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b'5.It is far better to know you are ignorant of something than to act on the basis of wrong information and misapprehensions auditions misapprehensions'

b'7.Me definition of an optimist misapprehension is someone who looks at an almost empty bottle and says, This bottle is one quarter full. optimist 8.The worst way to deal with disappointments is to become fluent sulky the best way is to smile and make up your mind to ...'

b"1.Shortly after World War II, Japan began the great economic sure, trait that has put her among the world's top industrial nations surge 2.All those smooth words and vague promises are not going to adhere, deter us from doing what we know is needed to improve conditions ..."

b"I'm writing a comparison paper on artworks and I'm just thinking either to write about two women painting European/modern women OR two churches Gothic/Romanesque. Which one do you think will have more visual/background information? I was thinking to write about the two ..."

b"1. What is the cooking classroom like? It's just like a big kitchen. 2. What does the cooking classroom look like? It looks just like a big kitchen. Are both grammatical? 3. What is the score? It's 3 to 1. 4. What is the score between them? The score is 3 to 1. Are both ..."

b"1. Who are they? They are student reporters. 2. What are they? They are student reporters. 3. What's their job? They are student reporters. 4. What do they do? They are student reporters. Which questions are suitable for the answer?"

b'1. When is the library open? It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 2. What time is the library open? It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 3. What are the opening hours of the library? The opening hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 4. What are opening hours of the library? Opening hours ...'

b"1. What is bibimbap? It is a popular Korean dish. 2. What do we have today? We have a special dessert today. 3. What is today's special dessert? It's chocolate ice cream. 4. Who are they? They are student reporters. 5. What is the opening hours of the library? It's open from 8..."

b'Ok im still confused in the poem dreams by langston hughes describe how the poem is structured, or arranged in lines and stanzas.'

b'In the poem Dreams by Langston Hughes, Describe how the poem is structerd,or arranged in lines and stannnzas.'

b'I decided to have a glass of water rather than order a pepsi.'

b"I have to write an essay, so I chose to write about The Big Bang Theory or explosion that formed the universe. I don't know what should I put for my body paragraphs or what should I talk about. Please help I need at least three body paragraphs what should they be about."

b'Speech criticism is a simpler form of: A. speech evaluation. B. rhetorical criticism. C. panel judging. D. communication process. is it B 2. You are evaluating this when you are looking for a clear, compelling message. A. Use of quotes B. Structure C. Length of speech D. ...'

b'A type of selective listening that tunes out communication that is different from our views or does not interest us is selective: A. perception. B. focusing. C. screening. D. responding. im confused between b and C'

b"I'd like to know about Red Nose Day in the UK. 1. Do only British people have Red Nose Day? 2. Do all students go to school wearing a red nose? 3. Is Red Nose Day held every other year? 4. Some more information related Red Nose Day and related websites are needed."

b'1. Read the sentence from paragraph 1 below. It looms menacingly over the road from the roof of a farmhouse, a flying reptile with a seven-foot wingspan. Which of the following correctly describes this sentence? A. Simple sentence B. Complex sentence C. Compound sentence *D. ...'

b'2. A commercial criticizing oil drilling shows images of oil-soaked birds and sea otters that are suffering. This commercial is using *pathos. ethos. logos. 3. A commercial for a toothbrush tells you that two out of three dentists prefer a certain brand. This commercial is ...'

b"In English the format for asking a question is Are you hungry? with a question mark at the end. How is a Spanish question written differently? Isn't it to put a question mark at the beginning also?"

b'A presidential candidate pushing for health care reform talks about Ms. Mollie Johnson of Nashville, Tennessee, who can\xc2\x92t afford her prescription for diabetes. Which device is the candidate using? A.description B.anecdote C.analogy D.case study I think it is B...?'

b'Special education services for young children are with disabilities a. cannot be enforced through laws b. depend on parent efforts c. do not involve the head Start program d. are rooted in federal legislation My answer is d.'

b'Red Scarf Girl - I need a 3-4 sentence summary, central idea, and a quote from the book that would support the central idea.'

b"Which of these are epics? A.Gilgamesh B.Beowulf C.The Odyssey D.All of the above E.I'm not sure."

b'1. Which statement best describes the government of Canada? 1 point The monarch of Britain has total control over Canada. The Canadian parliament is ruled by the United States. Canada has complete power over its own government. The prime minister is the monarch of Canada. 2...'

b'While a heroic epic focuses on the expolits of a single hero, an epic is a long poem that : A: focuses on the exploits of a heroine B: tells tales only about gods and goddesses C: explains how certain events and objects in nature came to be D: describe the way of life of an ...'

