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b'What does it mean by What is the supporting idea in this part of the speech?'

b"Choose the term that describes the type of sentence shown. If you are in line early, you'll be sure to get the best tickets. A. compound-complex B. complex C. compound D. simple I think it is C? John was late to dinner and I was late to the movies. A. simple B. complex C..."

b'Is there an adverb in these sentence... There is a big sale at the mall. I think no adverb. In the past, she has been very lucky with her buys. I think lucky'

b'the meaning of sonnet 35 in shakespear?'

b'Choose the term that describes the phase that is in quotes. Tony realized that Maria was not going to show up. A. noun clause B. adverb clause C. adjective clause D. independent clause I think it is A for this one? Gripping the rail, Lindsey stepped onto the ice. A. ...'

b"When you're finished, please lock the door. Choose the term that describes the phrase in quotation marks. A. adverb phrase B. adjective phrase C. infinitive phrase D. appositive phrase I have no clue for this one."

b'Mrs. Patti, a math teacher at my school, plans to retire next year. Choose the term that describes the phrase in quotation marks. A. adverb phrase B. infinitive phrase C. adjective phrase D. appositive phrase I think it is C..?'

b'Consider the protagonist in the novel that you read this semester. In a response of no fewer than three paragraphs, explain how this character changes over the course of the novel. Include examples of these changes in your response. its over sence and senseability'

b'Choose the label that best describes the underlined word group. A string Of Colored Lights edged the deck.'

b'In a typical Hawthorne world of moonbeams and shadows, the greatest pain for the Kinsman is not the tar and feathers, an extremely painful procedure, but making eye contact with the nephew to whom he had portrayed himself as a big shot. Most Americans have been taught to cheer...'

b"We are reading the story, THE SCARLET LETTER, in class and I am confused on this question. From my understanding, Dimmesdale gets on scaffold and imagine what would be to tell the truth about his sin but then all of the sudden Hester and Pearl walks by. But I don't think ..."

b"1. Valmy is in bed, asleep 2. Valmy is asleep in bed. ---------------------- Are both grammatical? Do we pronounce 'l' in the name 'Valmy'?"

b"1. Fifty thousand euros can get the picture. 2. Fifty thousand Euros can get the picture. Are they grammatical? Do we have to use 'euros' or 'Euros'?"

b'Water rose almost to the top of the dam. Is the a predicate adjective?'

b'What is a PERFECT essay about Sandy Hook Elementary School?'

b'in blue--and vividly blue were its windows. vividly means?'

b'The opposite of withdraw is? a Shocked b puzzled C relieved D revealed'

b"Consider both Hamlin Garland's The Return of a Private and Mark Twain's The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County as works of regionalist fiction. In a response of at least two paragraphs, compare and contrast these stories as examples of regionalism. How are they ..."

b'What does the qoute mean. Can a counter example or counter claim be made? To enjoy good wealth , to bring true happiness to ones family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control ones own mind. If a person can control his mind he can find his way to ...'

b'would it be pro-European or Pro-European'

b'okay I lied, I have some more Which sentence has correct capitalization? The river was moving fast: One hundred miles an hour. The guide was accomplished at many things: Rafting, boating, hiking, and wilderness survival. The guide did something amazing: She steered the canoe ...'

b'last one We will need the following supplies for our school garden: Shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and compost. does school need to b capital?'

b"1. What is the indirect object in the following sentence? For her birthday, Jody bought Alice an angora sweater. A. Sweater B. Alice C. Birthday D. Jody A? 2. Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics? A. I feel goodly now that I'm over the flu. B. ..."

b'In which sentence is who used correctly? Who did you discuss with him? About who were you discussing? Who is the person that you were discussing? Who were you discussing? Would it be the first one?'

b'Did you read the book A view from the Bridge? I need help with it.'

b"At Common Good we tried to stick to 85-15, so 85 percent of the food we grow are distributed within the community, then 15 percent we sell to local restaurants and a mobile farmers' market that comes once a week, she said. ------------------------- How do we read 85-15?"

b"1. If I had a DMB phone, I would watch the drama here. 2. As I don't have a DMB phone, I can't watch the drama here. 3. As I don't have a DMB phone, I don't watch the drama here. ------------------------------ Is 1 close to 2 or 3 in meaning?"

