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b'1. This is the desk. That belongs to Bill. = This is the desk that belongs to Bill. 2. This is the window. Bill broke it yesterday. = This is the window that Bill broke yesterday. 3. This is the book. Its cover is red. = This is the book whose cover is red. 4. This is the book...'

b"I'm writing a thesis for pathogens for infectious diseases. My essay is going to be about depressive disorder and anxiety disorder and I need to write a thesis for it."

b"Love of Life by Jack London I'm really having problems, how to start the body of my essay in this story. Can you give me some hint, how to make the 1st step? thank you :"

b'I want to learn how to write an appropriate letter to the editor in no more than 200 words. I took the article stuck in the middle by Jeevan Vasagar of The Guardian as an exercise, you can find it on Google. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post websites. Can anyone help...'

b'I need help on how to critique the poem No more Boomerang by Kath Walker'

b'I am writing about interviewing Deaf Persons for my ASL research paper. The first person is Christian DeGuzman. He is profoundly deaf since birth, and about 2 or 3 years old later they found out that he was deaf that\xc2\x92s why. Christian grew up in Bay Area, went to mainstream ...'

b'Can i be a tourism and how much money does tourist make'

b'Love of Life by: Jack London What is the cite of naturalism in the essay?? Please help me with this : : Thank you'

b'how can i reword this sentence differently and better? it sounds wrong to me. In conclusion, The Scarlet Letter is a transcendentalist novel of the strength of individual character.'

b'I have two separate questions that I am having trouble answering... Why is Roman law often considered to be the greatest contribution of the Romans to the modern world? Also, I have to find image, style, tone, setting, and theme within the book The Hunger Games I have the ...'

b'REVIEW 1.In what ways did immigrants contribute to American society in the early 1900s? A. They increased the defensive power of the United States. B. They worked in factories, built railroads, and opened businesses. C. The took political power in most eastern cities.<<...'

b'REVIEW 1.Where is the majority of Canada\xc2\x92s oil found? A. Along the Atlantic Coast B. Along the border with the United States C. In western Canada<<<<<< D. Near the Arctic Ocean 2. The concept of multiculturalism encourages Canadians to A. embrace English ...'

b'REVIEW 1.Which of the following was one cause of the Civil War in the United States? A. The South wanted new states to allow slavery and the North did not. B. The North wanted new states to allow slavery and the South did not. C. The North opposed signing treaties with Native ...'

b"Mandy interviewed a source who told about how she was illegally treated by the police. Using her information in the speech is an example of: A. facts and statistics. B. narrative. C. testimony. D. hypothetical example. i'm confused between B C 2. An advantage of using ..."

b'A hypothetical example is: A. a false example. B. not real but can happen. C. an example used to prove a hypothesis. D. has no place in a speech. is it B'

b"1. In conducting a personal interview, setting limits on what will be covered should occur: A. at the beginning of the interview. B. in the middle of the interview. C. at the end of the interview. D. during the strategy stage. i'm confused between A D 2. For Thomas to ..."

b'1. When researching for supporting materials about the impact of violence in the media, it is a good idea to get assistance from this resource. A. Television B. Call-in radio C. Librarian D. Personal interview is it D 2. An advantage of using media resources for researching ...'

b'What problems might non-English speaking preschoolers encounter in their attempts to play with others?'

b'If an early childhood teacher were to learn a second language along with learning Standard English, what language should it be?'

b'Name four elements of successful English-language leaner programs for preschoolers.'

b"the couple ordered ___ for hors d'oeuvres at the wedding apumpkin pie bcake csoup dstuffed mushrooms?"

b'Any drinks that start with Q? Doing this thing for school where we have 10 topics and 1 of them is drinks and I cant think of a drink that starts with Q. Name things of that topic from A-Z of the alphabet'

b'Which of the following is NOT true about persuasive speaking compared to informative speaking? A. Involves more emotional appeal. B. Asks for commitment from the audience. C. Impartial point of view. D. Emotion-evoking language. is it C'

b'how can i write this sentence in a different way The Scarlet Letter was one of the first mass-produced books in the United States upon its release in 1850, and it received much praise and criticism for the novels supposed morbidity.'


b'1. \xc2\x93To persuade my audience that drinking and driving laws should be stricter\xc2\x94 aims for: A. passive agreement with a policy. B. active agreement with a policy. C. personal action to support a policy. D. personal agreement to support a policy. is it C 2. \xc2\x93To persuade my ...'

