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b'If you go to the Internet and do a research for statistics to back up your argument for a speech you are writing for your Communications class, it is considered: A. primary research. B. investigative research. C. systematic research. D. secondary research.'

b"At last the magpie heard this just as she was putting a twig across. So she said: One's enough. But the turtle-dove kept on saying: Take two, Taffy, take two-o-o-o. Then the magpie got angry and said: One's enough I tell you. Still the turtle-dove cried: Take two, Taffy..."

b'Now Dick had heard a great many very strange things about the great city called London; for the country people at that time thought that folks in London were all fine gentlemen and ladies; and that there was singing and music there all day long; and that the streets were all ...'

b'1. He arrived safe in London. 2. He arrived safely in London. Which one is right? 3. Henry V Do we have to read V as Henry the fifth?'

b'1. Little Dick would have lived very happy in this good family if it had not been for the ill-natured cook. happy-> happily...right? 2. The captain, who knew his business, took this opportunity to set forth the merits of Miss Puss. He told his majesty; It is not very ...'

b"where could an apostrophe be put for plural women 1.women's or womens' pl clarify ."

b'Imagine that you are doing research for a term paper in your English class and you have chosen the topic of \xc2\x93expected winnings of a lottery.\xc2\x94 You find the following information for your state\xc2\x92s lottery: Prize Probability Jackpot 1 in 60,000,000 12,000 1 in 100,000 750 ...'

b'Need Help getting started.. For the following exercise, you will need to write a short paragraph of your own. Remember to use the grammar guidelines and sentence consolidation strategies of the previous lessons. This might also be a good opportunity to practice using some of ...'

b'Need help please. For the following exercise, choose a topic, and then determine which method of organization is best suited for its development. Next, write a topic sentence that applies to your treatment of the subject. Finally, list at least four supporting facts or ideas. ...'

b"A singing group that began as a way to help military moms cope with wartime anxiety is now bringing cheer to civilians and veterans. The Swingin' Blue Stars formed just after 9/11. Almost 12 years later, the group is still taking its show on the road. ---------------- How do ..."

b'Please grade my ACT writing test on a scale of 1-Please make corrections and give me feedback. By the way, I wrote this essay in 30 minutes. ACT Test Prompt: Schools in some states have changed their school calendars so that they are now year-round schools. Advocates of year-...'

b'Please grade my ACT writing test on a scale of 1-6. Please make corrections and give me feedback. By the way, I wrote this essay in 30 minutes. ACT Test Prompt: Schools in some states have changed their school calendars so that they are now year-round schools. Advocates of ...'

b'the next paragraph : And thank you soooo much for helping me Now we wanted to answer the research questions. We will have a closer look to the complements and try to find answers why which verb takes which complement. The verb to smell took mostly Noun Phrases [1] 34 times...'

b"below is a letter we must highlight and correct. It has 14 errors. Could you please review?? I wasn't certain if I should put enclosures. Date Mr. Daniel G. Sothern 674 Dunstan Street Dallas, TX zip Dear Mr. Sothern Our client, Sidney Moss, executor for the Estate of Charles..."

b'Need Help.Please and Thanks. Read each of the following topic sentences, create your own topic sentence that expresses something about your particular opinion on the subject. 5.Plants require water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to live.'

b'Instructions in procedural texts should appear in the form of __________. a. descriptive phrases with adjectives b. commands with active verbs c. questions and answers d. complex sentences and paragraphs'

b'please help me to correct my english grammar the letter below.. I mr. Maria lopez bonafide borrrower of housing loan through pag ibig corporation.Miss rowena loren is my authorized SPA, but because of the job opportunity and she is hired to in hongkong and due to leave on ...'

b'Which of the following sentences contains a verb in the simple past tense? A. I was working overtime for about six months. B. She would like to join us. C. Jenna has driven this route multiple times. D. We helped Joan to pack her things.'

b'The 181 million IRIS mission How do you read the expression above? 1. The one hundred eighty-one dollar IRIS mission 2. The one hundred eighty-one dollars IRIS mission 3. The one hundred eighty-one dollar ai ar ai es mission 4. The one hundred eighty-one dollars ai ar ai es...'

b"What are the stories that go with each of the tools that Sanders discusses in his essay Inheritance of Tools? I don't really understand what the question wants, so I started by saying the history of the hammer. What can I write about the other tools?"

b'A queen on an English chessboard is able to attack in the same row, column and diagonal. The probability that 2 randomly placed queens on an 8 by 8 chessboard will be able to attack each other can be expressed as ab, where a and b are positive, coprime integers. What is the ...'

