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b'\xc2\x93Boys don\xc2\x92t cook.\xc2\x94 What type of rhetorical device or fallacy is this? :\xc2\x93\xc2\x85what are you doing in those overalls? You should be in a dress and camisole, young lady\xc2\x94 what type of rhetorical device or fallacy is this?'

b'The older you grow the more of it you\xc2\x92ll see. The one place where a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom, be he any color of the rainbow, but people have a way of carrying their resentments right into a jury box. As you grow older, you\xc2\x92ll see white men cheat ...'

b"There's four kinds of folks in the world. There's the ordinary kind, like us and the neighbours, there's the kind like the Cunningham's out in the woods, the kind like the Ewell's down at the dump, and the Negroes. what rhetorical device or fallacy is this?"

b'Ms sue please check and correct whst I have wriiten'

b'Ms sue. Please write the article for the earlier mentioned topic'

b'Imagine you are a tainted cricketer exposed for your role in the match fixing scandal.Write a diary entry highlighting your regret ,reasons why you got tempted and the lesson you have learnt . 80-100 words'

b'Why is it a little odd to say I work at nights?'

b'Is it grammatically correct to say, Nice meeting you?'

b'ideas on the subject of sharing a car with a sibling.'

b'What is a thesis, antithesis and synthesis?'

b'to kill a mockingbird movie analysis question. 1 how does the lack of eye contact show Mayella is lying? Why is she lying? How does this show racism?How is this significant to the film? analysis further toward the so what factor. Thanks'

b"This is a story about Turtle and Rabbit. Fill in the blanks with the correct words and write the numbers in the correct order. Do we have to use 'write the correct words' or 'write correct words' without 'the'?"

b'Im having difficulty correctly addressing the below sentences. The assignment is to fix, if needed, sentence fragments. At first and second glance, I feel these are correct: With machetes, the explorers cut their way through the tall grasses to the edge of the canyon. Then ...'

b'1. He missed the 7 bus. 2. He missed Bus 7. 3. he missed the Number 7 Bus. 4. He missed Number seven bus. 5. Hhe missed Bus Number 7. Which ones are correct?'

b'I have to make a thesis statement about a book and a movie. I need help creating the thesis. I am doing the hobbit. This is a comparative essay with the topic of human development. Thanks..Please help me out..'

b'for each of the five quotes identify the literal meaning , how this quote develops theme and the sources. these quotes are from hamlet by the way 1.A litte ere the mightiest Julius fell, The graves stood tenantless, and the sheeted dead Did squeak and gibber in the Roman ...'

b'I won the school marathon 1. Congratulations 2. Good for you 3. Well done 4. Very good Are all the responses suitable? Do you have some more suitable responses? Would you write them? Thank you.'

b'1. Amy took a subway yesterday. 2. Amy took the subway yesterday. 3. Amy took two subways yesterday. Which expressions are grammatical?'

b"Is the market far away? _ No. It's very close. You can walk slowly. In this short dialogue, what is the meaning of 'can'? Does 'can' mean 'may', which tells permission?"

b'1. Turtle won the race. 2. Turtle won the race against Rabbit. 3. Turtle won the race with Rabbit. 4. Turtle beat Rabbit in/at the race. Are they all grammatical? Would you correct any errors? And some more useful expressions? Thank you.'

b'Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in present continues tense. Hey Do you want to hear about what my family do ________ ________1 right now? Well, I hope you do, because I am going to tell you Right now, my dad work ________ _________ 2 outside. I ...'

b'why stress is marked on e for the verb emulate'

b'could u explain the rhyming scheme aa bb cc'

b'How does cost determine which financial choice you make? What would your life be like without taxes? What are your choices to finance pay for a major purchase like your first car? thanks'

b"could you pl tell me the theme in edgar albert guest's equipment poem"

b"1. He can not solve the math problem. 2. He cannot solve the math problem. 3. He can't solve the math problem. 4. He could not solve the math problem. 5. He couldnot solve the math problem. 6. He couldn't solve the math problem. Are they all grammatical? What about 5? Is it ..."

b"1. Is the city very far from here? 2. No, it is very close. What is the part of speech of 'far' and 'close'? Are they adverbs or adjectives?"

