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b'Px,y moves such that its distance from point Q4,8is twiceits distance from point P-2,3. Find the equation of the locus of moving point P.'

b'The mean of a set of numbers 1,y,1,2yadd2,13 and 16 is 9. Find the value of y and the variance.'

b'George has planted several types of vegetables for his own consumption on an empty rectangular plot of land beside his house. He wants to fence the land as a dimension of 12xm and 4-xm. Find the length, in m of the fence he has to buy when the area of the land is maximum.'

b'The volume of a cylinder increases at a rate of 324cm cube per second. The height, h cm of the cylinder is twice the radius, r cm. Find the rate of change in radius when the radius is 6cm.use 3over2 pai'

b'the value of a machine depreciates every year by 5percent .if the present value of the machine is 100000,what is the value after 2 years'

b'You are analyzing your advertising expenses. You have a print ad in the Apartment Guide rental magazine that costs 900 per month. You also have an ad on the apartments/com website that costs 224 per month. You have tracked your call, show and lease traffic and have ...'

b"Andy is scuba diving.He starts at sea level and then descends 10 feet in 2 1/2 minutes. A. how would you represent Andy's descend as a unit rate? Express your answer as an integer. B. How much feet can he descend in 6 minutes?"

b'The recipocal of 4 less than a number is three times the reciprocal of the same number.What is the number?'

b"Use the table below to evaluate the d/dx[gf3x] at x = 1. x 1 2 3 4 fx 6 1 2 2 f ?x 6 1 10 2 gx 1 4 4 3 g ?x 4 5 7 \xc2\x964 My work: D/Dxgf3x= g'f3x * f'3x * 2 D/dx gf3*1 g'f3*1*f'3*1 *2 4*3*2=24 I know 24 isn't the right answer"

b'On Friday, Steven sold 4 pitchers of lemonade from his lemonade stand. On Saturday, he sold 1/3 as much lemonade as on Friday. How many pitchers of lemonade did Steven sell on Saturday?'

b"rent is 650, new resident will move in June 16, however, in order to convince him to move in you had to give him 1/2-month rent free assumed a 30 day month. I divide 650/30 and i get =21.666666667 x 16= 346.66666667, but I's not coming out right. Can you please help me. THANK ..."

b'Solve the equation and graphing utility to verify your solution'

b'Compare the integers with <,> or = add6 -11'

b'A manufacturer of hospital supplies has a uniform annual demand for 320,000 boxes of bandages. It costs ?10 to store one box of bandages for one year and 160 to set up the plant for production. How many times a year should the company produce boxes of bandages in order to...'

b'To what value does the sum 20add12add36/5---tend as n.'

b'Using the method completing the square. Find the roots of this equation 4d^2= dadd4-dadd12'

b'Graph the direct variation y=?1.5x. Using the graph, find: The value of x when y=?3; 4.5; 6'

b'A number of two digits is such that twice the ten digits is 8 less than seven times the unit digit. When the digits are reversed, the number is decreased by 9. What is the number?'

b'Find the area of a rectangle whose length is 11.5 and breadth is 12.5 m'

b'Draw a parallelogram of diagonals 5cm and 7 cm and one angle as 60 degrees'

b'A long-term resident moves out of apartment 35 on the last day of May because they are unhappy with their neighbor, and later a new resident takes possession on June 16. You begin to wonder what the total economic cost of the vacancy was. The rent on the apartment is 650. ...'

b'A person borrow 8000 at 2.76percent simple interest per annum.The principal and interest are to be paid in 10 monthly installments.If each installmeny is double the preceding one, the value of first and last installments are??A person borrow 8000 at 2.76percent simple interest per annum...'

b'If one third of a number is 10 less than the original number,what is the number?'

b'length 60cm,breadth45cm,volume 54dm find height'

b'At Sunnyside Place, as of March 31, a total of 12 residents have moved out. What is your property\xc2\x92s annualized turnover percentage rate? Note: this is connected to the first Sunnyside Place apartment question, which total apartments are 100 Again, thank you for letting me ...'