b'1. If I had passed the test, I would have gotten a new computer. 2. If I had passed the test, I would have got a new computer. ------------- Which one is right? Are both OK? 3. If you became a movie star, who would you be? 4. If you became a movie star, who would you become? 5...'

b'1. Now I can see more of her. 2. Now I can see her more. Are both grammatical? Are both the same in meaning?'

b"1. Ariel calls Prospero, 'master'. 2. Ariel calls Prospero, 'Master'. Which expression is correct? 3. Ariel puts Alonso's ship in one of the island's parts. 4. Alonso, Sebastian, and Gonzalo land in a different part of the island. 5. Caliban must get wood for Prospero's fire..."

b"Their ship is not far from here in a river. ---------------------------- What is the relationship between 'here' and 'in a river'? Are they in apposition?"

b'I have to a narrative argument about the human nature in the book Lord of The Flies. Any ideas what examples of human nature in the book i can use? please help this is urgent. Please'

b"1. Pierre Valmy -------------------- How do you pronounce 'Valmy'? Do you pronounce the 'l' sound? 2. England are playing France at football this evening. ------------------- is this sentence grammatical?"

b'I still have a few doubts. Thank you very much. 1 When I go to a party, I generally wear clothes which are smarter than the ones I wear for school. 2 I want to be original and on fashion is it possible? 3 What do you think of/about this coat? Are both about and of ...'

b'The Call of the Wild is a story about a dog named Buck. Buck is a pampered dog who lives with a wealthy family in southern California. During the Gold Rush, Buck is captured, sold, and eventually shipped to Alaska to work as a sled dog. Along the way, Buck is mistreated by a ...'

b"1. If your friend has bad grades, what would you say to help her get better grades. 2. If your friend had bad grades, what would you say to help her get better grades. ------------------ Which one is grammatical? Do we have to use 'has' or 'had'? Are both grammatical? What is ..."

b'This city of 200,000 has over 400 restaurants Is that an unfinished claim? Unfinished claim-When you make a comparison, you state two things that are compared for ex I am taller than you Advertisers may intentionally not finish the comparison this battery has more power ...'

b'1. Shut the door behind you. 2. Shut the door behind yourself. 3. I looked about me. 4. I looked about myself. 5. We have the whole week before us. 6. We have the whole week before ourselves. Which expressions are grammatical? Is each pair grammatical?'

b'What should the warrant be about in a argumentative essay?'

b'I urgently need your help with a few sentences. Can you tell me which alternatives are possible? 1 What do you think of/about these shoes? 2 AlL the ones I have been shown are uncool 3 all of the ones I have been shown... 4 He was given two weeks by the judge in which to ...'

b'I need help writing this: You\xc2\x92ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must describe one ...'

b'What type of clause or phrase is italicized in the sentence below? Jumping across the ditch, the fire threatened our house.'

b'Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition all men are created equal.'

b"Why is For the frozen sun's return considered an oxymoron?"

b'how would i write about two historical figure purposes?'

b"1. He doesn't want newspaper men to come to the Valley of the Kings bringing lots of visitors. 2. He doesn't want newspaper men to come to the Valley of the Kings while/as they bring lots of visitors. Does 1 mean 2? Are both the same in meaning?"

b"We all waited in the sand under the sun. ------------------------------ Are 'we' on the sand or under the sand based on the sentence above?"

b"1. We all laughed and cried. 2. It was very exciting 3. But after a time, Mr Carter said we must all be quiet. ------------------------ Q: What does 1 mean? Does 1 mean that we all laughed while we cried? Did we laugh and cry at the same time? Q: What does 'it' refer to in 2?"

b"Mr Carter says we can't tell people about the steps in the sand. He says they're very important. ---------------------------- Does 1 as in the passage above mean 2, 3, or 4?? 1. We can't tell people about the steps. 2. We are not able to tell people about the steps. 3. We ..."

b"We soon found a step in the sand. ---------------- What is the part of speech of 'in the sand'? Is it an adverbial phrase modifying 'found,' or an adjective phrase modifying 'step'?"


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