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b'Can you please check the following five sentences? Thank you very much in advance. 1 The Elizabethan theatre had a circulal or octagonal wooden structure. 2 In the middle of which there was a pit opened to the sky. In it, there was the apron stage, the main one, raised about...'

b'1. Anybody does not sleep well during the night. 2. Not anybody sleeps well during the night. 3, Nobody sleeps well during the night. Which ones are correct? Are they the same? 4. Not all sleep well during the night. 5, All do not sleep well during the night. 6. None sleep ...'

b'What is the complete subject in the following sentence? The International Cowboy Association will meet the third Saturday of each month. a. The International Cowboy Association b. Cowboy Association c. the third Saturday of each month. A'

b'1. He behaved most carefully. 2. He behaved the most carefully. 3. He behaved very carefully. Are they all grammatical? Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Thank you.'

b'Rewrite the sentences using nouns to replace the phrases in italics. Example: She writes books for a living. She is a writer. 1. Emma loves being a mother. .................................... 2. Having friends is the most important thing for Pepe...'

b"In which of the sentences is only the simple subject in quotes? a. The train conductor of the Texas Flyer presented at our community meeting. b. The first singer in the line-up wore a red formal dress. c. Mary's Whole Food Store in Oklahoma City sells my favorite coconut..."

b'Describe these words using only Three words:radiator,stairs,fire,torch,teacher?,school,rabbit,comb,radio,football,camer?a,toaster...'

b'What does diverge mean in the following sentence? After traveling approximately 3.5 miles, the old highway will diverge. Stay in the left lane and follow until you see the new mall. a. the highway will end. b. the highway will divide into two lanes that go in different ...'

b'in which sentence is the underlined infinitive or infinitive phrase function as a direct object? c. After all that exercise, the runners needed *to drink water*. d.Just as the mayor was about *to give an award*, it began raining. I would say its d?'

b"Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 6:56am. a statement about what will happen in the future What is the part of speech of 'what'? Is 'what' an interrogative pronoun or a relative pronoun? English - Writeacher, Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 7:58am In this not a ..."

b'1. Ann commanded/ordered that he should go there. 2. Ann suggested/proposed that he should join the club. 3. Ann insisted that he should wash the car. 4. Ann requested that he should go see a doctor. 5. Ann decided/determined that he should go to Chicago with her. 6. ...'

b'Write the words in alphabetical order between the guide words. Leap,lean , layer, less, lady Answer,, Lady ,layer, lean , leap , less'

b"This is from Young Goodman Brown What can be inferred about the companion's character in lines 8 and 9? Faith kept me back awhile, replied the young man, with a tremor in his voice, caused by the sudden appearance of his companion, though not wholly expected. He is ..."

b'Over time, this acidic groundwater eventually eats eats away at the rock, leaving an underground chamber, or cave.'

b'PRIDE AND PREJUDICE The idea of Mr. Collins, with all his solemn composure, being run away with by his feelings, made Elizabeth so near laughing that she could not use the short pause he allowed in any attempt to stop him farther, and he continued: My reasons for marrying are...'

b'Should their be capitalized in a title?'

b"1.She was happiest when she was with her friends. 2. She was the happiest when she was with her friends. Are both the same? 3. This river is deepest at this point. 4. This river is the deepest at this point. Are both the same? Do we have to use 'the' or not? Thank you."

b'1. He works hardest. 2. He works the hardest. Are both correct? 3. She is most beautiful. 4. She is very beautiful. 5. She is the most beautiful. Does 3 mean 4 or 5? 6. She is the most beautiful woman. 7. She is most beautiful woman. 8. She is a most beautiful woman. 9...'

b"a statement about what will happen in the future What is the part of speech of 'what'? Is 'what' an interrogative pronoun or a relative pronoun?"

b'1. On the farm many works these days. 2. On the farm works many these days. Which one is grammatical?'

b'1. In the playground lay the dying soldiers. 2. In the playground he lay. 3. In the playground lay this. 4. In the playground this lay. 1 and 2 are right? What about 3 and 4? Which one is grammatical, 3 or 4?'

b'-Inversion- 1. Down came the rain. 2. Down it came. 3. Down came that. 4. Down that came. I think 1 and 2 are in right order. What about 3 and 4? Which one is correct, 3 or 4?'

b"The skaters must finish the race in two days. What does 'in' mean in this sentence? Does 'in' mean 'after' or 'within'?"

b'Hii so in order to write an essay I needed to find three common themes in both stories of: to kill a mocking bird by harper lee and boys and girls by alice munro. What I found was: search for ones identity, coming of age but I need one more so I thought of man vs. Woman since ...'

b'1. On the hill stood an old tree. 2. On the hill it stood. 3. On the hill stood this. 4. On the hill this stood. 5. On the hill stood these. 6. On the hill these stood. Are 1 and 2 correct? What about 3 and 4? Which one is correct? What about 5 and 6?'

