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b'What are the adjectives in this sentence? Many families headed for a favorite beach last week during the hot weather. Many, a, favorite, last, the, hot'

b"1. The race takes a long time. ---------------- What is the meaing of 'takes' in the sentence?"

b'What does quote mean? Things can happen in some cities and the tale of them will be interesting the same story laid in another city would be ridiculous.-frank Norris'

b'What is the direct object in these sentence? Can you check them please 1. This article gives interesting facts about libraries. Is it libraries? 2. In the Untied States, we now have thousands of libraries. Is it Untied States? 3. Fire destroyed all of these libraries. Is it ...'

b'could you please tell me the parts of speech for the given sentence : Council took a look round the court for a moment took-look-round-for-moment'

b'One of the key questions historical criticism attempts to answer is: Who made the most important scientific discoveries of the time? Answer'

b'I have hard time understanding this wordings : Turner thesis* by about a hundred years: the myth of the American west did more than anything else to shape the American character. Civilization by its very nature takes away our freedom, but as Americans we can always find ...'

b'how can you identify direct objects?'

b'what is the complements and is it predicate nominative or predicate adjective? 1. The chirping of the birds became more and more shrill as the cat approached. 2. You should feel proud of yourself. 3. Soft and cool was the grass under the catalpa tree. 4. Be a friend to animals...'

b'What are the disadvantages of using a photograph to learn about taking a stand? How is it negative or unhelpful?'

b'What does it mean to be a critical reader? Why is this important?'

b'1. People in the Netherlands are surely hoping for another cold winter. 2. People in the Netherlands are surely hoping another cold winter. 3. Surely/Certainly people in the Netherlands are hoping for another cold winter. 4. It is certain that people in the Netherlands are ...'

b'1. The race does not take place every year because the ice must be at least 15 centimeters thick. 2. The race does not take place every year because the ice must be not less than 15 centimeters thick. 3. The race does not take place every year because the ice must not be less ...'

b"Q: To be a doctor at a hospital, do they all need to get doctors's degree in college?"

b'There were five children in the family. 1. Ann got best of all the children. ---------------------------------- Is 1 grammatical? Does 1 mean Ann became the best of all the children?'

b'Hello, Dr. Green. ------------------ In this expression, is Dr. Green a doctor who works at a hospital? Or is Dr. Green a professor in college?'

b'1. Is there something wrong with her? 2. Is there anything wrong with her? Are both grammatical? What is the difference between them?'

b'So I put hermy pet turtle in the water and blocked the sunlight, but she got worse. --------------- 1. She got worse. 2. She got bad. 3. She got best. 4. She got better. 5. She got well. Can we use all the expressions? Are they all grammatical? Instead of 1 can we use 2 ...'

b"Thank you for your help. Is 'Sandy' a male name or a female name?"

b'which word would you use to replace security to give the phrase security cameraa negative connotation? A.school B.student C.crime D.nonstop'

b'It is denoted by 0 K on the Kelvin scale, -273.15 \xc2\xa1\xc3\x86C on the Celsius scale, and -459.67 \xc2\xa1\xc3\x86F on the Fahrenheit scale. ----------------------------- Q: How do we read -273.15 \xc2\xa1\xc3\x86C?'

b'which word in the following sentence is an indefinite article? A camera can also catch people who cause problems. A.a B.cani picked thisbut i know its wrong. C.also D.who please help me'

b'which is a fact rather than a opinion? A.her voice was tired and low,and i am forever mopping up puddles left by the snow you and the boys track into the house. B.wilsons mother shook her head and picked up the mop again. C.the town,located in the snowbelt often receives 120 ...'

b'Write steps of how to practice well with your team to win the mach Guiding words: football,,instructions,,coach,,obey,, follow concentrate,, sleeping early,,healthy food'

b'the blank democratic movement slowly grew stronger as more people began to desire free elections. a:convened b:embarked c:incipient d:generated think its b'

b'Can you please help me figure out a deeper meaning for society will judge people and it will affect their future for ex: sometimes the most valuable lessons are learned by breaking the rules Childhood is the time to break rules and learn valuable lessons because ...'

b'was or were? Between the moment when Crooks and Lennie was/were in his room..'

b'Which of these fragments requires only a predicate in order to be written as a complete sentence? which includes a mountain range the state of Virginia can be divided into different geographical regions by the Atlantic Ocean I think its the lst one?'

b"Is there another I can substitute in for stupid? For ex Crooks thought Lennie's dream was stupid."

