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b"1. He has dived in the river three times. 2. He has dove in the river three times. Are both OK? In the USA do you use 'dove' as past participle?"

b'I need help starting my english paper Draft a 7-9 page paper that compares and contrasts how the topic or theme you chose from the book was treated or mistreated in the film, and weigh in on what affect that has on the viewer as opposed to the reader. Things you must do ...'

b"I am the discussion director for my group. I have to grab 4 reallyyy good discussion questions for the book The Kite Runner. I already found one good question, I need the other 3. It has to be from chapter 1-3 PLEASE help me out, i'm so stuck, honestly I really want my group ..."

b'1. He dug a hole at the river bottom. 2. He dug at a hole at the river bottom. Are they grammatical? Would you correct them if there are any mistakes?'

b"Who did the hippo see first? 1. He first saw the bird. 2. First he saw the bird. 3. He saw the bird first. 4. He saw first the bird. Which ones are the suitable answers? Which is the right position of 'first'?"

b'what war-related issue affected French and English relations in Canada for years to come?'

b'explain why the issue of conscription helped to further divide English and French relations in Canada.'

b'What is the author referring to in this reading passage? Thus early had that one guest,--the only guest who is certain, at one time or another, to find his way into every human dwelling, --thus early had _______ stepped across the threshold of the House of the Seven Gables'

b'please help me to create division and classification prewriting essay.'

b'Choose the answer that displays the correct spelling of the plural form of the words in parentheses. Ancient Roman used goose as guard to warn of enemy approaching the camp.'

b'1. Choose the answer that displays the correct spelling of the plural form of the words in parentheses. How many praying mantis will we have to import to fight the grasshopper? 2. Choose the answer that displays the correct spelling of the plural form of the words in ...'

b"In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jim and Huck both decide that their relationships with their friends and loved ones are more important than their freedom, lives, and in Huck's case, his soul. Do you think modern heroes can make the same kinds of choices? In one paragraph ..."

b'Is first paragraph punctuation correct? no missing commas, etc 2nd paragraph - would it be a period or a semicolon? Thanks It will be our pleasure to welcome you and your staff to Tampa, Florida, on January 8. All of the tour arrangements you have approved for your sales ...'

b'Mark Twain used the characters his novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to show his contempt for the romantic style of literature. List three examples from the text that support the label for each character. Huck Finn- Realism Tom Sawyer- Romanticism This is supposed to be a...'

b'how i celebrate my birthday?'

b"Signal Phrase: Read Too Much Pressure by Colleen Wenke 564-568. Consider it a model for using signal phrases to introduce quoted material as explained on pages 508-512 of the Bedford Handbook. 1. Copy two good examples from Wenke's essay of signal phrases that name the ..."

b"1. He dug at the river bottom. 2. He dug the river bottom. Which one is correct? 3. Hippo dived into the river, but he hit the water too hard. What other expressions can we use instead of 'hard'? 4. Hippo dug and dug. 5. Hippo kept digging. 6. Hippo continued digging. 7. ..."

b'you are a speaker in a school debate write for or gainst,boys should not help in the kitchen'

b'What conflicts are in Son by John Updike? External and internal?'

b'Can you please explain exactly the meaning. What does this poem mean and how does it relates to people decision. I need to write an essay about it. Whatever we do, whether we light strangers\xc2\x92 cigarettes\xc2\x97it may turn out to be a detective wanting to know who is free with a ...'

b'Please check punctuation for periods and semicolons to make sure they are correct. This is a letter which we had to proofread keeping same sentencing. Semicolons, for some reason, are difficult for me. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP Dear Ms. Santiago You will be interested to ...'

b'1 should there be a comma before and after Bob Hopkins and per serving 2 Is Administrative Professionals Day capitalized 3Any numbers corrections or any other punctuation mistakes THANKS Your reservations are confirmed to cater your office party for Administrative ...'

b'please give me some outlines on this topic - the government has granted a large amount of money to your school to build a hobby room and buy instruments for the school orchestra . why would you like to have the two in your school. please explain a few lines on this topic please.'

