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b'1. All three poems use sensory details in order to 1 point celebrate team play. remind athletes of their role in inspiring society. show the beauty of mental concentration and physical prowess. 2. The word antagonize, often used in sports, means to provoke hostility. The ...'

b'I am extremely struggling in IB junior English. How can I survive that class. I put a lot effort too, but the teacher is grading on what we really know.'

b'Having problems with a introductory sentence. Its a essay on dying and living. I wrote a question to start my intro. Sentence. Or I wrote The professor died in 1974 of Cancer. Someone please let me know if I started out right. Please'

b'WRITE the adverb form that correctly completes the sentence. Hawks resemble falcons close of all birds.'

b'4. Identify what is wrong with the following sentence: \xc2\x93Not realizing that there was a hole in the tire\xc2\x94. Then, revise the sentence in order to correct the problem and discuss the changes you have made.'

b'The french and indian war began in the colonies in the year 1754 and ended in the year 1763 in the colonies,the main reason for conflict between the french and colonists was over the Ohio river valley.After this war the english began the practice of -- ----- troops at the ...'

b'Good claim/topic sentence for this question? Did Miep Gies face many important challenges during and after the time of the holocaust?'

b'What is the pronoun in let us think of a way to clean up litter,said matt and lynn .then write the underline words that they replace.'

b'choose the phrase in which commas are used correctly to complete the sentence. The Internet allows Frank to ________. A.play games, send e-mail, and browse Internet sites. B.play, games, send e-mail, browse Internet sites. I think it is A'

b'choose the phrase in which commas are used correctly to complete the sentence. Is ______ your favorite painter? A., Paul Cezanne, or Pablo Picasso B.Rembrandt Paul Cezanne or Pablo Picasso I think it is A'

b'1. Which of the following would not be a helpful audiovisual aid for a presentation on drought? a poster on the effects of drought in regions around the world a short video of a farmer talking about the difficulties caused by drought an icebreaker cartoon that you think is ...'

b'choose the phrase in which commas are used correctly to complete the sentence. I don\xc2\x92t know very much about _________. A.painting sculpture or drawing B.painting, sculpture, or drawing I think it is B...?'

b'What are some connections* to Rip Van Winkle? *Connection to... -Self -World I need connection to other books and things'

b'What are some connections* to Rip Van Winkle? *Connection to... -Self -World'

b"Question: Does 'What's up? mean How are you? or Hello, what are you doin g? \xc2\x95English - Ms. Sue, Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 5:38pm Yes. It's an informal way of greeting someone. It's mostly used by young people. ================== Thank you for your help. Question: Does..."

b'What does CUPS stand for? i know that C stands for Capitalzation, P stands for Punctuation, and Sstands for Spelling but what is U?'

b'Give examples of three transitional expression.'

b'TRUE OR FALSE: It is imperative that you pace yourslef because of a test is timed?'

b'When writing the first sentence and introduction, what do you do so the reader knows you understand your task?'

b'What would be a good thesis statement for a proposal essay'

b"Question: Does 'What's up? mean How are you? or Hello, what are you doing?"

b'Dolly must clean up her room before she goes out. In this sentence, what word begins the subordinate clause?'

b'Fill each blank with a coordinating word or phrase and proper punctuation in order to form a combined sentence. 1.Exercise has become very popular today _______ millions of Americans run or jog. 2.Exercise is fun _______ exercise is a good way to stay healthy. 3.Some people ...'

b"Use coordination to combine each pair of sentences below into one sentence. Use a word or phrase that expresses the relationship shown in parentheses. 1.Most people collect stamps only as a hobby. Some people collect stamps as an investment. contrast 2.A stamp's rarity ..."

b'Expand each sentence below by adding words or phrases that modify the verb. Questions after each item suggest details you can add. 1.A French girl found them. Who was with the girl? In what time period did she find them? 2.The news spread about the Lascaux cave paintings. How ...'

