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b'In this sentence How much do you remember from that display? Is the verb remember Is the subject you?'

b'Around the corner came a huge robot. Is the subject robot Is the verb came?'

b'What is the subject of this sentence? Will we visit any of them? Is it we or them? Is the verb visit or will visit?'

b'Persuasive Writing Assignment: Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. You want to be the person responsible for putting the book on the shelf. You should convince the ...'

b'why english is the language of opportunity .'

b'If someone speaks candidly, she is most likely speaking ; ~honestly ~quietly ~sarcastically'

b'Which of the following was not a popular genre during the Victorian era; detective fiction, gothic fiction or postmodern fiction?'

b'What is the correct form of this sentence The table of contents list ten different lessons on correct grammar usage'

b"I have to write an attention getting statement for a speech and I don't know where to start"

b'i need a quote that evikes mood and a word decicribing the mood'

b'Which of the following sentences does not properly use a subordinating conjunction'

b'The green and greasy alligators would not wrestle Steve unless they were given the chicken first.'

b"1. My skin always peels when I've been in the sun. 2. My skin always peels when I am in the sun. Are both grammatical? What is the difference between 1 and 2?"

b'1. Because I think it is important to respect and take care of the aged. 2. Because I think it is important to respect and take care of aged people. 3. Because I think it is important to respect and take care of the elderly. 4. Because I think it is important to respect and ...'

b'1. How much tax does the mayer pay? 2. How much cost does the mayer pay? Which one is correct?'

b"1. It was important to me to be financially independent of my parents. 2. It was important for me to be financially independent of my parents. Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'for' or 'to'?"

b'1. What is his personality? 2. What is his personality like? Are both the same? Which one is popular? 3. There used to be a river there. 4. There would be a river. 5. There was a river, but not now. Does 3 mean 5? What about 4? Is 4 grammatical?'

b"can you explain a mortif to me... I don't understand the difference between a mortif and a theme"

b'What is the verb phrase Many families would have been the proud owners of pet cats and dogs. Is it would have been?'

b'Pope Tawadros II How should we read that? 1. Pope Tawadros the second 2. Pope Tawadros second 3. Pope Tawadros two'

b'holiday to make sentanec'

b'What is the physical journey like in the novel Murder on the Orient Express and how does it add to the meaning?'

b'which of the above topics are appropriate for an expository essay? why do you think so? which of the above topics are appropriate for a persuasive essay? explain. what differentiates an expository essay from a persuasive essay?'

b"Use the characteristics of bias to find examples in Columbus' Journal Excerpt."

b'How to do this......please show me.... Take 2 A4 sheet.On one write PROPER NOUNS and stick related picture cut outs.On the 2nd sheet write COMMON NOUNS and paste related picture cut outs.'

b'Show me how to do this.. On A4 sheet write comparitive of 15 adjectivesfont size 20 and stick cut outs of related pictures on the margines.'

b'Please show me this, on a A4 sheet paper paste a cutout of a picture of earth and write 8 adjectives in capital letter inside rectangular block any coloue ink'

b'1 The lack of a ___ system of measurement is an international problem. scanty, uniform, transient, instantaneous 2. Almost ____ communication kept the President up-to-the-minute with events at the conference. exponential, transient, instantaneous, nostalgic 1. uniform 2....'

b'Which word has the most nearly opposite meaning of capitalized word? 1.FRACTION eon, portion, whole, moment 2. STATIC temporary, nostalgic, changeable, gradual 3. LINEAR straight, narrow, bright, crooked 4. HINDER progress, cripple, help, obstruct 5. QUANTITATIVE huge, abrupt...'

b'1. I want to buy anything at the shop. 2. I want to buy something at the shop. What is the diference between the two sentences?'

b'Question: 2 of 5: Which topic would a writer be least likely to ask a peer reviewer to comment on?Select one of the options below as your answer:A. use of subordinate clauses within the essay B. personal experiences used to support a pointC. how the body of the essay is organized'

b'Why do we add the before timings such as morning, evening, and afternoon, but do not do so before timings such as lunchtime or dinnertime? For example, in I will see you at lunchtime as opposed to I will see you in the morning?'

b'I have an essay about difficulties in life which is based on a book I read with my class. I am having trouble finding difficulties or adversities I have had in my life. Can you please give me some examples of difficulties that you, or anybody else could have had in life. Thank...'

b'One of the neighborhood cats Trina loves to play outside in the garden.'

b"I need to complete these sentences. I can't think of anything that would fit the caps locked word. Can you help me work through them? 1. Ralph wanted a BONA FIDE New York cheescake, so he....... 2.The formation of a pearl is an ADVENTITIOUS effect of...... 3.The fecund nature ..."

b'I need help figuring out the rhyme scheme to Anne bradstreets poem to her father with some verses I saw a previous post where you said the answer was : aabbccddeeffggaabbccddeeffgg there are only 14 lines in the poem. I think the answer is: aabbccddeeffgg Can you explain why...'

b'1. Identify the antecedents for the bolded pronouns for questions 1 add 2. The voters were worried about their money and their future. future money voters worried 2. The New Deal did not end the depression but it did lessen the financial hardships of many Americans. ...'

b'1. The doctor provided patients with numbing pills. 2. The doctor provided patients with anesthesia pills. 3. The doctor provided patients with narcotic pills. Are they the same and grammatical?'

b'1. nursery school 2. day-care center 3. kindergarten What is the difference among the three expressions?_'

b"Let's give him a big hand. Let's give a big hand to him. Let's applaud him. Let's give him a round of applause. Let's give a rould of applause to him. Are they all the same in meaning?"

b'what are some curriculum in english?'

b'1. I am very happy to see patients recovering from surgery. 2. I am very happy to see patients who are recovering from surgery. 3. I am very happy to see patients who recover from surgery. What does 1 mean? 2 or 3?'

b'How many different ways can i rewrite this theme; Acceptance through detachment?'

b"You will need to research a type of mythical creature, such as mermaids, gnomes, leprechauns, goblins, or genies. You will then write an essay comparing the creature that you researched and the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Leprechauns are very much similar to the ..."

b'Clear communication in a government memorandum would most likely be hindered by'

b'revise the following paragraph, improving it without changing its overall meaning. pay particular attention to any subject- verb agreement errors. You ever felt sleep deprived? college students often complains that they are not getting enough sleep.'

b'information from the Internet is: always credible. a good source for research material. the easiest material to research. as good as library materials. is it A'

b'1. Achieving goals you set is greatly helped by: writing down your long-term goals. your learning style. managing your time efficiently. getting good grades. is it A 2. To actively read means to: read aloud. concentrate on understanding. read fast. minimize note-taking. is it ...'

b'1. You want to discover your learning style because: you are curious. it lets you know how you learn best. it makes learning easy. you want to know if you are visual or auditory. it is B 2. Online learning is impossible without: information literacy. media literacy. the use of...'

b"No or not? I'm wearing shoes, but no/not socks."


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