b'What does this poem mean and how does it relates to people decision. I need to write an essay about it. Whatever we do, whether we light strangers\xc2\x92 cigarettes\xc2\x97it may turn out to be a detective wanting to know who is free with a light on a lonely street nights\xc2\x97 or whether...'

b'Biography of nelson mendela'

b'Sketch character of lencho class 10th cbse course'

b"how do Huck and Jim feel about the sanctuary of the raft and how do they feel about the violence and shame of the shore? I have to make a collage on this and I don't really know what to put. I was thinking of drawing a river and in the inside of the river would be a drawing of..."

b'1. What is the procedure of voter identification intended to help prevent fraudulent voting and keep the process organized? A political socialization B registration C gerrymandering D precinct divisions E franchising 2. What do you call all the persons entitled to vote in...'

b'Can you please have a look at these questions I need to prepare for tomorrow? 1 Outline briefly the main features of English Romanticism. 2 Give a definition of primary and secondary imagination as given by Coleridge in his Treaty of Philosophy. 3 Which characteristics of ...'

b"I deleted your original post because it included an email address. In order to keep everyone safe, our policy is not to allow email addresses to be posted. If you write your text here, we'll be glad to help you with it. Then, when we're finished communicating, we can delete it..."

b'full essay on climate change'

b'Add punctuation to the following excerpt. Irving continues in those days, the heart of lover could not contain more than one lady at a time a modern gallant has often room enough to accommodate half a dozen either the hearts of the gentleman have grown larger, or the persons ...'

b'how to convert common noun in to abstract noun eg. agent, glutton,pilgrim. please help.'

b"aha i really didn't know what is this for shure so thans anyway"

b'can you write me an essey students should be further based on homework than the hobby and sport just something that I see how that need to be'

b"you really help me at a last one and if you have some time can you help me whit this too? Read the text and choose the correct answer. ok,everyone,listen,please,I want to go over the plans for tonight one more time.Henrys train_________at eight o'clock and he________ to be ..."

b'dear sir i would like to know abstract noun for certain common nouns eg agent ,thief,pilgrim,glutton.'

b'write an essay on the the topic- government has granted a large amount of money to your school to construct a hobby room and buy instruments for your school orchestra. why would you like to have the two in your school.'

b'Is the following pair of sentences a good illustration of a pair of sentences that are joined by an understood relationship Detective Smiley scanned the dim hallway. He pulled his pistol from its holster.'

b'Can you please help me express the first two questions? I also need you to go through the other questions and tell me if they are grammatically correct. Thank you very much in advance. 1 What role does time play in the narrative technique of the interior monologue? 2 Which ...'

b'locate 10 words from your dictionary,words t hat has stressed,on the syllable.'

b'Guys I have 2 essays due this week, 1 tomorrow and another on Friday. The first essay is an expository piece. The relationship between a mother and her child is quite different to the relationship between a child and its mother. Explain the difference, and the consequences ...'

b'What is the different between traditional Vietnamese and Vietnamese tradition?'

b"Your answers are all correct, although Im not sure about number 7. I've deleted your post so that others can't copy your answers."

b'need complex sentence with cordinate subordinate'

b'1. I got A on the math test. 2. I won A on the math test. Are both grammatical?'

b"I got an Aadd, - Congratulations I'm so happy for you. What is the meaning of 'for' in the last sentence? What is the similar sentence, 1 or 2? 1. I'm so happy thanks to you. 2. I'm so happy about you."

b"Do not send out a resume until at least three individuals, preferably __________, have agreed to recommend you. A. professors and/or job supervisors B. friends C. relatives D. members of the clergy i don't know this one please some one help"

b'The address you are sending your business letter to is called: A. the external address. B. the inside address. C. the complimentary close. D. the salutation. im confused between A n D'

b"These are the very last things. Thank you very, very much. 1 In Joyce\xc2\x92s story The Sisters Nannie brings a decanter of sherry and some wine-glasses and invites the protagonist to take a little glass of wine. 2 Briefly refer to the plot of Joyce's tale The Sisters? What is ..."


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