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b"would the tone for The Life You Save May Be Your Own by Flannery O'Conner be selfish because Mr. Shiftlet wants the car only and the mother is looking for any man to hand her daughter to?"

b'What part of speech is coursework?'

b"Hi. I just want to ask if the statement below is grammatically correct: I'll keep up what I can do for other people. I think the thought of the statement can be understood, but I'm not sure if the grammar is correct or the words are like jumbled. Help please. Thank you. :"

b"I lost my 'The Merchant of Venice' book and I was wondering if anyone could give me the page number to where I could find example of word play and physical humor"

b"What is a word that means that you don't care about something?"

b'We found his flag one bitter morning. By repeating the f sound, the line uses: a. analogy b. metaphor c. alliteration d. lyric C Like moths to flames we sought our goal. What is the most likely meaning of this line? a. the climbers had no choice but to search for Scott. ...'

b'Correct the fragment below. Bring money for snacks. a. Bring money for snacks when we go to the zoo. b. Will you bring money for snacks? c. You should bring money for snacks. d. No correction is required. This is a complete sentence. D?'

b"If a person does portraits, you might tell him/her to paint: a. your house b. a landscape c. your family d. a bowl of fruit C A person having low morale is most likely feeling: a. talkative b. embarrassed c. depressed I can't really decide between B and C."

b'What does to do no shirk mean?'

b"Maybe if I can increase the tension just a little it will hurt him and he will jump, he thought. Now that it is daylight let him jump so that he'll fill the sacks along his backbone with air and then he cannot go deep to die. This passage illustrates A. the use of ..."

b"Which marks of punctuation would be appropriate to set off the italicized words in the following sentence? One day my dad and his brother stop me if you've heard this story started out on what they thought would be an uneventful drive to work."

b'what sound devices does Dickinson employ in the phrase, too cool for Corn, But when a Boy, and Barefoot? alliteration, slant rhyme'

b"I just want an opinion here. I've been writing for about ten years, and I've improved greatly. Though, now I'm beginning to feel like I've reached a standstill. I still read a lot to expand my knowledge and vocabulary, and I bounce back and forth between different styles, but ..."

b'Critics often say that Chekhov\xc2\x92s short stories show \xc2\x93slices of life\xc2\x94 rather than complete story arcs. How do the endings of Star Food, Everything That Rises Must Converge, and The Bet reflect what might be considered incomplete story arcs?'

b'1 Eric watched the news on TV. 2 His father watched the news on TV.3 the newscaster talked about special events.4 A police officer a firefighter and a teacher taught third graders about safety.5 The mayor took a trip and gave a speech. 1/ what is missing in sentence...'

b"If this be error and upon me proved/ I nevered writ, nor no man ever loved. What is the impact of these concluding lines from shakespeare's sonnet 116? 1. They underscore the fact that everyone makes mistakes 2. They underscore the fat that shakespeare is a writer 3.They ..."

b'the angry teacher punished the noisy class. Is angry and noisy the adjective'

b'What phrase structure rule creates coordinate structures? I am confused here. Is it prepositional phrases?'

b"f this be error and upon me proved/ I nevered writ, nor no man ever loved. What is the impact of these concluding lines from shakespeare's sonnet 116? 1. They underscore the fact that everyone makes mistakes 2. They underscore the fat that shakespeare is a writer 3.They ..."

b'nondecomposability? How many morphemes are in that word. I have five-non,de,ability,com,ity what about the pos?'

b"Harry's father is seattle's wealthiest citizen?"

b'I left out these last sentences. Thank you. 1 My parents like my clothes style very much and not They like so much my clothes style. 2 My favourite style is the urban look because it is comfortable enough for school. 3 Each of you will have to join one of the four groups ...'

b'9. Read these line, from The Passionate Shepherd to his love. The country swains shall dance and sing/For they delight each May morning.?If these delights thy mind may move,/Then live with me, and be my love. What sort of life is the shepherd offering the numph? 1.Turbulent ...'

b"Can you please check these sentences I'm doubtful about? Thank you very much. 1 My parents like my clothing style because they think that wearing practical clothes is the most important thing/most important is to wear practical clothes/ 2 I was given these trousers for my ..."

b'How do I change this into present tense? When Crooks and Lennie was talking in his room.'

b'which identifies one culture factor that unites the people of Latin America? A. they are citizens of the same country B. most are roman catholic c. most speak English and Arabic D. they were once ruled by the same powerful emperor'

b'The words and ideas of John Locke a.influenced the writers of the English Bill of Rights, the Articles of Confederation, and the Mayflower Compact. b. are preserved in the Mayflower Compact. c. constitute the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. d. influenced those who ...'

