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b"1 To James, good form came above all else. 2 Therefore, on being introduced to Lady Weathers, he bowed, took her hand, and kissed it lightly. 3 Then, glancing upward at Lady Weathers's face, he saw a look of consternation. 4 Blushing with embarassment, James noticed ..."

b"16. Which one of the following sentences includes an error in subject-verb agreement? A. Either June or her children are going to the movie tonight. B. Laverne, who's married, and Shirley, who's single, both walk their dogs. C. Neither Hannibal nor her pups is in the kitchen..."

b"15. Which one of the following is a run-on sentence? A. Jerry told me he likes June, but Hank likes Julie better. B. I would talk to Frank if I knew him, but people don't ever talk to him. C. I'm not a fan of wrestling, but Leslie is. D. I think Frank might be too busy he ..."

b'Either Mark or his students _______ on the ferry boat. 13. If you want to use the present tense, which word would best fill the blank? A. were B. are C. was D. is B is the only present tense?'

b"As it sailed south, Lord Nelson's great ship, Victory, met the Spanish fleet near Trafalgar. 12. The simple subject of the sentence is A. Lord Nelson. B. ship. C. fleet. D. south. I think best answer is B?"

b'11. In which one of the following sentences is the simple subject also the complete subject? A. Crocodiles, quiet as logs, lurked on the riverbank. B. Detectives Homer Fry and Janine Small looked high and low for clues. C. Large and small dinosaurs stalked the grassy plains. ...'

b"6. Which one of the following fragments is a prepositional phrase? A. During the darkest night B. Going to Cleveland C. Listening to her heart D. Completed her assignment I'm stuck between A B please help me?"

b"4. In which one of the following sentences does the subject come after the verb? A. Brock traveled over miles of dirt roads. B. On the next street, you'll find the shoe shop. C. Whenever he's in town, Jeremy likes to go fishing. D. Where is my Elvis CD? I think its D but not ..."

b"1. In which one of the following sentences does the verb agree with the subject? A. There is a million reasons why I shouldn't go. B. Here is the reasons we can't start the car. C. Who is the people in the photograph? D. The book that explains the plays is on the shelf. I ..."

b'Diagram this sentence Pastors do Gods work'

b'1. Based on the above information, tell the class about your weekend house. 2. Based on the information above, introduce your weekend house to your classmates. Which one is grammatical? are both OK?'

b"When Lino submitted an essay for his English class, it was 9 pages long. Lino's essay had errors on pages 2 and 7. If the teacher chose 3 pages uniformly at random to read, then the probability that she didn't read any of the pages with errors can be expressed as a/b where a ..."

b"Talk about the things you don't have to do on Sunday. I don't have to study hard. I don't have to see teachers at school. I don't have to see my homeroom teacher. I don't have to walk to school. I don't have to clean my classroom. I don't have to mop the floor. I don't have to..."

b'the managers decision was not based on a consideration of fairness it was simply a case ----- 1 expediency 2 importance 4 trial 5 judgment 6 corruption'

b'When naval engagements occur they are carried on at such great---------- that the intervention of mist may obscure the contestants from each other 1 extremes ,2 risk , 3 ranges 4,pace, 5 disadvantegc'

b'You could not----- the enemy destroyer in the foy 1,maroon 2,circumvent 3,overlook 4,discern 5,reveal'

b'9. In which sentence is the word but used as a preposition? A. We would like to visit the Grand Canyon, but our vacation time is up. B. John liked baseball but not football. C. Children should be seen but not heard. D. None but the brave shall enter in. I think its D but I ...'

b"Hey, as you know I'm German, but I love this clappping game Hanky Panky. Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky Where the eeps, ops, sodapops Hey Mr. Lilypad and went kerplop Is there any meaning? I am not able to translate it.."

b'write a newspaper report about ..A lorry has shed load of fruit on the motorway.The traffic is standstill.... i wrote this....................................?A lorry has shed its load of fruits while taking action to avoid another car on the M11 motorway in Essex. The ...'

b'Does this sentence have correct parallelism? Using steam power helped people spin cotton and grind flour.'

b"Identify the incorrect word. Emma told Jim that his car was still in it's parking place next to our apartment. A.his B. it's C.our D.no error everyone keeps saying it is it's but isn't the incorrect word our...?"