b"another possible solution to Henry's problem in The Californian's Tale?"

b'Posted by rfvv on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 11:03pm. Pansori is a kind of Korean folk play. 1. Bill is doing pansory at the school talent show. 2. Bill is presenting pansory at the school talent show. 3. Bill is acting out pansory at the school talent show. Q1: Which one is ...'

b'How do I classify this sentence. Today, Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast.'

b'Adding Hypens, dashes, and/or parentheses to the following... The playoff games you should com-e to one--if you get the chance are always very thrilling.'

b'Which one of the following sentences contains an unnecessary word'

b"I'm told by my snail that he will not get dressed He say that he's not feeling well It's not that he won't wear a coat or a vest, he wont even put on his shell. He's still in his bed as he lets out a yawn, I tell him i think it's okay to wait till tomorrow to put his shell on ..."

b"Thank you I left out these sentences on Owen's life. Thank you. 1 Wilfred Owen enlisted as a soldier in 1915. During his first mission in France, he spent some time in hospital to recover from shell shock. 2 There, he met poet Siefried Sassoon who read his poems and ..."

b"Can somone check if my sentences on Owen's poem Dulce and Decorum est are correct? Thank you very much The title of his 1917 poem Dulce et Decorum Est translates to \xc2\x93It is sweet and right\xc2\x94 \xc2\x96 a direct quotation from Ode, written by Latin poet Horace in the 1st century ..."

b'find the simple suject of each sentence Please describe the music'

b'finding subject There were many new inventions in the 1920s.'

b'Mrs. Jones said that we will have a fire drill at 8:45 on Thursday. I am confused is what she said in quotes and should the word that be taken out - the instructions says to correct sentence.'

b'How many fish do you want to catch? The fishing guide asked us. is the T in the capitalized'

b'e.g. I missed the history exam. What should I do? What does that mean? Did I not take the test by mistake or on purpose? What did I do?'

b'Write a 75-150 word essay detailing your previous writing experience. Use the following questions to help you to think about your role as a writer: \xc2\x95In what type of environment do you do your best writing? \xc2\x95How would you characterize your writing? Has it been better? Has ...'

b'How would i write a thesis sentence for a biography on C.S. Lewis?'

b"In a fit of anger after an argument, I __________ out all of my friend's letters and pictures."

b'1. This is the boy whom Mary likes. 2. This is the boy who Mary likes. 3. This is the boy Mary likes. Are they all grammatical? When do we use Sentence 2?'

b'1. He wants to eat some delicious foods. 2. He wants to eat some delicious food. Which one is correct? are both OK? 3. He speaks a little English. 4. He speaks English a little. Are both grammatical?'

b'Students at a high school all took the same English test. The scores are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 77 and a standard deviation of 9. If 2500 students took the test, approximately how many scored above 86 or below 68percent?'

b'How might an instruction manual designed for troubleshooting differ from an instruction booklet designed for improving performance in a skill?'

b'What is the most important reason to consider typography\xc2\xa0when creating a procedural text?'

b'An international agreement that aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the presence of greenhouse gases. Countries that ratify the Kyoto Protocol are assigned maximum carbon emission levels and can participate in carbon credit trading. Emitting more than the assigned ...'

b"While you're working in a sales office, the office manager says that the sales staff should try to use an empathetic tone when speaking with customers. In the word empathetic, the root means a.to give. b.to feel. c. to come d.to force."

b'1. He is doing voices of the former President Kim Youngsam at the school talent show. 2. He is imitating the voices of the former President Kim Youngsam at the school talent show. 3. He is mimicking the voices of the former President Kim Youngsam at the school talent show. ...'

b'Pansori is a kind of Korean folk play. 1. Bill is doing pansory at the school talent show. 2. Bill is presenting pansory at the school talent show. 3. Bill is acting out pansory at the school talent show. Q1: Which one is correct in the sentences above? Q2: Do we have to use...'


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