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b'Complete each sentence with a / ch/ word spelled ch or tch . Write the word on the line . See the word box if you need help. 1/ something you wear on your wrist that tells time....... ..................... 2/ if you have a group of more than one young person, you have a group ...'

b'Identify the bolded portion of the following sentence. JACOB HAD TO BUY A NEW CELL PHONE after dropping his old one in the pool. A. Adverb clause B. Adjective clause C. Subordinate clause D. Independent clause Can you help me further with this, I know it is not C.'

b"Modernist writers were most concerned with an individual's A. relationship with nature B. responsibilities' to society C. upholding of traditional values D. attempts to find meaning in life I think it is B - but it could be D?? Seems like Modernists talk a lot about society."

b"What two things is F. Scott Fitzgerald comparing metaphorically by choosing Babylon Revisited as the title of his story. A. an ancient, ruined city and Charley's former life of excess. B. a place of peace and harmony and Charley's previous marriage. C. a mythical land and ..."

b'The wagon turned and crawled out the entrance is an example of personification. What is the impact of using this method? A. It implies that the fixer does not want to leave. B. It shows that the fixer is very fond of his wagon. C. It helps the reader imagine how the wagon ...'

b'Identify the infinitive phrase in the following sentence. Too many people drive to work when it would be just as easy for them to ride the bus. A. drive to work B. it would be C. just as easy D. to ride the bus I think it is A??'

b'Identify the participial phrase in the sentence below. Picking up the pen, he signed his name on the guestbook. A. Picking up the pen B. he signed C. signed his name D. on the guestbook I think it is A - I asked this question earlier and did get a response but when I asked ...'

b'when an _______ stands for an idea or emotion, it is called a symbol. A. setting B. dialogue C. description D. Object I think it is D. Thank You.'

b'Which of the following words does NOT have the same meaning as Renaissance? A. revival B. rebirth C. reawakening D. remembrance I'

b'decide whether the sentence below contains a misplaced and/or dangling modifier or no error. Having flipped the canoe, all the camping gear was lost in the river. A. dangling B. misplaced C. both misplaced and dangling D. No error I think it is: No Error?'

b"Identify the participial phrase in the sentence below. Picking up the pen, he signed his name on the guestbook. A. Picking up the pen B. he signed C. signed his name D. on the guestbook I think it is A or B. I can't decide which one it is. Please help. Thank You."

b"What does this sentence mean? The thorns of the roses and the roses' fragrance equal each other. Does it mean that there is good for the bad, and that it is okay to have the bad because there is enough good?"

b'Can you please give me the answers for the blanks? these are about A Modest Proposal 7. Advantages to his problem= 1_______ 2gives poor a valuable commodity 3 enlarge treasury or stimulate the economy 8. Speaker thinks reader objections would be that = it would lower ...'

b'In the sentence What made you angry? what part of speech is the word you?'

b'How would you put the prologue of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare from high style to low style? In other words how would you put slang into it?'

b'Need answers for these about A Modest Proposal PLEASE 2. Type of Satire? Horatian or Juvenalian 4. Fiction or non-fiction? 5. Problem = 6. Solution ='

b'I am writing a paper for my research class and I am not sure I am using the right word in the sentence below. This can include mental, physical, and emotional abuse that any member of a family conflicts on to another member of the family. I am not sure that \xc2\x93conflicts\xc2\x94 ...'

b'I am doing descriptive writing. Please read and check my story I need help to write a solid interesting ending. The Unexpected I\xc2\x92m in a hospital bed with my mum gripping her hand onto mine. All I have endured is an extensive amount of excruciating agony of aching pain, ...'

b'I have to write about person who smokes using three dimensions which are cultural, institution and personal. How should I go about this? Please give me an example. Thanks.'

b'I am doing descriptive writing how can i describe a shooting scene in a school? it needs to be detailed, chaotic and interesting'

b'If you consider The Call of the Wild to be an allegory, which one of the following statements would be true: Judge Miller represents the primordial condition.B Buck represents some characteristic of humanity'

b'Can someone check the opening of my story? I\xc2\x92m in a hospital bed with my mum gripping her hand onto mine. All I have endured is an extensive amount of excruciating agony of aching pain, within my joints. All that\xc2\x92s in my head is the constant thudding and thumping sounds, ...'

b'I am writing a description of a boring teacher Here is what I have so far Miss Tedious the most lacklustre teacher ever was talking algebraic garbage but her voice just seemed a blur. Her eyes seemed to sag with an expression of dullness and lack of life. Her mouth moved ...'

