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b'1. The teacher issued a warning to all procrastinate that friday would be the last chance to turn in papers. 2.The principal announced that commence would take place on june 16 3.Scuttle across the sand, the crab disappeared into the surf. 4.Will your babbling never ...'

b'the probabilities of a boy passing English and Mathematics tests are x and y. What is the probability of failing both testsa1-x-yaddxyb1-xaddy-xyc1-xaddy?addxyd1-x-y-xy'

b'What is the meaning of Ethics of Plagiarism?'

b'what is the Past Present and future for carry'

b'There was no danger, difficulty, or that could ponce de leon from venturing into the jungles of florida to search for the fountain of youth. a= obstructuion...deter b=procrastination... subside i know the definitions its to hard i think its b'

b'Please evaluate the writing, grammar, style, spelling as well as content. People take out oil from the sands in AB so we can drive and leave tailings ponds. This caused a lot of damage to the land and negative impacts to wildlife. Natives get sick from eating to many fish from...'

b'Please edit this writing. There are several errors. Also, evaluate the writing, style, spelling and content of this writing piece. The Alberta oil sands are being developed at an unprecedented rate for oil extraction. Consequently there is a great deal of environmental ...'

b'please need proof Reading Health promotion means what you can do to reduce the health risks and promote the wellness of a human being. This process directed towards enabling people to take action and support them in changing their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal ...'

b"1. Pour yourself another cup of tea. 2. Pour another cup of tea. Are both grammatical? What is the function of 'yourself' in Sentence 1?"

b'1. Degenerate 2. Implausible 3. incoherent 4. intercede 5. intricate 6. sanctuary 7. scrutiny 8. sinister 9. suffice 10. vulnerable need help 1-2 Birds feel ___ to attack when they are out in the open where shrubbery is sparse. To attract them to your bird feeder, put it near ...'

b'Can someone check my english essay. 700 words. I have English as 2nd language'

b'Write the verb see in the present perfect tense. Use the pronoun I as the subject.? A. I have seen. B. I am seen. C. I am seeing. is it C?'

b'9. To be a teacher aide in an ESL classroom, you should A. have an ear for language. B. receive certification in ESL instruction, if possible. C. speak at least one other language besides English. D. have prior teacher aide experience in a \xe2\x80\x9cregular\xe2\x80\x9d classroom. my ...'

b'Decide which of the two reasons offered in each instance will be more persuasive to the specified audience.Write out the implied warrant for each because clause and explain whether the specific audience will likely grant it or not. 1Audience:people who advocate a pass/fail ...'

b'While shopping for garden gnome Myrtle noticed some new ceramic herb pot but she though they were considerably more expensive than the sturdy green plastic ones.'

b"What are the common nouns in these sentences? I think I have them right but I'm not sure. 1 is zone. 2 is steamboat. 3 is sister 4 is cross, and crossings. 5 is brother and animals. 6 is beavers and people 7 is voyage and world. It would be greatly appreciated if someone ..."

b'Can you please help me with my English , much appreciated'

b"what does There are a lot of people in the projects who say they're not going to do drugs, that they're not going to drop out, that they won't be on the streets. But they're doing it now. Never say never mean?"

b'what does His face masked his troubles. It was a face without effect, without emotion. mean?'

b'from the book there are no children here what does William died a few months later when a friend, fooling around with a revolver he thought was unloaded, shot William in the back of the head. Lafeyette never learned what happened to the snake. this mean? an interpretation'

b'My essay is about conformity and rebellion. I need a really good conclusion. My intro is this: In life there will be certain situations in which we will have to stay in order or choose to make our decisions ourselves. For example there will be times when conformity will strike...'

b'I need some help on figuring out the main idea of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I know that for most of the part, Huck and Jim float on a raft down the Mississippi River and on the way, they encounter many people and obstacles. At the end of the novel, Finn is also ...'

b'I really need to get a working charger for my phone. Is working a verb or participle?'

