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b'Q.Fill in the blanks using appropriate words from the options given below When we a_________ anything we always have to keep in mind our b_________. After all, except as an exercise, there would be little point in writing anything if it c_________ not going to benefit...'

b"My legal and ethical obligations would be to make her understood to report medication error. In this scenario, the patient is \xc2\x93all right\xc2\x94 that is what matters. It would more troubling if she didn't report and became defensive about things afterwards."

b'How do you write an essay on hobbies? Please Answer. Thank You.'

b'english is not my firs language , i need help to correct this paragraph . please.only answer question As the nurse being told this, what are your ethical and legal obligations regarding the medication error? Answer . My legal and ethical obligations would be to make her ...'

b"I have to answer about 25 questions about one scientific text on English. I already chose one, but need I can't add URL here, and need help :"

b'What is the simple subject of the following sentence: A large number of swimmers competed in the race.'

b'In At the Tourist Center in Boston, the speakers tone can best be identified as?'

b'1. What type of context clue is provided for the italicized word in the following sentence? The ice, snow, freezing wind, deep ice cracks, called crevasses this is italicized, and lack of oxygen are constant threats to climbers\xc2\x92 safety and health. a example b antonym c...'

b'. Use two commas around \xc2\x93extra information\xc2\x94 in a sentence to show that it is not important to the meaning of that sentence if taken out. For example: \xc2\x93The hardware store down the street, which had been paved recently, is open until midnight five days a week.\xc2\x94 Points...'

b"I'm trying to write an extended metaphor about myself but I'm stuck. So far I have I am a seed small.."

b'I have to write a thesis paper with the main, broad idea being the similarities and differences between The Epic of Gilgamesh and Toy Story. I have no idea what the connections, or lack thereof, are between the two.'

b'The reason I am late is that I had failed to set the alarm. direct object subject subject complement'

b'1. He had the man fix the computer. 2. He had the computer fixed by the man. 3. The man was had to fix the computer. 4. The man was asked to fix the computer. 5. The man was got to fix the computer. 6. The man was gotten to fix the computer. Does 1 mean 2? What about 3? Is...'

b"We plant two bean seeds in different pots. What's the subject?"

b"is 'Go Between Bridge' an important landmark for the country? Explain why or why not."

b"I don't like leaving that entire test available online, so I'll post my response to you here: 1 - 31 are correct. Incorrect = 32 33 and 34 are correct, but they sure are clumsy, aren't they? 35 is odd -- your second sentence implies that baseball what? the ball? the game? ..."

b"Is 'together' a noun?"

b'I forgot the book of mice and men at school and I need to do homework with it. Does anyone know where I could read the book online? Thanks, if anyone could help'

b'Underline each complete subject once.Underline each complete predicate twice. 1. The boys and girls studied different kids of measures. 2. Some people of ancient times used cubits. 3. A cubit measured about twenty inches. 4. It was the distance from the elbow to the tip of the...'

b'The flames slowly grow stronger. Is the word stronger used as an adverb modifying the verb grow.'

b'Except for a dog he is traveling completely alone. How many adverbs are there? I know completely is one . Does it modify is traveling?'

b'In this sentence -- In this story, a nameless character goes outdoors on a terrible cold day in the Yukon. How many adverbs are there and what do they modify? Is it just outdoors and it modifies goes'

b'Is the word enemies a direct object or an indirect object. The electric eel stuns its enemies with an electric shock.'

b'Write me a paragraph describing all the components of the English Bill of Rights that seem familiar or you know are the law in America.'

b'Which of the following statements about common sense is not true'

b"The best example of a Romance Hero is: a. Beowulf b. Gilgamesh c. The Wife of Bath d. Arthur I think it's d. Arthur... Am I correct?"

b'Is repeatedly an adjective or adverd in the sentence. - She questioned him repeatedly..'

b'What is the subject complement in this sentence? Painting is one of the oldest arts.'

b'because i have rejected an age at which i am unwilling to depend on my parents,i am out to find aan ______ occupation.'

b"1. I really appreciate you saying so. 2. I really appreciate your saying so. Which one is right? 3.There's always a lot of traffic at this time of day. 4. There's always a lot of traffic at this time of the day. 5. There's always a lot of traffic at this time of a day. ..."

b'can you give me teaching methods to learn phoenics?'

b'Essay aboutwhat is happiness and how do/should we pursue it?'

b'Does censorship stop good things from coming to their society? More Details: Any society. I need to draw a political cartoon or Fahrenheit 451 and I was thinking about doing something with someone blocking good tings from coming in. Would it work?'

b'How does a poet use literary devices to convey a theme?'

b"Fill in the black...I can't think of any words. It has to contain one of these stems: clin pon pos hyper therm com im dis de The sentence: A hyper child might have trouble sitting still, and an ------------ judge might upset the contestants of a singing contest. I can't ..."

b'Does censorship stop good things from coming to their society?'

b'locate the gerund or gerund phrase and identify its noun function in the sentence. Her daughter likes climbing trees.'

b'An occurrence at Owl Creek bridge compare and contrast to After Twenty Years'

b'Does the noun musician take accent on penultimate syllable or ante penultimate syllable ? any word ending with - ian should take stress on ante penultimate syllable . but in dictionaries the stress is given on the penultimate syllable z please clarify'

b'1. How do your son study ? or How does your son study ? tell me which one is the correct question form .'

b'What does architecture represent in the poem beowulf?'

b'Why use a Epithet or kennings in Beowulf?'

b'I am doing my summer reading for 9th grade reading assignment need to write about 10 passages from a variety of literary terms. Could you explain some of these terms?'

b"choose the plural noon that's spelled correctly. Pianoes, Fathers-in-law, Editor in chiefs."

b"What is the literary term for words with the same ending sounds i.e. pathless, seamless, peerless? I'm having a total brain fart. Thank you in advance :"

b"I need some help with this question for one of my units in world englishes please help? Q. Argue for or against the status of 'double negation' as a 'mistake' on spoken English. I am arguing for so I agree with this status. I believe double negation in spoken English can ..."

b"Can someone please help me with this question, it's for a subject I'm doing in World Englishes? Q: Use the IPA to transcribe the words 'barn' and 'borrow' as they would be pronounced in a non-rhotic Standard English Variety?"

b"1. The cost for the maintenance of the house has gone up recently. 2. The cost for the maintenance of the house has just gone up. Q1: What is the use/case of the present perfect in this sentence? This sentence contains 'recently.' Does the sentence tell 'the finished activity..."

b'1. He told the students a funny story. 2. A funny story was told the students by him. 3. A funny story was told to the students by him. 4. The students were told a funny story by him. 1 is an active voice sentence. When we change the active voice sentence into passive voice ...'

b"1. What was each boy given for Christmas? 2. What was each boy given at Christmas? 3. What was each boy given on Christmas? 4. What was each boy given on Christmas Day? 5. What was each boy given at Christmas Day? Which ones are grammatical? When can we use the preposition '..."


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