b'What does this question mean? What was your reading process or method for reading fiction before this unit?'

b"We are writing this Character Analysis and I am stuck on how the author's personality affects him towards others. His Personality is selfishness/Shy/worthless."

b'Can you please check these sentences? Thank you very much in advance and Merry Christmas 1 The Key-Note begins with an extended description of Coketown, the fictional setting for the novel, which is based on Preston, now part of greater Manchester, where Dickens went in 1953...'

b'what is meant by the terms grow organically in this sentence? The fashion company has been willing to build and grow organically.'

b'Type the word that the underlined phrase modifies or renames. They swept the dead leaves OUT OF THE HALLWAY and shut the door against the wind.'

b'1.When actors speak in unison, they are -speaking one after another -talking in rhyme -all saying the same thing at once -quieter than normal 2.Poems often do not use standard English, standard punctuation,or standard language to describes ideas and feelings. The poet writes,...'

b"Valmy gets a paper from the safe - a paper with a drawing on it. ------------------- What is the meaning of 'paper' in the sentence? Do we have to use 'a' before 'paper' or not?"

b'1. Valmy is in bed, asleep. 2. Valmy is asleep in bed. 3. Valmy is in bed, and he was asleep. 4. Valmy is in bed, being asleep. ------------ Does 1 mean 2 or 3 or 4?'

b"1. He worked in Mr. Batular's circus. 2. He worked in circus. 3. He worked in the circus. 4. He worked in a circus. Which expressions are grammatical?"

b'What is the definition for Vague Optimism?'

b'each sentence contains an apposive phrase. Determine whether the appositive phrase is essential or non-essential. Mark the sentence that punctuates the appositive phrase correctly. 36. A. Ten feet of snow more than we had ever seen fell recently. *B. Ten feet of snow, more ...'

b'LINE 10: melted; violets, roses, carnations, lilies of the valley-somehow vastly more lovely and alluring that they blossomed thus unnaturally in the snow. 35. Context clues suggest that Alluring in the above line means. A. simple B. strained C. exciting D. attractive I ...'

b'I looked upon the scene before me\xc2\x97upon the mere house, and the simple landscape features of the domain\xc2\x97upon the bleak walls\xc2\x97upon the vacant eyelike windows\xc2\x97upon a few rank sedges\xc2\x97and upon a few white trunks of decayed trees\xc2\x97with an utter depression of soul, which ...'

b'Ms. Kemp Recruits Volunteers As a new ninth grader at my high school, I was sitting in an assembly about volunteerism.The guest speaker was Ms. Francis Kemp. Today I had an experience worth writing about. I must admit that I did not have high hopes for the hour. I was sure it ...'

b'Q7. Write down the name of the person who says to Prospero, Stop the storm. A: Miranda. Q8. What does Prospero call to attack Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban? A: He calls some spirit dogs. * Listen carefully and mark an O if the statement is true. If not, mark an X. Q 9. ...'

b'Q4 What does Ferdinand do when they were in danger because of the storm? A: He jumps into the water and swim away. Q5: He was king of the magic island. Now he must work for Prospero. He is angry with Prospero. He wants his island back again. Who is he? A: He is Caliban. Q6. ...'

b"Q1. Who is Miranda's father? A: He is Prospero. Q2. What is the name of the person who opens the gate of Milan to King Alonso? A: His name is Antonio. Q3. He is one of the spirits on the magic island. He helps Prospero and Miranda. He makes a magic storm and attack the ship. ..."

b"select the correct form of the possessive for the bolded words. with MS.SMITH assistance, we learned to paddle a cone. *Ms Smith's Ms Smiths's Ms Smitheses' Ms Smiths After several HOURS worth of work, she finished the project. hour's *hours' hours's hourses During Professor..."

b'Write a letter to the editor or a speech calling for a change that you would like to see in your community and reference the three works as evidence that non-violence and civil obedience are an effective method for affecting change Using these sources - Civil Obedience On ...'

b"which of the following author's writings are not influenced by transcendentalism? A. Ralph Waldo Emerson B. Walt Whitman C. Henry David Thoreau D. Cotton Mather My guess is B. Thank You."

b"Match the letter with the number. A. Early American and Colonial Literature B. American Romanticism C. Transcendentalism D. Realism E. Regionalism 10. Phillis Wheatley's Poetry 11. Mark Twain's The Celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county 12. Walt Whitman's poetry 13. ..."

b'These are my last 2 questions. Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A. Waiting, in the ticket line, Jerry hoped there would be enough seats left in the theater. B. When it was finally his turn, he purchased the last three tickets available. C. he handed out the ...'

b'what does it mean by How does each question that begins Will you join the battle directly address the audience to whom Johnson is speaking?'


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