b"The swans in The Wild Swans at Coole most likely symbolize a. faithlessness b. fragility and purity c. the flight form life's problems d. beauty and timelessness thanks"

b'Which of the following is correct in regard to the use of formal English? A. In formal English, we use words to say precisely what we mean. B. Contractions are considered acceptable in any document. C. Formal English is used more frequently in speaking than in writing. D. In ...'

b'Gather a large collection of current events that reflect incidents that closely parallel the novel Can u explain to me this idea wants me to do Please help thank you very much.'

b'13. Which statement is true about this sentence: Few Americans speak fluent French? A. There is only one adjective in the sentence, and it modifies French. B. The one adjective in the sentence modifies the subject. C. There are adjectives modifying both the subject and the ...'

b'Whenever i____to the grocery, I always______ for fresh produce Went/looked Went/look Go/looked Had gone/look'

b"Rewrite each sentence below, replacing all clich\xc3\xa9s with more creative or straightforward expressions. My parents want us to mind our p's and q's and to stick to the straight and narrow."

b'Is the statement true or false that the crime rete has no effect on childhood obesity. give a reason for your answer'

b'carol has died, begin death'

b'i need help diagramming subjects,predicates,adjectives and adverbs'

b'Fable for tomorrow This town does not actually exist, but it might easily have a thousand counterparts in America or elsewhere in the world. I know of no community that has experienced all the misfortunes I describe. Yet every one of these disasters has actually happened ...'

b'why is fair is foul and foul is fair a paradox and is it a motif. I believe its a motif because it keeps repeating in the story. WHy is it a paradox.'


b'Dave hoped that Steve and ____ would win the tennis tournament Him Himself He His'

b'15. Which of the following sentences contains a verb in the simple past tense? A. Jenna has driven this route multiple times. B. I was working overtime for about six months. C. We helped Joan to pack her things. D. She would like to join us. I THINK ITS C'

b'12. Which of the following lists demonstrates various tenses of an irregular verb? A. I call, I called, I will call B. I walk, I walked, I will walk C. I try, I tried, I will try D. I go, I went, I will go'

b'A lorry has shed its load of fruit on the motorway.The traffic is a standstill.No one has been hurt. How to write a headline for this report?'

b'In the text box provided below, type the research report according to the guidelines below. You must submit both your first draft and final versions. Remember that an adult must review your first draft and provide constructive criticism. Assignment: A formal outline and a ...'

b'When one buys insurance, you need to be clear about your needs Pronoun shift in number Pronoun shift in person Ambiguous reference No error'

b'While I like bacon, it is not good for me. Sentence fragment Comma splice Run on sentence Complete sentence'

b'Make up an alliterative headline for each of these newspaper reports.aA man is attacked by a shark..bThe local library burns down..cA cat is rescued from a tree by the fire brigade.'

b'At first, only adults played with the yo-yo. What effect did this have on the adults?'

b'students who learned English as well as another language simultaneously score worse on the SAT critical Reading exam than the general population of test takers? The mean score among all test takers on SAT Critical Reading exam is 501 A random sample of 100 test takers who ...'

b'do students who learned English as well as another language simultaneously score worse on the SAT critical reading exam than the general population of test takers? the mean score di 501. A random sample of 100 test takers who learned English as another language simultaneously ...'

b'Complete each sentence so that the meaning of the italicized abstract word is made more concrete. Each question is worth two points 7. The party was a lot of fun. We 8. Tony is a kind boy who is apt to 9. That day I was so worried that I'

b"The tried and true methods quite often can't be beat."

b'k so i tried making one: Sarah had a prejudice against doctors. I think this sentence is too simple, how can i make it better?'

b'write sentences using these words: prejudice apartheid thanks :'

b'Use the text box below to do a five-minute free-writing session. Time yourself. If you would like to try again, give yourself another five minutes. Remember, this is free-writing. You may type whatever you like. This section of your submission will not be graded, but you are ...'

b"7. In which of the following sentences is the underlined verb in the future perfect tense? A. They will take the dog to the park with them. B. She really should begin to pack. C. Jean's daughter has begun to drive. D. By that time, he will have been gone for three days. I ..."


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