b'why do the word bebe in brackets when trying to put a verb in a sentence?'

b'Writing letters that will never be read frees you to say anything at all. You can write to those people whose petty meanness stung you or whose significant cruelties really hurt you. It\xc2\x92s open season on expressing as much rage or sadness or wonder as your heart can desire ...'

b'What is the most likely reason Shane felt neglected? a. his parents were glad to see him when he returned from a weekend trip. b. his friends forgot it was his birthday. c. his brother let him play his new video game. d. his teammates were angry with him after he missed a ...'

b'I urgently need you to help me with these sentences. Thank you very much in advance 1 Theatres were designed as large wooden structures with three tiers of galleries surrounding a pit, open to the sky. Into this yard projected a roofed stage, raised about five feet from the ...'

b'1. I returned it for you. 2. I blessed it for you. 3. I dog-eared it for you. 4. I cancelled it for you. 5. I lost it for you. Are they all grammatical? Would you correct wrong sentences? thank you.'

b'Huckleberry Finn 1 By Chapter 23, Jim has become the most morally upstanding character in the novel. What are some of the reasons Twain might have done this? ATwain was insinuating that racism is wrong by having the uneducated, unmannered, simple man turn out to be more ...'

b'1. Fogg must be back in London by 21st December. 2. Fogg must be back in London by December 21st. Are both correct? Is 1 a british expression? 3. Do it, and I pay you 20,000 pounds. 4. Do it, and I will pay you 20,000 pounds. Which one is correct? Are both grammatical? Do ...'

b'How do you site a reference book? Also, does anyone know a website that would tell me how to site a primary source, a website, and a magazine?'

b"Q: Who are Antonio's friends in the Tempest? Are they Sebastian and Alonso?"

b"Can someone check my work for me, please. 1.Yesterday he was very busy since he had been fixing the TV from noon. 2. He left for the day before I arrived. He had been waiting for me almost a week. To regret, I couldn't come earlier. 3. When Anna entered the living room, ..."

b"PLS HELP Fahrenheit 451 from Beatty's advice to Montag 1What advancements changed things? 2Whose fault was it?The government or the people? What is he saying about human nature? 3What is the big deal with happiness and sports?What is the new job of Firemen?"

b"Use Past Simple and Past Perfect Continuous 1. Yesterday he was very busy since he was fixing the TV from noon. 2. He left for the day before I arrived. He waited for me almost a week. To regret, I couldn't come earlier. 3. When Anna entered the living room, everyone was ..."

b"We are reading lord of the flie and I need some opinions. My question is do you think that Ralph should be counted guilty and set on trial for Simon's death? Why or why not?"

b'What kind of sentences are they and how do I diagram them? Large brains do not necessarily confer superior intelligence. I ordered materials to use in the craft school from a supplier in Minnesota. This done, I outlined lesson plans for my craft classes'

b"Can someone check my sentences? They are really urgent. Thank you in advance. 1 The Reformation was caused by the refusal of Pope Clement VI to declare invalid Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon. 2Elizabeth I continued her father's policy. She defeated the Spanish ..."

b'Are these right Stamp collecting is fun for children and adults alike. Subject Which of my stamps do I like most? Adverb Collectors engaging in their hobbies are never bored. Adjective Many residents of Hawaii work in fishing and weaving. Direct object One of...'

b"Is this statement correct? Helping other people contributes to your being a great leader. I'm not really sure with the phrase 'to your being'. It sounds incorrect but I'm not really sure. If it's incorrect, how do I rephrase the sentence?"

b'This is what I think they are 1.Leaving their native land to colonize in America, they expected to land in the colony of Virginia. A.prepositional phrase B. appositive phrase c.participial phrase d.gerund phrase e.infinitive phrase f.absolute phrase 2.Steering a northerly ...'

b"Many events take place on the island but everyone feels guilty and sorry for their actions in the end and they head back to Italy, Milan safely all thanks to Prospero's spirit, Ariel. Ariel is a spirit who used to be a slave of Sycorax, an evil witch. Would you check the ..."

b'prepositional phrase? Appositive phrase? Participial phrase? Gerund phrase? infinitive phrase? Absolute phrase? Cape Code, a heavily settled peninsula southeast of Boston, has an interesting history. What is \xc2\x93a heavily settled peninsula southeast of Boston\xc2\x94? The ...'

b'Anybody does not sleep well during the night. Is this sentence grammatical?'


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