b'So,I really need help Can anyone/someone please give me a poem that you originally made or anything Thanks :'

b'i need help with my essay ? is about the great debater'

b'Last one.... please check grammar/punctuation. Thanks You need to know some important information regarding medication you\xc2\x92re currently taking. After we reviewed our records, we find that approval for coverage of your medication, Nexium 40MG, is about to expire on August...'

b'Should Dr. be spelled out in the inside address. Any other grammar/punctuation errors? Dr. Robert E. Grant Dental Care Associates 200 South Broad Street Charleston, South Carolina 29401 Dear Doctor Grant Retreatment has been completed on your patient, Janet Lee Jackson, on ...'

b'Please check numbers, dates, and commas, etc. for any grammatical errors. Thank you On January 2 of next year, Great Lakes Associates in Radiology and Imaging will be relocating to a new, larger office complex. The move is necessary to accommodate the expansion of our ...'

b'Hey I know it is long ago since I posted more of my text but there was so much else I had to do... I hope somebody can correct it : Then I took a second look at each sentence, because it often is the case that the BNC has very long sentences in which it is difficult to see ...'

b"After a while he fancied he would like to go faster, so he began to cluck with his tongue and cry C'ck c'ck The horse broke into a smart trot, and before Hans was aware he was thrown off\xc2\x97splash\xc2\x97into a ditch which divided the highway from the fields, and there ..."

b"1. To make a guess today's topic 2. To listen to teacher's explanation 3. To write own reviewing note Are the sentences above correct? 4. To make a guess about today's topic. 5. To listen to Teacher's/the teacher's explanation 6. To write your own reviewing note What about ..."

b'Could you please check the following for any possible errors? semi-colons, commas, two separate sentences, etc? A new and exciting change is about to premiere for all Peachtree Professional Park personnel. Beginning June 1, 2013, the following dress code will be implemented in...'

b'Read the following paragraphs and write a topic sentence that expresses the main idea of each. For example, if it is a sport, then some people wonder why cheerleaders must also be concerned with the neatness and uniformity of their appearance. In addition, since cheerleading ...'

b'Write two compositions. To help you get started, you can choose to write about any two of the following four topics: -a job report. -your most unforgettable character. -an analysis of the causes for some phenomenon or event. -the consequences of a new discovery or event. I ...'

b'I need help think of a thesis for Michael Gows play Away??'

b'Could you help me to order these sentences, 1. Wha do you do couldallow us to couese in work time is. 2. To new might you skill a want about learning think.'

b"It is a moribund reader who doesn't feel the spell of its bounding anapests, as hard to ignore as a herd of reindeer on roof. I need help... Please restate it,so I can understand it better... Please help............"

b'The Christ Killer label is ironic because it is often used on Jewish people, but Jewish people were not antagonistic at the crucifixion. The antagonists were the Romans.'

b"I do not quite understand this sentence. Please explain. It is a moribund reader who doesn't feel the spell of its bounding anapests, as hard to ignore as a herd of reindeer on roof."

b'english is a launge of opportunity,why bother to teacher indigious laugeng'

b"Imagine you are the secretary of Lito Truck Transport Firm. Mrs Baloyi passed away,,,one of the workers.......write an invitation to all the worker's inviting them for the meeting to discuss about Mrs Baloyi's funeral arrangement include the agenda of the meeting in your ..."

b'use athlete in the sentence an ____ training requires long hours of exercises.'

b"I need to change the syle of writing from a chapter in a book. From whatever syle it is written in to one of, gothic romance, pulp fiction or horror story. I don't know how to write in any of those styles, I don't know how to write"

b'This is a quote. Without the dark we would never see the stars For you is this an encouraging quote?'

b'Ok so Im thinking I will use the theme of heroism which is the human condition My arguments would be character, social position and ancestry This is a book and movie comparative essay... I have to do a comparative essay on a book and a film I chose The Hobbit .This is a ...'

b"Without the dark, we'd never see the stars. What does this mean to you?"

b'why some sentences begin with ....1. to my surprise 2. to be able to do it ......what grammatical aspect is it'

b'Yes, I know how to write a thesis statement and how a comparison essay goes.. But I already have my info: This is a comparison essay exploring to what degree an inherent film is discussed and how it relates to an aspect of the HUMAN CONDITION. So my theme is revenge and the ...'

b'Informational text includes which of the following: a. a setting c. a plot b. a conflict d. an explanation'

b'Ok so I have to do a comparative essay on a book and a film I chose The Hobbit .This is a comparison essay exploring to what degree an inherent film is discussed and how it relates to an aspect of the human condition. So my theme is revenge and the arguments are race, ...'

b'Are adventure, revenge, Heroism and prejudice all human conditions?'

b'Ms sue you mean to say its correct ? Is there anything else I write in addition to it or improve what I have written'


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