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b'what is another word for spill'

b'Can someone help me check the grammar in these sentences? Thank you very much in advance. 1If I go on a short flight journey, I\xc2\x92d rather take a hand luggage with me. 2If I\xc2\x92m going on a tropical island, I\xc2\x92d like to stay in a hotel next to the beach and spend all your ...'

b'Which of the following best defines diction? A. simile B. symbolism C. word choice D. dialogue Im sure its probably D?'

b'Statements such as always, everybody, and never are cue words for which of the following? A. emotional appeals B. overgeneralizations C. ethical concerns D. logical appeals Its B????'

b'Which of the following quotations from \xc2\x93The Talk\xc2\x94 illustrates hyperbole, or intentional overstatement? I. \xc2\x93My best friend and I knew that we were going to grow up to be ugly.\xc2\x94 II.\xc2\x93First, our heads got large, but our necks wavered, frail as crisp tulips.\xc2\x94 III.\xc2\x93I ...'

b"You need to ride up the road. Which vehicle does the other person have to ride? Is this expression used only for riding a horse? What is the meaning of 'ride up'? Does the other person need to ride a horst toward the place which is up?"

b'I need help figuring out what the theme of the poem Family Heirlooms by James Tate'

b"I am writing a personal narrative and we have to include significance like what we learned from that memory. My memory is about me getting stung by a bee in elementary school but I can't think of any significance. Help please? Thanks"

b"Give two examples of each of the following elements of fiction and nonfiction from the texts you\xc2\x92ve read in Units 1, 2, and 3. Characters: Plot: Conflict: Setting: Point of View: Theme: Style: Tone: Perspective: Bias: here r the texts 1. I stand here Ironing 2. Giant's house..."

b'Read \xc2\x93Witty Ticcy Ray\xc2\x94 by Oliver Summarize the main points of this reading.Possible points to reflect upon for your reflection paper and for workshop discussion are: 1Ray has been diagnosed with Tourette\xc2\x92s Disorder, a neurological disorder which also appears in the DSM-...'

b'Two men glare at each other. Then, a tree falls and pins them both to the ground. What kind of conflict exists in both situations? A. symbolic B. external C. internal D. natural Is it C?'

b'Literary Analysis: Character and Characterization Read the selection. Then, answer the questions that follow.People who don\xc2\x92t know Harry tend to underestimate him. They cast a skeptical eye on his typical outfit: ragged jeans and shirts that bear evidence of his most recent ...'

b'If the main character in a story struggles against the subzero cold of the Arctic, what kind of conflict is taking place? A. internal B. symbolic C. external D. generational Is it A????'

b'Story: A Thankless Experience Author: Stephen Lautens Question: Describe the diction that Lautens uses in A Thankless Experience? Describe Lautens tone in A Thankless Experience? Help will be appreciated :'

b'Abstract words present qualities or ideas that cannot be felt by the senses. They are often general words, as opposed to concrete words which express something more tangible. Truth, honor and happiness are all abstract words, while aroma, stone and fire are concrete words. ...'

b"What was David given for Christmas? He was given a camera. What is the meaning of 'for' in the question? Was David given a camera on Christmas or before Christmas or after Christmas?"

b'what is the complete subject in romans held this festival on february 15'

b'Red the following example. What is the effect of the repetition in these lines? And the the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain thrilled me -filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating ...'

b'George Bernard Shaw was popular in English and American theaters. Simple Subject is George Bernard Shaw Simple Predicate is was'

b'Anyone read my story and tell me any of the linking verbs? I cant have more than 2. And also any other grammar mistakes? Thanks. I already looked over it I just need more help. Three years ago I took drum lessons at an academy. I had taken lessons there for over to years. One ...'

b'In the story A Christmas Memory. 1. In at least one paragraph, describe what you think the message is the author is trying to convey in the story. What specific details from the story make you believe this? 2. In at least a few sentences, describe how this message relates to ...'

b'Identify the prepositional phrase in the following sentences from the passage. Uncle Sol was impressed. Very smot, he said. Very nice. But, Esther, now tell me something. How come you got a football in your frutt bol? a. got a football b. in your frutt bol c. tell me ...'

