to be three topic sentences with support, a thesis, an introduction and a conclusion. I obviously have left of my sources, and need to insert them. I would really appreciate some feedback and some help ...'

b'How would I fix this fragment sentence? Or is it fine the way it is? With machetes, the explorers cut their way through the tall grasses to the edge of the canyon. Then they began to lay out the tapes for the survey.'

b'How would I fix this sentence fragment? Or is it correct as is? If a woman from the desert tribe showed anger toward her husband, she was whipped in front of the whole village. And shunned by the rest of the women.'

b"help please has to be turned in today don't really understand it. Chief Joseph Surrenders Compare Chief Joseph's speech with the Gettysburg Address. Discuss the similarities and differences between them. Consider the feelings of the speaker, as well as literary devices, etc..."

b"1. Wilma found a love for running. 2. Wilma found love for running. Which one is correct? 3. Wilma tried hard to be able to walk again. What is the part of speech of 'to be able to walk again'? Is it the object of 'tried'? Or is it an adverbial phrase modifying 'tried'?"

b'1. I go to a museum to see pictures. 2. I go to a museum to watch pictures. 3. I go to a museum to look at pictures. Which one is commonly used?'

b"1-how Do you think Mrs clemm reacted to Poe's message. 2-what new insight into Edgar Allan Poe did you get from this letter"

b'A team of explorers ___________ the ocean floor. A.were studying B.are studying C.have been studying D.has been studying I think it is D...?'

b"June Walters, along with her friend, __________ baked some delicious cakes. A.have B.has C.have been D.haven't I think it is B...A sounds better but I think it is A...?"

b'Summarize the sequence of events leading to the writers proposal to mimmy.in your summary,highlight the details of the couples journey to finding love.'

b'Click on the box to choose whether the italicized sentence supports the key sentence. Key Sentence: Alexander Solzhenisyn had much tragedy in his life. He became a victim of cancer while in prison.no or yes He later moved to America. yes or no His book One Day in the Life of ...'

b'Which of the following words is different from the others? A. Sell B. Trade C. Barter D. Bargain'

b'Identify the nouns and verbs; Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.'

b'are there any figurative language in the book Witch hunt the mysteries of salem?'


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