b'Create an accurate summary of \xc2\x93The Cold Equations\xc2\x94 that details the important events of the story. Provide your answer in three to five sentences. Can someone help me with this please?'

b'How humans impact the coast?'

b'off curiosity ms sue why do you do this'

b'Write the simple predicate of each sentence. 1. Most people find cockroaches troublesome. 2. These household pests get into everything. 3. The history of these pests may surprise you.'

b'Which of the following is an example of indicative verb mood? If his parents let him, he will come outside to play. Open the door for the old lady. How many days are there until your birthday? We had spaghetti for dinner. I think it is d, although I am considering c.'

b"2. Tecumseh's Let the white race perish speech is A. a logical list of reasons why the whites should be resisted. B. a satire on the white race and its traditions. C. a plea to the people's reason. D. an appeal to the emotions of his listeners."

b'who is the audience for the comic book are you my mother?'

b'1. Arboreal Survivor of 9/11 is Alive, and Well. How do we read 9/11? 2. One New York tree survived the 9-11 terrorist attack. How do we read 9-11? 3. It stands today in the midst of the September 11 Memorial in lower Manhattan, strong and very much alive. How do we read...'

b'Can you please rephrase this into words that are easier to understand? How might the scope of his criticism have been limited by his choice of forum? Thanks :'

b'Can your english teacher take 10 extra credit point off your grade for not doing the pledge of allegiance.'

b'1. She died of cancer. 2. She died from cancer. Which one is correct?'

b'A synonym for preparedness is? A.punctuality B. cooperation C.procrastination D.readiness - my answer'

b'Speak aloud each of the following words. Which has stress on its syllable ? A.Obtain B.follow- my answer C.detest D.Renew'

b'Barack Hussein Obama II How do we read II here? the second, second, two?'

b'gary waters the other plant every day'

b'we plant two bean seeds in different pots.'

b'Read the fallowing Papago song. Identify its purpose. No talking, No talking. The snow is falling. And the wind seems to be blowing backward a. to inform b. to persuade c. to analyze d. to express Which of these is a feature of early American and colonial literature? a. the ...'

b'The papayas in our garden were ripe, grandmother usually sent a basket ofa_____to her friend,Mrs.Ghosh who was the principalb_______nursery school. options::a1.them 2.it 3.these 4.that b1.of 2.in 3.on 4.for I THINK A:1 B:of'

b'use an sentence using impression with context clues'

b'Can someone help me with parts of speech? Huxley himself came from a long line of intellectuals. His grandfather Thomas Huxley, a follower of Charles Darwin, was a rather famous lecturer and essayist. His great-uncle Matthew Arnold was a great English poet and critic. His ...'

b'i need to write a story for English and i have to use seven comma rules along with my 20 vocabulary words. abomination blanched conjure contentious contiguous corroborate dally defamation enthrall evasive imperceptible inaudible inquisition licentious prodigious quavering ...'

b"In Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which factor played the biggest role in Ichabod Crane's fate? -love -imagination -greed -competitiveness"

b'Mixture of A,B,C if the mole fraction of A is 30 and B is 35 Volume percent calculate the mass and mole fraction of each compnant. given that A is methane, B is ethane, C is propane. use SI unit and English unit.'

b'What is the tone of at the lunch counter?'

b"1. What are you going to do for Chuseok? I am going to buy some gifts tonight and I will hand them to my cousins on/for Chuseok. Can we use 'for' in Sentence 1 before Chuseok? 2. What are you going to do on Chuseok? Three days ago, I bought some gifts for chuseok, so I will ..."

b"1. I'm going to cut tall grass around my ancestor's tomb/grave on Chuseok. 2. I am going to worship at my ancestor's grave. 3. I am going to pay a visit to my ancestor's grave. 4. I'm going to visit my ancestor's grave and worship at the grave. Then I will cut grown-up grass ..."

b'1. What are you going to do for Chuseok? 2. What are you going to do on Chuseok? 3. What are you going to do during Chuseok? Chuseok is a Korean Thanksgiving Day. What is the difference of the three sentences?'


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