b'An applicant earns 9 per hour and works 40 hours per week in typical weeks. Four weeks out of the year the applicant works an extra 10 hours per week. Any hours over 40 in a week, the applicant receives overtime pay at time and 1/2 There are 52 weeks in a year. calculate ...'

b"Jenny's lawn is 1/3 of an acre. After moving 1/2 of the lawn, how much of an acre has she mowed? A. 1/5 B. 1/6 C. 1/2 D. 2/5 ______________________________ A leaking bucket is filled to 3/4 capacity. After some time, 1/2 of the water has leaked out. What fraction of the water ..."

b'1. Find the product in simplest form 2/5 x 3/7 A. 14/15 B. 5/12 C. 6/35 D. 1/5 2. find the product in simplest form 9/10 x 5/7 A. 1 13/50 B. 9/14 C. 14/17 D. 4/7'

b'On friday,a cold front came through the city at 8am that dropped the outside temperature at an average rate of 2 degrees every half hour. Which integer represents the change in temperature from 8am to 11am'

b'the common ratio of the infinite geometric series whose 2nd term is 3/2 and its sum is 8?'

b'the population of a country was 55 crores in 2005 and is growing at 2percent p.a C.I , the population in the year 5015 is estimated as ? a5705 b6005 c6700'

b'A shop owner blends three types of coffee,A,B,C.in the ratio 3:5:7 a calculate the weight of each type of coffee in 45kg of three blended mixture. b given that type A coffee cost 7 per kg, type B coffee costs 10 kg and type C coffee costs 13 per kg, calculate the cost per...'

b'If area of a square inscribed in a semi circle is 2 square centimeter. Fine the are of the square inscribed in a full circle'

b'Amy Koy met Pat Quin on September 8 at Queen Bank. After talking with Pat, Amy decided she would like to consider a 9,000 loan at 10 1/2 percent to be repaid on February 17 of the next year on exact interest. Calculate the amount that Amy would pay at maturity under this assumption...'

b'A ball is dropped from a height of 16 feet and always rebounds 0.25 of the distance fallen.How high did it rebound the 5th time?'

b"US Airways has a net income of 60,000 before taxes. It's expected that 45percent of the net income will go federal and state taxes. How much will US Airways have left?"

b'A 5-pound bag of potatoes costs3.40 what is the cost per pound'

b"Standing 4ft from the mirror lying on the ground ground, Palmer who's eye height is 5ft 9inches, can reflection the top of the tree. He measures the mirror to be 24ft from the tree. How tall is the tree?"

b"Last year's sales at Mel's Cinema totaled 144,000. This year's sales should increase by 1/3. How much should sales increase by, and what will sales be in the new year?"

b'1.76g of sodium hydroxide was added to 50cm^3 of 0.025mol.l^-1 nitric acid. Calculate the pH of the resulting solution.'

b'Jose the plumber charges 65 per hour to fix your plumbing. He uses the equation C=65Hadd100 to determine the charge of his services, C, after working h hours. What is the Y intercept? What does it represent in the context of the problem.'

b'Austin pays 1.50 per day for high speed internet after paying the equipment fee of 35.00. Identify the constant of proportionality that relates his internet charges y to the number of days x he has internet.'

b'Spinner has 8 equal sides with 1, yellow, 3 red, 2 green and 2 blue...what is the probability of landing on yellow? What is the probability of NOT landing on yellow?'

b'Given that the roots of the equation 3x^2addxadd2=0 are a and b, show that 27a^4=11aadd10.'


b'A circle has centre5,12 and its tangent to the line with equation 2x-yadd3=0. Wtite equation of the cirle'

b'Explain the difference between the expressions x-3 and 3-x answer'

b'Tanishas mother buys 38 lemons. they know it takes 8 lemons to make 80 ounces of leomonade. Does Tanisha need more lemons? If not, how many extra lemons does she have? if so, how many more lemons does she need? explain how you found your anwser. she needs 448 ounces for the ...'

b'Tanishas mom and the Lemon question. can some show how they got 7 lemons as the answer. Thank you luis'

b'a map is drawn using the scale 2 cm: 100 mi. on the map ,town b is 3.5 centimeters from town a, and town c is 2 centimeters past town b. how many miles apart are town a and town c'


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