b"1. Don't worry. We still have a little money left. 2. Don't worry. We still have a little money which is left. Does 1 mean 2? Does 'left' modify 'money'?"

b'what are the circumstances that would force you to be like thoreau'

b'1. If he goes there, he will be arrested. 2. Does he go there, he will be arrested. is 2 grammatical? 3. If he were to go there, he would be arrested. 4. Were he to go there, he would be arrested. is 4 grammatical?'

b"1. Eggs are most helpful for people who have nerve damage. In this sentence, does 'most' mean 'very'? 2. Eggs are the most helpful for people who have nerve damage. What about this one? Are both different in meaning?"

b'Excerpted from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens [1] Saint Antoine* had been, that morning, a vast dusky mass of scarecrows heaving to and fro, with frequent gleams of light above the billowy heads, where steel blades and bayonets shone in the sun. A tremendous roar ...'

b'The duckling started swimming out of instinct when she followed the rest of the flock into the lake for the first time. Do any commas need to be added?'

b"Is it passive or active voice? Many clothes we're given to the homeless shelter. Passive By the end of today, the students will have mastered the grammar. Active My aunt Margot has been traveling with her daughter. Active The cookies have been eaten by the guests. ..."

b'The traits of a hero are determined by A. cultural values. B. their experiences. <-- this is my answer C. the plot of the story. D. their mentors.'

b'An important purpose of myths is A. to create interesting entertainment and exciting story plots. B. to illustrate the connections between modern times and the past. C. to build an understanding of the past and teach lessons for the future. D. to establish human values and ...'

b"1. She cut it open. Is 'open' an objective complement? What is the part of speech of 'open'? Is 'open' an adjective or a 'verb'? 2. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. 3. Chocolate is made from cacao beans. Which one is correct? 4. He is picking up a cocoa pod with his ..."

b'Hi, I need more help. I need to know if I diagrammed these sentences correctly. Edith drew some orange flowers on the side of the house. Edith......Flowers drew,some,orange.......On......Side the...Of....House the Final:Noun, Noun, preposition, Noun, preposition...'

b"1. This is Mike in the picture. What does 'in the picture' modify in this sentence?"

b'How does the boy feel? 1. He feels bored. 2. He feels boring. Are both answers correct?'

b"Hi, I really need help concluding my essay on Othello. My thesis is: The worldly Emilia and Bianca create a strong contrast against the virtuous and innocent Desdemona, reinforcing the tragedy of her death and Othello's crime. What I have for my conclusion is: In conclusion, ..."

b"1. I like chestnuts. - So do I. - Me too. - I like chestnuts, too. - Me, too. Are the answers all the same? Do we have to put 'comma' before 'too'?"

b"1. It is neither hot nor warm. In this sentence, what does 'nor' mean? Does 'nor' mean 'and - not'? 2. I don't like pears. - Me neither. - The same to me. - I don't like pears, either. - I don't like them, either. Are the answers all grammatical?"

b"1. He is most strong. 2. He is a most strong boy. 3. He is the strongest boy. 4. He is strongest. 5. He is the strongest. Are they all grammatical? Does 'mose in 1 or 2 mean 'very'? Which one is correct, 4 or 5? Are both the same in meaning?"

b'1. She is most suitable for the position. 1-2. She is the most suitable for the position. Are both the same in meaning? Are both grammatical? 2. She is fittest for the position. 2-2. She is the fittest for the position. What about this one? Are both the same in meaning? ...'

b"1. This book was most helpful for my homework. 2. This book was the most helpful for my homework. Which one is grammatical? Do we have to use 'the' or not in this case? Q: How do we pronounce 'helpful'? It's a little difficult to pronounce...Thank you for your help. ..."

b'I have an assignment about sentence diagramming. I need help. Any example given will be great.'

b'. Which of the following is the best example of an inverted sentence? A. \xc2\x93All that breathe/Will share thy destiny. . . .\xc2\x94 B. \xc2\x93and thee/The all-beholding sun shall see no more. . . .\xc2\x94 C. \xc2\x93the dread reign there alone. . . .\xc2\x94 D. \xc2\x93The oak/Shall send his roots abroad.'

b'how could TO BE ABLE and BEEN ABLE BE USED grammatically'

b'could you please tell me the distinction between small girl and smaller girl 2.aunt and aunty/auntie'

b"I'm writing a paper on globalization and my thesis is that American fast-food restaurants are finding its way into countries in the eastern hemisphere. I'm having trouble coming up with analyzed content that this is able to be argued against. Are there any specific areas that ..."

b'1. Next to the convenience store, the bakery was. 2. Next to the convenience store was the bakery. 3. The bakery was next to the convenience store. Which one is correct? 4. She is working on the farm. 5. On the farm, she is working. 6. On the farm she is working. 7. On the ...'


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