b'What is a good thesis statement according to the disagreement of gay marriage?'

b'Paraphrase the sentance,to cut a long story short,one day i decided to be a man about my feelings.'

b'WEB CALCULATOR EXERCISE Descriptive Statistics 1 The table below presents data for a sample of people who completed a religious survey. Age Gender Denomination Church Attendance 56 1 7 4 46 2 6 5 49 2 6 5 49 1 1 5 27 2 9 5 51 1 4 2 47 2 2 3 67 1 5 4 49 2 2 6 33 1 12 6 55 2 9 5...'

b'Simple predicate? We had to banish Mel from the game because he was cheating.'

b'Can someone help me think of a sentence that you can reverse the words like this? Betty danced wildly around twice. Twice around, wildly, danced Betty.'

b'Can someone please help me check the grammar in the following sentences? 1 I would like to inform people about the danger after effects? of having a nuclear power station near our town 2 I hope you will listen to our advice. 3 Animal and plant species will be in danger.'

b'In this section of the final, revise the sentences provided to correct the grammar errors indicated. In many cases there will be more than one correct alternative to the sentence provided; credit will be given for all correct answers. Revise the following word groups to ...'

b'What time wen car driving 90km/h in the distance of 11 700km?'

b'As successful as... ? what can successful be compared to as a simile?'

b'In a school library, there are 3 Chinese Language books for every 5 English Language books. The number of Malay Language book is 5/9 as many as the Chinese Language books. Find the ratio of the number of Malay Language books to the number of English Language books. Express ...'

b'What are the verb forms in English? I know that there are 12.'

b'When a speaker says to stop and view the scene below in the valley he is really talking about. a being inspired by the beauty of the scenery. b taking pleasure in the challenges he has already overcome. my answer is A'

b'I have to find articles that are based on biased or are unbiased from truthful resources. The 4 topics I have to do are: 1 Animal rights 2Poverty 3Hunger 4 child protection. Please tell me websites, that I can find them. Thank you'

b'state the distinguishing features of literary writing by citing examples and discussing them'

b'I am 3/7 of a chicken,2/3 of a cat and 2/4 of a goat. What am I?'

b'Can some one please check my work? Thanks From the words below supply the words needed to complete the sentences. occult; serene; partisans; fervor; fledgling; blasphemous 1. Even though he was a FLEDGLING writer, his work suggested he was a professional. Once in a FERVOR, he...'

b'When starting your search for peer reviewed scholarly sources, which of the following types of databases is your best choice?'

b"Can someone check this for me? Correct me if I'm wrong From the words below, supply the words needed to complete the sentences. Bequeath, parsimonious, serene, solemn, forlorn 1. When it came time for the reading of their fathers will, the family was surprised. They knew ..."

b"Can someone check my analogies and see if I did them wrong? Correct me if I'm wrong 1. shrimp : crustacean :: A. motor: auto B. mustang : horse C. bull : ox D. squirrel : rodent I got D 2. glass : cinder block :: A. soft : hard B. fragile : breakable C. house : wall D. smooth..."

b'Identify the definition of the word in quotes. Abby was finally able to balance her checkbook, after hours of matching her monthly expenses to her bank statement. A. to sway B. to weigh in C. to move toward and then away D. to gain agreement D'

b'In which sentence is the underlined phrase a prepositional phrase functioning as an adjective? She went to boarding school in Coventry. My sister was born in Chicago. Her grades gave my sister a place in the top rank of her class. My sister moved away in 2009'

b'Can someone of you check these sentences, please? Thank you in advance. 1Complete the sentences with the correct form of should, must or have to. 1You _________ be worried. This test is very easy. don\xc2\x92t have 2All the students _________arrive on time. must 3In my opinion...'

b'According to Franz Fanon in his book The Wretched of the Earth, A. colonization need not be violent. B. decolonization need not be violent. C. decolonization is always violent. D. colonization is an inevitable necessary evil.'

b'In which one of the following sentences is the number written correctly? A The college has an endowment of more than 187 million. B The parcel of land was advertised as two hundred forty-three and three-quarters acres. C One hundred and thirty-two people lined up to buy the ...'

b'Anyone read Boys and Girls by Alice Munro ?'

b'Which of the following is an example of primary research? A Searching the internet for nutritious recipes B Calling a dietician for information about a low-carb diet C Reading an interview in a professional journal D Asking a reference librarian for specific sources of ...'

b"You've been assigned to invite a group of mechanical engineering professors to tour your facility. What type of language should you use in the invitation? A Formal language B Direct, simple language C Technical jargon D Pompous language"


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