b'1-have you ever searched for information on the internet?Describe the process you used. 2-Is information from the internet as good as information from a library?explain>'

b"1. Last year, we had a school festival in fall. I couldn't join the school festival because I was sick and absent from school. 2. Last year, we had a sports day. I couldn't join the sports day because I had to go abroad with my parents. Would you check any errors in the short..."

b'1. I videotaped the scenery. 2. I made a video with the scenery. 3. I made videos regarding the scenery. 4. I made the video about the scenery. Which expressions are grammatical? Thank you for your help.'

b'1. Sightseeing is best done either by tour bus or by bicycle. 2. Sightseeing is best done either by tour buses or by bicycles. 3. Sightseeing is best done either by a tour bus or by a bicycle. 4. Sightseeing is best done either by the tour bus or by the bicycle. Which one is ...'

b'Where did you go? I went to Gwangalli Beach. When did you go? I went there about two weeks ago. How did you get there? I took a bus to get there. What did you do there? I changed clothes and ran into the water to swim. I took a banana boat with my friends. How did you feel ...'

b"need to write a short essay on 'describe a trip you took with your family or friends. It could be to another state, another town, or to a store. You should talk about what happened, why, and when.'"

b"i need to write an essay on 'the day your neighbour asked you to look after her young baby while she went to market.' please give me some ideas....."

b'The book A Child Called \xc2\x93It\xc2\x94 is about the struggle of a young boy named David Pelzer who was severely emotionally and physically abused by his alcoholic mother Catherine Rovera. From being abused along to being emotionally abused to the point where David Pelzer was not ...'

b'asking questions and drawing conclusions will dowhich of the following: a-help you stay alert b-engage you in active listening c-help you remember information d-all of the above'

b'I am teaching ESL students. How can I improve my teaching skills?'

b'1. I went to Fukuoka, Japan. 2. I went to Fukuoka in Japan. Which one is correct and commonly used?'

b"Should the sentence containing the word three be 3 instead. The rules states to use numbers that follow an identifying noun. I don't quite understand if these is considered identifying but I believe two or three should be written in words. If I should have to be out over the..."

b'MBA604 Statistics Assignment 1 Part 1 1 5 pts An electronics company is about to launch a new product. If the serial number for each piece produced has the following format: LLNNN where L stands for any letter in the English alphabet and N is a number from 0 to 9, please ...'

b"Hey, just look up the grammar, tenses and wheter I use the right words, ok? It is for an oral excercise so the spelling isen't important. Thanks and now the text: Mandy: Good Morning and welcome to the morning show with me: Mandy Melrose Today I wanna talk with you about ..."

b'revised.... just wanted to make sure I did these two paragraphs correctly. This is for an interoffice memo It was given to us with no punctuation and all sentences ran together. Thank you Ed, I have made several changes to our staff to help accommodate the additional shifts ...'

b'In this paragraph, any errors on capitalization, commas or semicolons? Also, should they are all to report directly to me be part of the next sentence instead of the first sentence? Thanks again Howard Clark will be the supervisor for the third shift, Betty Miller will be ...'

b'This is one paragraph in an interoffice memo. Should it be a semicolon instead of two separate sentences? Also, it is an interoffice memo, should company be capitalized? Thanks Ed, I have made several changes to our staff to help accommodate the additional shifts our company ...'

b"Leprechauns and Fairy's; Leprechauns are fairy-like mischievous creatures in Irish folklore. They are in a form of a old man. Leprechauns have been reported to be no bigger then a small child or no bigger then a finger. If they are spotted by human they are granted three ..."

b"How are leprecuans different or similar to the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream?"

b'1. It is strange for her to receive fan letters. 2. It is strange of her to receive fan letters. 3. She is strange to receive fan letters. 4. For her to receive fan letters is strange. 5. Fan letters are strange for her to receive. Which ones are grammatical?'

b'what motivates us as writers and viewers to create and interact with characters through pieces of work such as a beautiful mind movie. This is our essay question. what topic and 3 arguments could i talk about in my essay'

b'What i the story of the last butterfly ?'

b"1. Dig a hold 2 feet deep. 2. Dig a hole for 2 feet deep. Are both OK? Is 'for' omitted in Sentence 1?"


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