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b'what are the different kinds of nouns for 7th grade and what do they mean? ms. sue if you can may you help me????'

b"write your points for or against the motin which states that 'excessive self confidence is indisputably a boon and not a bone .750 words"

b'Detective Simon Levant had the unconscious habit of caressing his moustache while pondering evidence. 19. Which element of an effective fictional narrative does this sentence best represent? A. Plot B. Characterization C. Theme D. Conflict'

b'What kind of fallacy are these 2 examples? 1. Fresh fruits and veggies make life better. 2. Fairway coffee is the essence of life itself.'

b'who is the author of the story the ghost got in'

b'why polo is called king of the game?'

b'Book: Information you\xc2\x92ll need to cite a book Example- Powell, Kevin, ed. Step into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature. 2nd ed. New York: Wiley, 2000. 1. Authors or Editors- last name, first name, middle is any, followed by a period 2. Title of book- ...'

b"1. At the dacha, what does Sony's family grow? 2. At the dacha, what do Sony's family grow? Which question is correct? 3. They grow vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes. 4. Sony's family grow vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes. 5. Sony's family grows vegetables like ..."

b"Who often joins Sony's family for dinner? 1. Anton's family often joins Sony's family. 2. Anton's family often join Sony's family. Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'join' or 'joins'?"

b'What is the last step for planting potatoes? 1. It is to water well. 2. Water well. 3. It is Water well. What is the suitable answer for the question?'

b'What are the shifts in the meaning of the word CONQUER? How can they be characterized and what might account for these changes? Thank you'

b'does the word from get capitalized in a title?'

b'What are the shifts in meaning of the word Conquest?'

b'i have been asked to correct the sentence would you please assist : 1.when will you eat are you not hungry'

b'At the end of the play, Mrs. Popov and Smirnov appear to be in love. Considering what has happened in the play, why is this ridiculous?'

b'which one is the actual noun form : aborigines/aborigine/aboriginality please let me know clearly'

b'My kids ______ with joy when they got their marks squealed/exclaimedwhich is the correct one'

b'can PROD rhyme with LORD in phonetics'

b'I will call you before i leave for station.Leave only after i call. ans : If I do not ... ... .... .... ... .... . will you please write the correct form ?'

b'can you tell me how to begin a sentence with BECAUSE :eg. My sister fell down and thought she had broken her leg.she went to the doctor .ans: Because... ... ... ... ... ... ...'

b'As I looked at that photograph'

b"Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? A. The company held it's annual party at the convention center. B. Mr. Jones visited the YMCA before becoming a member. C. The local police asked the F.B.I. to assist with the case. D. Mary remembered to buy milk didn't..."

b"I wrote the thesis but wat do i make the conclusion be...: This is my thesis: Aldous Huxley's Brave NEw World and Emily Bronte's, wuthring heights describe a major struggle of being an individual again society . in Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World, the main story ..."

b'I need help getting a summery of each stanza in the poem The Raven by Poe.'

b'Select the gerund phrase in the sentence below. Then, determine the noun function of the gerund. Writing a research paper sounds difficult.'

b"this is for to kill a mockingbird why does scout call the boy 'a pocket Merlin? AND briefly describe mr.radley?"

b"this is for the book to kill a mockingbird what is significant about Mr. Cunningham kneeling down and saying to Scout i'll tell him you said hey, little lady"

b'traditional african mariage is an advantage for men only not women.True or false,reason why or why not,Write two paragraphs'

b'english is the landscape of opportunity.Why brother to teach indegenous?'

b'---------Great orator of Great Awakening.Former English bartender. One of 30,000 listened to him. Hellifire and brithone preacher. my answer George Whitefield'

b'serious accident was happened at the corner of Main Street and First Avenue last night.'

b'Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A. Reesa is wearing a dark, green sweater. B. Around the collar are tiny white pearls. C. The sweater has six shiny buttons. D. She discovered the sweater in a cold, musty closet. I think it is A..?'

b'In a survey of a TriDelt chapter with 50 members, 21 were taking mathematics, 33 were taking English, and 6 were taking both. How many were not taking either of these subjects? members'

b'Please check my answers Thanks : 1. In Yeats\xc2\x92s poem \xc2\x93The Second Coming,\xc2\x94 the falcon and the falconer are images that most likely represent *something out of control and unnatural. the beauty and abundance of nature. a sad, uncomfortable image of old age. 2. Based on ...'

b'The probability that a student passes Mathematics is 2/3 and the probability that he passes English is 4/9. If the probability that he will pass at least one subject is 4/5, then what is the probability that he will pass i Both the subjects? ii Exactly one of the subjects...'

b'What comes to mind when you think of needing more time? Some examples might be studying, family, exercise, relaxation, a hobby, or building your business'

b'What sound devices are used in the poem How I Learned English I also need the examples of the sound devices used.'

b'Is there anyone online that can translate english to spanish for me? Thank you'

b'11.Financiers are planning to accommodate amalgamate various businesses in the US and England into one huge multinational corporation amalgamate 12.The US has a long history of providing upheaval sanctuary to those fleeing persecution abroad sanctuary 13.He enjoys ...'

b'I know that mood and tone are different, but is mood considered an element of literature?'

b"6.Isn't it a little far-fetched selfseeking to suggest that the pollution of our environment is mainly caused by creatures from outer space? far fetched 7.Unless the poor people of the country see some hope of improving their lives there will probably soon be a great social..."

b"I don't understand this quote from Romeo Juliet: Ah me How sweet is love itself possessed, When but love's shadows are so rich in joy 5.1.10-11. Could someone please interpret it? Thanks"

b'1.Each member of the basketball team was awarded a trophy to transform commemorate the championship season. commemorate 2.Ms.Wilentz is the kind of manager who does not try to extort exalt cooperation from the people under her, but earns it by being a real leader exalt 3....'

b'what does he makes his life seems like poor me and he is elevated the process of suffering to a level that any martyr would admire means??'

b'what are some nongovernmential organization'

b'Parallel Structure?....You should do either your homework or practice your clarinet.'

b'How did the situation start?'

b'e.g. I plant potatoes shopping tomorrow. How can I change this sentence into a correct sentence? Would you correct it?'

b'7.A portion of the forest has been set aside as a bird ___ for the protection of endangered species in the area sanctuary 17.Can you see why it was logical for various labor unions in the clothing and textile industries to ___ into a single organization amalgamate'

b'19.Remember that the Pledge of ____ is not a formula to be repeated mechanically but a summary of our sacred duty to our country allegiance 11.Under the US Constitution officials are never ____ to a point where they are more important or more powerful than the law exalt'


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