b"Odysseus alone will listen o the Serens song because he : A: wants to tell his men what they sing. B: is following Cicle's advice. C: wishes to be the only one to enjoy the Sirens' song. D: doesn't want to offend the Sirens. Answer is C ?"

b"what is a catchy topic for my essay based on this thesis statement? In Nathaniel Hawthorne's, The Scarlet Letter, it suggests that one must find their own internal strength and strive for individual redemption by applying the beliefs of transcendentalism and individualism to ..."

b'The tone of A smile is ? A: Hopeful B: Cheerful. C: tense D: light Answer : D In Boast Not , Proud English, the writer is protesting against: A: Prejudice B: Blasphemy C: Religion D: tolerance Answer: C ? In Birches, Frost compares the broken ice from the tree to: A: ...'

b'For the speaker in Local Sensibilities,pineapples represent: A: His favorite food. B: A Thanksgiveing ham. C: tourists D: work. Answer: B ?'

b'The song of Wandering Aengus is a n ________poem. A: epic B: allegorical C: dramatic D: prose Answer : C ?'

b"Q: What is the restroom at school called? Is it the boys' room or the girls' room? Is it the staff's room for teachers?"

b'In Creation, the poet says that god is like: A: a living man B: the darkness and the light C: a mother bending over her child D: some creature made of clay Answer : A In the Odyssey, the cyclops is compared to a shaggy mountain to emphasize his: A: comical appearance and ...'

b'From reading Birches, we can conclude that the speaker is an: A: Boy B: Birch tree C: old man D: girl on her hands and knees Answer : A ? Song makes extensive use of : A: assonance B: personification C: rhyme D: onomatopoeia Answer: C The creation can be classified as ...'

b'The a in the word saving sounds like A. Ape B. pat C. Heated D. Naughty Is it a'

b"FYI it's in ALL caps because our teacher requires it.. But can someone read through my story I got off mlive and see if some corrections need to be made. I'm not sure If i did it right FORMER DETROIT POLICE OFICER IS ACCUSED OF LYING IN COURT IN ORDER TO KEEP A TEEN ..."

b'Which of the following is NOT a potential consequence of plagiarism? A. Academic warning B. Academic probation C. Failing the course D. Cancellation from program im confused between C D'

b'When there are thousands of written materials floating in cyberspace, what is the most important criterion to consider when choosing sources of information for your research paper? A. Relevant B. Current C. Famous author D. Impressive Web site is it A'

b'1. The purpose of evaluating the sources of your research material is to test: A. the currency of information. B. the reliability of the information. C. whether the information is scholarly. D. which Web sites are legitimate. im confused between B C 2. An extensive list that...'

b'1. Research skills are fundamental to: A. academic writing. B. all types of writing. C. education, literature, business, and other industries. D. libraries. is it B'

b"I have to annotate some notes and I'm not sure what a couple of these terms mean, your help would be much appreciated Unifying Effect Analytical Writing Thesis Statement"

b'Need info in English on biographies of political and cultural leaders of Puerto Rico between 1850-1950'

b'Panda Monium I heard this from news could you please explain the meaning of this?'

b"Q: What is the difference between 'playing field' and 'playground' in meaning?"

b'Sorry....Some errors happened...so the same question was uploaded...'

b'1. Traveling in India can be exciting because it has a rich history. 2. Traveling in India can be exciting because it has a rich culture. Are both grammatical?'

b'can you help me find facts and figures why teens should voulunteer if possible how many teens like volunteering i apreciate your help.'

b'course journal penn foster'

b'Choose an essay or a short story to read. Then answer the following questions in the space provided. 10.What is the title of the story essay? 11.Who wrote it? 12.Whom is the story about? Identify the main characters [or, if an essay, the subject discussed]. 13.hat happens in...'

b'Below is a list of facts and statistics that can be used to support a topic sentence. Use the list to complete the following unfinished paragraph given below. It already has a topic sentence. Facts and Statistics: 980,299 registered purebred dogs; does not include non-purebred...'

b'Below is a list of phrases giving reasons to support a topic sentence.Use the list to complete the following unfinished paragraph. Type the body of the paragraph in the text box below. Reasons *Excellent news coverage: sports events; club news; biographical sketches *...'

b"1. The students are playing soccer against the teachers. What is the part of speech of 'against the teachers'? Is it an adverbial phrase or an adjective phrase? Does 'against the teachers' modify 'soccer'? 2. What's your favorite place at school? - It's playing field. - It's..."


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