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b'Did you eat my cookies while I was soundly sleeping? Can somebody help me with an interogative sentence with the same parts of speech as in the above sentence?'

b'how to describe a shooting scene in writing?'

b"Choose the plural noun that's spelled correctly? A. Fathers-in-law B. Phenomenons C. Pianoes D. Editor in chiefs"

b"Choose the plural noun that's spelled correctly?"

b"What is the plural possessive form of chicken? chicken's"

b'In a survey of a TriDelt chapter with 50 members, 21 were taking mathematics, 32 were taking English, and 6 were taking both. How many were not taking either of these subjects?'

b"I have to identify the prepositional phrase, the word it modifies, and whether it is an adverb or an adjective in these sentences. Can you tell me if these are right or not? The Komodo's teeth are dangerous to everyone. Phrase to everyone Modifies dangerous Adverb The Komodo ..."

b'where you say a small mug in a sentence do you say small or little'

b'Write this in your own words. what is Pollution? Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.[1] Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of ...'

b'I am writing a story and it is about this maths teacher who is really annoying. she is teaching the class. what dialogue can I use to put in my story which makes the class get even more bored?'

b'What are some abstract words for beauty products/makeup?'

b"In this example I need to say 1. Choose a term or phrase to describe the type of writing at issue. 2. What's the social purposes that motivate writing 3. Comment on how the form and content of each passage are related to the various social situations. With a love and respect ..."

b'plz scramble these letters- 1:tuteauaewr ibeifslh 2:geaperioitrdspaw sagnhabi neod 3:enaednenetor eyimrw hint- soldier need help becoz his colleague died at the time of war..'

b'Which of the following is the antecedent of the pronoun theirs in the sentence below? Rivers stopped flowing along the banks so that they could hear Orpheus, whose music was more harmonious than theirs. The story is Orpheus and Eurydice and the word we need the antecedent ...'

b'Why are interviews an important tool for gathering information? A. An interview encourages the interviewee to tell his or her life story in detail. B. An interview shows how both parties demonstrate their problem-solving skills. C. An interview gives the parties a chance to ...'

b'As he looks up at us with his fear glazed eyes does he picturesque buzzards circling round his bed waiting patiently for his death and his bones no just his mother, his brother who could do nothing for him when he sat with the living and can do nothing now as he crawls towards...'

b'boys should not help in the kitchen speaking for the motion'

b"As he looks up at us with his fear glazed eyes does he picture us buzzards circling round his bed waiting patiently for his death and his bones? I need to find an example of figurative language in this so I know that he picture us buzzards is sonething but I don't remember so ..."

b"The Unknown Citizen by W. H. Auden Write a statement of Auden's view of society with three quotations to support it. Then write another statement on his view of society with three examples to support that. Any help would be great, please and thank you"

b'I need to write a comparative essay abput Ralph Waldo and Thoreau. I was wondering if i could have help with a thesis.'

b'Which of these phrases is an opinion? a. America is a wealthy country b. Many Americans have money c. Many Americans have jobs d. Many Americans are greedy'

b'essay outline about the hero;s journey in fahrenheit 451?'

b'Can someone check if the following questions are grammatically correct? Thank you. 1Please Henry the VIII rule by focusing on the following: -Why he broke ties with the church -What the Act of Supremacy established -What political and social changes the reformation brought ...'

b'Read the following paragraph from \xc2\x93A Tremendous Trade\xc2\x94: It might not seem fair, but in every profession, workers earn whatever people are willing to pay them. Baseball is no exception. Teams compete to offer as much money as they can to players who are among the league\xc2\x92...'

b'What is the difference between should have and could have? Please give several example sentences.'

b'I need help paraphrasing this paragraph. Because addiction treatment aims to change deeply embedded habits, relapse can be part of the process. However, this is a well-known feature of diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and other chronic diseases with treatment plans that depend ...'

