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b'Solve the simultaneous equation P^2-Q^2=40 QaddP=10 Using the substitution method'

b'Can someone give me the answers to the U6 math test? For 6th grade?'

b'An aeroplane flies from a town p onlat.40N,38Eto another town Q on Lat.40N,22W.It later flies to a third town T onLat.28N,22W. Calculate the average speed at which the aeroplane will fly from P to T via Q, If the journey takes 12 hours. Take R to be 6400 and py to be 22/7.'

b'simplify square root of -25'

b'A pendulum of Length L cm has time period T seconds. T is directly proportional to the square root of L. The length of the pendulum is increased by 40percent. What is the percentage increase in the time period? ???????? Multiplier for increasing L = 1.4 Multiplier for increasing T...'

b'The difference between two whole numbers is 15. One of the numbers is 1. There are two possibilites for the second number. What are they?'

b'Mr.savage used 3 gallons of paint to cover 1350 of square feet of wall .at this rate how much paint wiil be needed to cover 1800 square feet.'


b'translate into a word problem then solve. One fourth of the villains nabbed by the second rate superheroes were jaywalkers. one ninth of those were illegal double parkers too. what fraction of the nabbed villains were both jaywalkers and illegal double parkers.'

b'These are the first 5 terms of a quadratic sequence: 1 3 7 13 21 1st difference: 2 4 6 8 2nd difference: 2 2 2 1n^2: 1 4 9 16 25 adjustment: ? ? ? ? ? Thank you very much.'

b'Which of the following is the point of concurrency of the medians of the triangle? A. The incenter B. The circumcenter C. The orthocenter D. The centroid <<<'

b'When the number c is multiplied by 7, the result is the same as when c is subtracted from 7. What is the value of 16c? A. 14 B. 7/8 C. 8 D. 8/7 E. 7'

b'The difference of two numbers is 321. The larger number is 190 more than twice the smaller number. Which system of equations presents this information? S = smaller number and L = larger number I got: L-S=321the difference L=2Sadd190 What did i do wrong please help me'

b'A sheet of paper measures 30 cm by 2 cm. A strip 5 cm wide is cut from it all around. Find the area of the remaining sheet and the strip cut out.'

b'A post 8 m tall casts a shadow of 11m A tall building nearby casts a shadow of 55 m how tall is the building'

b'fx=1addx/1-x,gx=x/1-x, find the simplest form of f[gx] and state the domain. My work: 1add x/1-x/1-x/1-x 1addx/1-x/1-x/1-x'

b'A buidling of 25 meters casts a shadow 15 meters long on the ground . What will be the length of the shadow cast by a building 40 meters tall'

b'Find the 3rd vertex of a triangle ABC.If 2vertices are A-4,3,B4,3and its centroid is at orFind. Find 3rd.'

b'Beth is waiting for her friends plane to land. the plane will land at time T uniformly distributed in 70 minuetes. Determine the probability that the Plane will land in 30 minutes?'

b'Benson is 2 years less than twice Jackson age and all together equal 19'

b'5 pencils are in a bag.There are 3 times as many pens than pencils in the same bag. How many pens are in the bag'

b'If I were to make an equation so that the left side were a reciprocal function and the right side were an absolute value function, then the equation would be guaranteed to have at least one solution. Why?'

b'Hi I am a fifth grader I need to learn how ferries wheel in 5th grade math'

b"Compare Noah's expenses to the following spending guidelines. What changes would he need to make to fall within the guidelines?"

b"Danny's car can drive 32 miles on each gallon of gas. He has an 18 gallon tank thank is 3/4 of the way full. How many miles can he drive on the gas he has?"

b'the difference between two whole number is 26 and one number is three times the other then the smaller number is..........my work x-y=26,3x_y=26'

b'Create an equation where the left side is a cubic function and the right side is a cube root function. Make it so that the equation has exactly one solution. Please help me solve thanks'

b'A marathon is 26.2miles long. there is a water station every 1 31/100miles along the rare route. What is the number of water stations?'

b'which expression is equivalent to the distance between -13 and -4 on a number line? select all that apply 1. -13 add-4 2. -13 --4 3. -13-4 4. -4 add-13 5. -4 - -13'

b'What is 0.554 rounding to nearest tenths ones hundredths and 8.497'

b'IF LOG10 A=4,WHAT IS A?'

b'Ariana runs up 4 flights of stairs and then runs down 4 flights of stairs. Does this situation represent additive inverses? Explain.'

b'The image below shows two dilated figures with lines KL and K\xc2\x92L\xc2\x92 drawn. If the smaller figure was dilated using a scale factor of 2, what relationship do lines KL and K\xc2\x92L\xc2\x92 have?'

b'Put the distance each friend live from one another from greatest to least,4 3/4,4 7/8,4 9/10 and 4 4/5.'

b'7 pints of blue paint mix with 4 pints of yellow paint. If you want to use a total of 44 pints, how many pints of blue paint and yellow paint will you have? I am a parent trying to help my daughter with the question above. am lost please show me what to do use different ...'

b"The question is: find the image of o-2 -1 after two reflections, first across the line y=-5, then across the line x=1, I'm confused because I reflected it across the y access and got -7,-6 then I reflected it x=1 and Got -6,-5, But that is not in the answers. I know I did ..."

b'The population of a city has been decreasing exponentially since 1990. In 1990, the population was 1,000,000. In 2010, the population was 560,000. If t represents time in years since 1990, which of the following equations best models the decay of the population?'

b'when doing rotations do you go clockwise or counterclockwise?'

b'the fifth term of an arithmetic progression is 19,and the fourteenth term is 55. Find its first term'

b'cost= .18 per minute x 60 minutes'

b'If you could throw a snowball so that it travels at 75 centimeters a second, how long will it take to hit the target that it is 15 meters away?'

b"At a carnival you play a ring toss game 30 times. It's a dollar to play and your chances of winning are 15percent. What are your expected winnings"

b'Shelby made 200 from selling candy bars, Large x, candy bars sell for 4 each and smaller y, candy bars for 2 each. Write an equation to represent how many of each type of candy she sold to earn the 200.'

b'Consider the following cubic curve: fx=?x3 ?x2 add16xadd16 1. Calculate f?x. 2. Calculate f??x. 3. Find the x values such that fx = 0.'

b'There will be 45 adults going to the museum. There will be twice as many students as adults. Adult tickets cost 25 each. Student tickets cost 12 each. How would you represent this question using a tape diagram?'

b'The eight,fourth and second terms of an arithmetic progression form the first three terms of a geometric series. The arithmetic progression has first term A and common difference d, and the geometric progression has first term G and common ratio r. aGiven that d is not equal ...'

b'a diameter of a car wheel is 49cm.find how many turns will it take to cover a distance of 3080cm'

b'what is the famous old saying about building a fire in a kayak?'

b'A mobile company charges rs50 per month as rental and rs 10 per min for calls. Write down an aljebric expression to represent the cost of the bill,if m represents the no.of minutes spent on the cells'

b'In the xy-plane, line m passes through the origin and is perpendicular to the line 8x-3y=n, where n is a constant. If the two lines intersect at the point r, r-2, what is the value of r?'


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