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b"The direction states.... For this proposed activity, my activity goals and my personal goals are these will not be one-in--the-same: I don't understand what is activity goal and what is personal goal. Please give an example"

b"1. There's always a lot of traffic at this time of day. 2. There's always a lot of traffic at this time of a day. 3. There's always a lot of traffic at this time of the day. 4. There's always a lot of traffic at this time of days. 5. There's always a lot of traffic at this ..."

b'1. I appreciate your help. 2. I appreciate you. 3. Thank you for your help. 4. Thank you for your helping me. 5. Thank you for you helping me. Which ones are grammatical?'

b'1. I really appreciate you saying so 2. I really appreciate your saying so Which one is grammatical?'

b'There is no longer any room for hope. by patrick henry title:give me death or hope Would this be pathos ethos or logos I belive this would be pathos because of the emotional sense it. Is this correct/'

b'How to write a poem about The seaside?'

b"The greenback's gains were pronounced against the Swiss franc, rebounding from a 1-1/2 year low reached the previous day. How do we read 'a 1-1/2 year'?"

b"Real money accounts were cited as main sellers of the pair taking it below the 1.3600 mark. How do we read '1.3600 mark'?"

b"......she said, adding in such a case the euro could target the 1.28 mark. How do we read '1.28 mark'?"

b"I'm trying to come up with a thesis statement also I need help with a question. How does Leah Price's changes in the book change us, the reader? As for my thesis statement, I have sort of an idea of what I want it to be like... Leah alienates herself from the Congolese, as if ..."

b'When the movie Star Wars premiered in 1977, it was both surprising and a revolution in its special effects'

b"How does the following quote support the idea that class division is a type of prejudice seen in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird?: There's four kinds of folks in the world. There's the ordinary kind, like us and the neighbours, there's the kind like the Cunningham's out in ..."

b'1. Who knows about the glass copy other than you? 2. Who knows about the glass copy except you? 3. Who knows about the glass copy except for you? Are they all the same in meaning?'

b'For this assignment, you will write an editorial about an issue that confronts your school or community. What does this mean?'

b'1. If I had studied hard, I could have gotten a higher score. 2. If I had studied hard, I could have gotten a better result. 3. If I had studied hard, I could have gotten a good/better grade. 4. If I had studied hard, I could not have gotten a lower score. 5. If I had studied ...'

b'1. If I had brought an umbrella, I would not have gotten wet. 2. If I had brought an umbrella, I would not have been wet. 3. If I had brought an umbrella, I would have stopped rain from falling on me. 4. If I had brought an umbrella, I would not have soaked with water. 5. If I...'

b"trust: to believe someone that they are honest and sincere is the definition of 'trust' grammatical?"

b'need help with comma and semi colon.'

b"Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong with this sentence? The lighthouse is further away than it first appeared."

b'Is the word *command* a noun in this sentence or only the object of the preposition? Seals balance balls on their noses on command.'

b'1. Electronics are very popular in Korea. 2. Electronics is very popular in Korea. Thank you for your help. Which one is grammatically correct?'

b'His French is like that of native. Is this sentence grammatical?'

b'Fill in the blank using suitable preposition:- 1He is sitting____the room.'

b'Please help? 9. Which of the following is NOT a primary source from early american and colonial literature? -The song of hiawatha -sinners in the hands of an angry god -the federalist papers -notes in the state of virginia'

b'Is this grammatically correct? Based upon a country sustained by ritual and tradition, this episode features a masked, villainous wrestler, known as Hombre sin Nombre, who reinvents himself for the sake of his family; a sorceress, referred to as Chef Martha Ortiz Chapa, who ...'

b'The President sent the ambassador an invitation to the meeting. What is the correct sentence pattern?'

b'In the following sentence identify the appositive or appositive phrase and the noun or pronoun defined by the appositive. Mr. Murray, the Scoutmaster, likes to hike. Appositive? Noun or pronoun defined?'

b"Writeacher,i can't understand these linesThese lines are of julius caeser and it seems very difficult to understandplz make me clear Go bid the priest do present sacrifice and bring me their opinions of success,"

b'can anybody give me examples of beliefs i have a few but i need more'

b'What could be the flaws of all men are equal to vote?'

b'What could be some flaws of discrimination black people?'

b'I need help with making a thesis statement for an essay I have to write on the book Poisonwood Bible The prompt I have says : Choose a novel or play that depicts a conflict between a parent and a son or daughter. Write an essay in which you analyze the sources of the conflict ...'

b'A New Jersey Chemist convicted of poisoning her husband to keep him from divorcing her was sentenced to life in prison today. Titanle Li used thallium to poison her husband Xiaoye Wang in 2010. Thallium is a tasteless, highly deadly poison that is difficult to detect in lab ...'

b'What is mystery in this sentence? The disappearance of the colony is a great mystery. Is it a predicate noun'

b'What is mammals in this sentence? However, no blockbuster movie features small mammals Direct object?'

b'What is dinosaur in the sentence? What happened to the dinosaurs?'

b'What are some flaws that people had against equal rights?'

b"Check my answers please 9. The author of My Brother's Keeper mainly develops Jamie\xc2\x92s character through his actions *dialogue and thoughts the narrators description other\xc2\x92s reaction to him 10. In My Brother's Keeper, what does Ted want Jamie to do for him? Give him an ..."

b'Read \xc2\x93Witty Ticcy Ray\xc2\x94 by Oliver Sacks How does Oliver Sacks, a neurologist, look beyond his biological/medical paradigm in his treatment of Ray?'

b'Read \xc2\x93Witty Ticcy Ray\xc2\x94 by Oliver Sacks What does Ray mean when he says \xc2\x93Suppose you could take away the tics. What would be left? I consist of tics-there is nothing else.\xc2\x94?'

b'Summarize the main points of this reading.Possible points to reflect upon for your reflection paper and for workshop discussion are: 1Ray has been diagnosed with Tourette\xc2\x92s Disorder, a neurological disorder which also appears in the DSM-5. How would you distinguish a mental...'

b"Chiara's show is coming soon. We can't wait to see it. How do you pronounce Chiara' in the first sentence?"

b'how to write a proposal in brief for a 10 marks question? What structure should be followed for just 10 marks?'

b'The exact conversion between the English measurement system and the metric system is given by the equation 1 inch= 2.54 cm. Let fx be the number of miles in x meters. Find a formula for fx. Give an exact answer.'

b"really need help on this question it is worth 5 marks. The question is: Explain how A Thankless Experience is a satire with support with direct reference to the essay. The short essay is called A Thankless Experience by Stephen Lautens' it is on the internet jiskha does not..."

b'What are some bad compound concepts and what makes them bad?'

b'animals posses sensory powers that humans lack. Homing pigeons fly with great speed and accuracy when with messages to faraway places'

b'What is the difference between though and although?'

b"Ms. Sue you can give me some website where I can translate documents from English to Spanish. I'll be very grateful for you help"

b'Why do many people across the world watch korean dramas instead of their own culture dramas?'


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