b'What can I study if I have those subjects'

b'Circle the main idea and underline the controlling idea in each of the following topic sentences. 1. Exercising three times a week is the only way to maintain good physical health. 2. Sexism and racism are still rampant in today\xc2\x92s workplace. 3. Raising the legal driving age ...'

b"I have to write an essay on Why is college important to me and I have to find two references and each reference must use quoted passage. Where can I find references for this topic because it's asking for my opinion please u need help please tell me what references to use"

b"All I know is this sentence has parallelism mistake but I don't know how to fix it Other people believe that after a nuclear war, the world, with radiation and where there would be disease, wouldn\xc2\x92t be worth living in."

b'The plane came down later than expected. In this sentence ,what part of speech is the word down?'

b'Have you ever wanted to give up on something before you even started? That\xc2\x92s how Raja felt as he squinted up at the looming mountain crowned in clouds. Then he looked back at the group of boys behind him. \xc2\x93Are you all ready?\xc2\x94 one of their leaders, Max\xc2\x92s dad, shouted....'

b'What genre is The White Heron? literary realism romanticism modernism colonial literature In my opinion, it is literary realism and romanticism'

b"Can someone please check my answers? Which of the following settings are evident in Unit 4's stories of Twain, Jewett, and Chesnutt? Check all that apply. American West* pos-Civil War South* New England* Gold Coast"

b'Explain how a word can be a morphemic noun and a syntactic adverb in the same sentence.'

b'The woman who won the cookie competition is my mother. A. subordinate clause B. adjective clause C. independent clause D. adverbial clause B I was in a hurry so I ate a cold bowl of cereal as I walked out the door. A. misplaced modifier B. noun clause C. simple sentence D...'

b'Identify the words in quotes. When I made dinner for the family, they were all properly amazed. A. misplaced modifier B. subordinate clause C. complex sentence D. compound sentence A'

b'holding the flashlight in his hand,Marcus looked under and around the bushes to see if he spotted the missing wallet. a prepositional phrase b gerund phrase c participial phrase d appositive phrase C'

b'I expect a friend to be honest and a loyal person.'

b'Both Ben and he will graduate at the same time. subject predicate nominative appositive'

b"Which figure of speech os exemplified by lines 149-151 of the excerpt from The Odyssey, Part III? The slid his right hand down the cord and plucked it, / so the taut gut vibrating hummed and sang a swallow's note. A. Simile B. Metaphor C. Personification * I think it is C - ..."

b"What are some good insight questions for A Separate Peace? Some topics can include: Wroter's craft Setting POV"

b'In which of the following sentences is the underlined word an object pronoun? A. You really should apologize to her. B. I would like you to listen to me. C. We returned our books to the library. D. I gave her a gift for her birthday'

b'When a piece of clothing is SPLICED, what has happened to it? a. it has been completely worn out b. it has been washed and dried c. it has been burned in fire d. it has been cut into strips B? An ORATOR entertains people by a. dancing b. singing c. acting d. speaking D'

b'Essay of What America means to you'

b'Which of the following is true regarding a restrictive adjectival clause? A. It will follow a general noun and is not set off by commas. B. It will be set off by commas. C. It will typically include the relative pronoun which. D. It will follow a proper noun. i think it might ...'

b'What type of prepositional phrase are in the following sentences? Adjective or adverb? From the beginning the trail was rocky and steep. Adverb? On one side was a rocky ledge. Adverb? The view from the other side was fantastic. Adjective? The other mountains across the valley ...'

b'Is the title below capitalized properly? The Night to Remember'

b'What is the effect of the epic simile in lines 118-131 of the excerpt from the Odyssey, Part 3? Sometimes in farmyards when the cows return well-fed from the pasture to the barn, one sees the pens give way before the calves in tumult, breaking through to cluster about their ...'

b'Select the complete subordinate clause including all modifiers. I honestly did not know that you felt so strongly about the subject. A.I honestly b.I honestly did not know c.did not know that you d.that you felt e.that you felt so strongly f.that you felt so strongly about ...'


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