b'Pretend you are a modern social worker, educator, environmentalist, or military advisor to the president. Attack an evil you see the work by writing an ironic proposal and the proposal have to be outrageous'

b'1. When Elizabeth made a speech presentation demonstrating how to create an effective PowerPoint Presentation, her speech is about: A. events. B. processes. C. concepts. D. objects. is it B 2. When speaking about abstract concepts, make them concrete to the audience by: A. ...'

b'1. When a speaker seeks to explain or illustrate a process, she or he is probably speaking to: A. inform. B. persuade. C. entertain. D. celebrate. is it A 2. When the theme of a speech is, \xc2\x93Be all you can be. Join the Navy,\xc2\x94 it is meant to: A. entertain. B. inform. C. ...'

b'_____ do you think will be the winner of the next election? a. Who b. Whom'

b'What do stage directions tell the reader? Do they tell about characterization or about the setting?'

b"If you answer the question correctly/correct, you will receive a point card which is the same as one point. If you answer the question wrongly/wrong, you won't get a point card. After you get the point card, wirte down your name and number on the back on the card. Got it? ..."

b'To say crusade in arabic means something awful compared to saying crusade in English, which means symply an adventure or mission possibly of a religious manner'

b'Same-sex marriage should be legalized because it is uncivilized to deny homosexuals their civil rights. The Constitution guarantees everyone equal rights and opportunities, however, gays are denied both in terms of marriage. is this better? I have support in other paragraphs'

b'The classroom has 10 short/low chirs, 10 tall/high chairs, 10 small desks, 10 big desks, 5 windows, and 20 lockers. Did I use correct adjectives? Would you check them?'

b"1. Tom has tomato sauce on her nose. 2. There is tomato sauce on Tom's nose. Are both the same? 3. There are sinks and tall tables in the cooking classroom. 4. The cooking classroom has sinks and tall tables. Are both the same? 5. The students are winning the soccer game ..."

b'we had to take a stand on gay marriage.. can you proofread my opening and help me with revising if necessary? Same-sex marriage should be legalized because it is uncivilized to deny gay people a civil right that the Constitution guarantees everyone, equality, which means that ...'

b'Which word or phrase is an appositive in the sentence? When Sandy met John\xc2\x97a scientist and critic\xc2\x97she fell in love with him.'

b'At the school talent show, Tom is doing voices of the formal President. Don is presenting a pansori, a kind of folk play. David and Tony are singing Oh Susanna to a piano. Would you check the passage? Correct errors, please.'

b'Im having a hard time starting my introduction for my essay. I already wrote my thesis statement which is: In Nathaniel Hawthorne\xc2\x92s, The Scarlet Letter, it suggests that one must find their own internal strength and strive for individual redemption by applying the beliefs ...'

b'American Life, stereotypes? Just like television, commercial, etc. When we are watching TV, it gives us a snapshot of American life. If you look at the commercials alone, what would this tell you about how we live? I ask you to pretend that you are from another country and ...'

b'I am trying to turn a poem into prose and I am totally lost. Can some help me if I send them the poem?'

b'If Jo is supposed to read one-half of a 100-page book for an English assignment and she has finished 38 pages, what percent of the assignment does she have left to do? Please answer and explain.'

b'Can someone check these sentences I need to prepare for tomorrow? Thank you. 1 Troy has been at the BRIT School since he was 14. Before that he was in a normal secondary school. 2 Unlike in a normal secondary school, students at the BRIT study all the ordinary academic ...'

b'The sure solution to unemployement is a better quality of education'

b'Wait 7 is stupefy 14 is disquieting and 20 is atrocity? 7.We were so ____ by the bad news that for a few moments we just sat there without moving or speaking 14.Naturally we were upset when we received the ____ news that our uncle had been taken to the hospital disquieting 20....'

b'Word box adhere affirm atrocity audition cope deter disquieting empower fluent lag mangle misapprehension optimist prowl stupefy sulky supplement surge trait unscrupulous 1.He is so careless in handling his textbooks that by the end of the term he has practically ____ all of ...'

b'16.Jackals and other scavengers now prowl deter through the ruins of what is once a great city prowl 17.A loud groan went through the class when we got the unscrupulous disquieting news that there would be a full period test later in the week disquieting 18.My friend took ...'

b'10.After the conductor auditioned supplemented all the candidates for the position of first violinist he made his final choice auditioned 11.Everything that I have learned about Abraham Lincoln from history books stupefies affirms my reverence for this great president ...'

b'6. I will adhere affirm to the great ideas for which our ancestors suffered so much adhere'


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