b"Just then my Uncle Sol offered Grandma a compliment. Esther, he said, that's a beautiful football. Real cott gless. Grandma looked at Uncle Sol with great superiority. Sol, she said, listen close, you'll learn something. This cott gless is called a frutt boll, not a ..."

b'Please track the errors by editing this passage of writing. This is an exercise for my English homework. I have made a couple of changes or editing to the writing piece already, but I am not sure if there are more editing that needs to be made. Also, please evaluate the ...'

b'what are your political, economic and autonomy goals?'

b"So Keiko and I would bring out our white baby dolls with brown hair and green glass eyes and place them around the table as well. Identify the prepositions in the sentence. Choose all which apply. a. would b. with c. place d. around I'm having some trouble on this one, but I ..."

b'I was humiliated when the post office called us one Sunday requesting that we pick up immediately a package of rotting food. Actually, it was just some pungent daikon long white radish, sent by a friend who knew Papa loved eating it with rice and hot tea. But the man at the ...'

b'What literary device would pertain to these sentences? 1. He leaned hard against the wall. Upright structure which encloses something or serves as a boundary 2. It was not the buildings or arch that made the children gasp. It was how the buildings were shaped-- rectangular...'

b'what is the simple and complete predicate in this sentence: She and her classmates practice their English with each other.'

b'What literary devices does these three sentences pertain to? 1. I am guiltless in the matter, so I wash my hands if it. 2. I had to wait an eternity for the file to download. 3. Her emotional problems placed a wall between her and her family. an attitude or actions which ...'

b'What literary devices does this sentence pertain to? Love enfolded us in her arms.'

b"What's a good introduction for an essay about Pressure that Working College Students Face? please help :"

b'Complete the following sentence with a word or words that show a logical relationship. Joshua took a nap _____ sorting the mail.'

b'What type of clause or phrase is italicized in the sentence below? The play, a three-act farce, amused everyone.'

b'Use context clues to define the word treacherous below. The treacherous equipment in the mills was unsafe for the workers, yet small children were forced to climb around and under it every day. a. broken b. dangerous ? c. imposing d. shaking'

b'What is an example of activating prior knowledge when reading a story? a. Use what you already know about a topic to help you understand the story. b. Write down questions about the story while you read. c. List unfamiliar vocabulary so you can look it up in the dictionary ...'

b"Mother Jones asked various newspaper publishers about why they didn't write about child labor in Pennsylvania. The publishers told her they couldn't, since owners of the mills also owned stock in their newspapers. Well, I've got stock in these little children, she said, and..."

b'In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Catching fish is one of the oldest pastimes. the italicized word is is. A. Adverb B. Conjunction C. Preposition D. Verb I thought it was a preposition at first but after some reading I know it cant ...'

b'1. The king created a new tax to cover the cost of street lighting. 2. The king created a new tax so that he could cover the cost of street lighting. 3. The king created a new tax which covered the cost of street lighting. 4. The king created a new tax which could cover the ...'

b'1. The king covered the cost of street lighting. 2. The nex tax covered the cost of street lighting. Are both sentences grammatical?'

b'Robin Hood would steal from the rich and give to the poor. What tense is the sentence in, past or present?'

b'i need help making up a story base on any topic using allusion in them'

b'How do you make a paragraph using allusion in them? it can be on any topic'

b'What is a fine point in a story?'

b'Are you supposed to underline publication titles?'

b"connect your poem to something in the world, i.e. a song, film, current event, etc. Play the song or just mention the connection to the class. Have the students guess why this relates to your poem. My group and I read The Eagle by Alfred Lord Tennyson I'm having a hard time ..."

b'1. He observes keenly, but says little. 2. He watches keenly, but says little. 3. He looks keenly, but says little. 4. He notices keenly, but says little. Are they all the same? What is the similar sentence to Sentence 1?'

b'Why did Jim often stay on the raft in Huckleberry Finn? Was it because people would catch him as a runaway slave?'

b'Scuttles across the sand, the crab disappeared into the surf. correct way to write the derivative scuttle as sscuttles'

b'What are 2 purposes of the exposition of The Most Dangerous Game?'


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